James POV

I was running down the streets of Boston, chasing a guy who thought it was okay to snatch and grab an old ladys purse. And, of course, I just had to walk around the corner at the exact moment all this was going down. So, in other words, I had no choice but to run after this **ers ass. It was my job.

See, this shit was why I joined the police force. This was why I became a detective, so I could chase after pathetic little cocksuckers who thought they could do whatever the hell they wanted on these streets.

I should have been investigating big cases-cases that involved the Bologna, the worst and most dangerous family ruling these streets for ** knew how long. Not chasing dumbass criminals who had shit for brains.

Sweat pooled underneath my arms. ”Goddammit. You made me sweat, so now Im going to have to kick your ass. ”

He made a sharp turn and ran into a grocery store. Rookie mistake. Everyone knew you should never run into a shop unless you knew for sure there was a back exit. This little **face didn , since I knew there was no back exit to this particular shop.

I stormed into the store behind him and launched myself forward, grabbing him by the back of his jacket collar, pulling him down and slamming his face into the floor before I pressed my knee into his spine.

I pulled his arms behind his back and cuffed him. ”No one makes me sweat and gets away with it. ” Unless you were a six-foot-tall brunette with a decent-sized pair of tits and a mouth like a Hoover vacuum.

”Fuck you, ” the little asshole spat from the side of his mouth since his face was almost engraved into the cement floor.

”Jesus Christ. Rio? I should have known it was you. ” I pulled him up by his arms, turned him to face me, and shoved his back into the counter.

e a special kind of stupid, aren you? How many times do I have to drag your ass down to the precinct before you realize you
e too dumb for this shit? ”

”Suck my cock, officer. ” He smiled, showing me a silver filling between his front teeth.

I raised a brow. ”Oh, you got new jewellery. Whose corpse did you steal that from? ”

”And suck my balls while you
e down there too. ”

I noticed Mrs Bossi staring at us from behind the cash register. ”Sorry about this ones dirty mouth, Mrs Bossi. ”

”Its okay, dear. I hear more cursing than prayer these days, anyway. What did this one do today? ” She glowered at Rio.

”Disrespecting the elderly again, Im afraid. ” I turned him around and started frisking him when I felt a little bump in his jacket pocket. ”Rio, is that what I think it is? ”

”No, ” he replied over his shoulder.

”How do you know what I think it is? ”

”Uh…I don . ”

I reached into his pocket. ”Then how can you answer that question? ”

”Because you
e an asshole. ”

I snorted before pulling out a little plastic bag with white powder in it. Bingo. ”Rio, is this cocaine? ”

”No. ”

”God, you
e a terrible liar. ” I jerked him back around and held the little bag in front of him. ”Are you moving up in the world? ”

He smiled that disgusting silver-filling smile of his. ”I have no idea what that is. ”

”Really? Well, let me enlighten you, then. ” I brought the bag closer to his face. ”This is what you call a real-**ing-stupid move. ” Gio continued to grin like an idiot.

”Where did you get it? ”

He turned his head and looked to the right, but I jerked at his colla

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