Nathan Bailor, A Fourteen-year-old young man, whose mother works odd jobs to make ends meet, was in his room in front of the mirror. He looked at his reflection, admiring the new uniform that came in the mail along with his acceptance to the Axiom Music Academy. He applied because he has a Genius-level talent in songwriting and wants to make a better future for himself.

Nathan had never imagined in his life that he might make it in. Now that he made it in, he needs to make the most of it, and do his best. He hears a knock at the door.

” Come in ”, He said.

His mom pushed open the door, ”Hey, honey hows it going? ”, She asked.

”Its going well, the Uniform fits well ”, He said.

”Thats great dear, how are you feeling about the first day of school tomorrow? ”, She asked.

”Im worried about it. ”, He said.

”Im worried that I won be able to make the best of this opportunity ”, He confided.

”Don worry, baby, itll all work out ”, She said.

”When you get to school, just keep your head up, do the work and keep your grades up ”, She said.

”Don let anyone, and I mean anyone tell you that you
e not worth it ”, She said.

”And no matter what, don let anyone bully you, otherwise what were all those years of MMA lessons for ”, She said.

”Alright mom, Ill keep it in mind and do my best, now Im going to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow ”, He said.

He went to bed for the night and prepared for the next day.

The next day, He got up, got dressed, and left early for his first day at the Axiom Music Academy.

When he arrived at the front gate of the school, he calmed down, pulled out his map of the school, and prepared to go find the Dean to get his class schedule for the semester. When he arrived at the Deans office, he knocked on the door.

”Come in ”, Said the Dean.

”How are you, Sir? ”, He asked.

”Im well, how are you? ”, Asked the dean.

”I ”m doing well sir, I just to get my schedule and I can begin to get into the rhythm ”, He said.

”Oh, yes, your schedule. I have an issue with your schedule ”, ”We need to get you set up into several different classes within the songwriting area ”, and ”We need to maximize your talent and this is the best way to do so ”, Said the Dean.

”Yes, sir. Ill take whatever I can get ”, He said.

”Good, Now we can get you situated, Ive already gotten you enrolled in all the best songwriting classes we have available for Freshmen ”, The dean said.

The Dean handed him his schedule, he thanked him, and set off for his first class, Son

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