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Trouble World\'s Vengeance of Time





All of Alpha Haven had to assemble in the great hall to meet the Apex Ordeal when the bell tower rang. As everyone would be in the great hall, Leonardo OSullivan, also known as Leo, and his group from the Under City devised a plan to raid the Alpha Haven food bank. That was the only time the food bank wasn guarded and to Leos dismay, Naima had already beaten them to the punch. Spooked by Leo and his companions, she accidentally tripped over the alarm that sent signals to the Alpha Haven Police Departments Code Agents. She quickly made a run for it leaving the boys to fend for themselves. ”Oh shit ” Leo murmured. Kwame responded as the guards moved in their direction, ”Oh shit is alright, we got to bounce ”. The boys split up to stand a chance of escaping from what Wiz describes as ”an angry pack of wolves ”. Unfortunately for Leo, he fell over a loose shoelace, and before he could stand up, an officer was standing over him, shining his flashlight in his face. While his friends escaped, he was sent back for further interrogation.

Back at the great hall, the Apex Ordeal was admonishing the residents of Alpha Haven to cut ties from the inhabitants of the Under City as they are to blame for the conflict that brewed between the two cities. Although the Apex Ordeal, in a bid to form a new world order and seizing control of all power by dominating the Under City, were the driving force behind the conflict that took the lives of many innocent people, including Alphonso OSullivan, Leonardo OSullivans father, they were successful in attributing it to the Under City. All interactions between residents of Alpha Haven and those of the Under City was prohibited. Anyone found in violation of this new decree was set to face the death penalty. After the great hall meeting, Miles Kohuj, the brother of Bazan Kohuj, the leader of the Apex Ordeal was making his way back to his residence after his steamy meeting with his mistress, Desiree OSullivan, Leonardo OSullivans mother, known to her conquests as Vassa, was approached by officer Spike, after several failed attempts to find Bazan Kohuj himself, reporting the imprisonment of the trespasser during the great hall meeting. Looking for an excuse for where he was during the great hall meeting because he knows his brother will ask for his whereabouts during the meeting, Miles took over the case and went to interrogate the prisoner immediately. On his way to question the prisoner, he was eager to have the perpetrator prosecuted to send a message to the people of the Under City. ”Open the cell ”, he ordered officer Spike as Leo turned around to meet his prosecutor. Miles Kohuj upon seeing Leonardo OSullivan was utterly speechless as Leo was a spitting image of him.

”Can we have the room? ” he said to the officer as he cleared his throat. ”So, are you going to tell me who you are? ” Miles asked. ”The day I do that is the day pigs start to fly ” Leo responded with a smirk on his face. ”What did you say? ” Miles asked with a disturbed look on his face. ”You heard me, ” Leo replied with fury in his voice. ”You know, I didn catch your name ” Leo stares at Miles as if to say he was waiting for a signal and after a while responds, ”I didn throw it ”. ”You know I got a question for you, do you ask these stupid questions all the time ” Leo asked. Just as Miles was about to reply, the sound of a phone call came from the inner pockets of his suit. ”Keep that thought, I have to take this ” he said as he answered the phone. ”Hey you, miss me already ” he said with an ear to ear smile on his face. Suddenly, that same disturbed look from before resurfaced on his face again as he asked ”excuse me ”. After what seemed to be a loss in thought, he hung up the phone and, with a flustered look, asked Leo, ”Do you know vassa? ” ”Who? ” Leo replied. Damn it, boy, stop messing with me miles exclaimed with a loud bang on the table, which startled Leo. He aggressively went through his cell phone and, after a while, showed a photo of it to Leo, saying, ”Here do you know this woman. ” Leo took his time, trying to hold back what looked like anger, and in a raging voice asked, ”What is a photo of my mom doing on your phone? ”


Shattered by the response of Leo, Miles gathered what strength he had left in him and summoned the guard. ”Answer me, ” Leo exclaimed, in an angry tone. The door opened and Miles whispered to the officer, saying, ”Don let anyone in here and speak a word of this to no one till I come back. ” Hey!!! Where do you think you
e going? Answer me. I swear to God, if you so much as touch a hair on my moms head, I will kill you. ”Leo exclaimed angrily, as humanly as possible.

Crippled with emotions, Miles made a call just as he was heading out of the prison site. Hello, meet me in an hour, the usual place, he said as he entered his residence. Back at the Under City, Kwame and Wiz meet at their usual spot but are surprised when Leo hasn made it back. On their way to look for Leo, Wiz suspects someone is following them. His suspicion soon becomes certainty when a creepy sound makes him stop and look back, only to find that Kwame is no longer behind him. With fear in his voice, he exclaims, ”What do you want from me? If you
e not afraid, come out here and face me, man to man. ”A super-fast creature knocks him out cold before he can say anything else.

”Walk with me, ” Bazan Kohuj orders officer Spike as he spots him on his way to his residence. ”Have you seen my brother? ” he asks. Officer Spike responds, ”No, sir. ”Are you sure you are lying? ” Bazan asks. Officer Spike fumbles, ”Yes sir, sorry, no sir. ” which is what Spike Reagan OMalley, Bazan exclaims in an angry tone. ”I haven seen your brother, sir, ” officer Spike responds reassuringly. After giving officer Spike a direct glance, Bazans face briefly seemed to develop what appeared to be a sneer. ”Mm hmm, let me know if you catch even a whiff of his ridiculous cologne, ” he said, dismissing officer Spike.

”Wake up, sleepyheads, ” Naima says, while slapping Kwame and Wiz out of their momentary slumber. ”Who are you and what do you want from us? ” Kwame asks with fury in his voice. ”Why are you guys following me? ” Naima asks, ready to knock them out again. ”First it was the food bank, and now its here who sent you, ” she added. ”Wait a minute, aren you the girl from the food bank? ” Wiz mutters as he recognizes Naima from the incident from earlier at the Alpha Haven food bank. ”You know, you almost got us in trouble back there, ” he added, as Naima rolled her eyes. ”Yeah, girl, and for that you have to compensate us. It was supposed to be ours anyway, if your busy body self hadn been there. Who sent you even? ”Kwame burst out playfully. Just before he could utter another word, a heavy slap landed on his cheeks. ”Ouch, what was that for? ” Kwame manages to ask as he massages his jaw. ”You talk too much, and honestly, from what I have seen so far, its no wonder your friend didn make it out, ” Naima said in a strict tone. ”Wait, what do you mean he didn make it out? ” Wiz and Kwame exclaimed, perplexed. ”What is this, a choir meeting? ”I said your friend was caught by one of the guards, ” Naima explained.

Miles arrives at one of his condos and suspects that someone has broken into it. He immediately pulls a gun from behind him and walks into the building, only to find Desiree dressed in sultry red lingerie that accentuates her curves, standing by the kitchen counter eating strawberries coated in chocolate. ”Damn it, Vassa, you almost gave me a scare, ” he exclaims relieved. ”How do you think I feel dressed like this with a gun pointed at me? ” she asked as she took a sip of champagne. ”Vassa, I have to tell you something, ” Miles said worriedly. ”Do that when we
e done. ”You won have me looking like this for nothing, ” she replied as she went up the stairs. ”What I have to say is very important, Vassa, ” he exclaimed. Isn it always? You coming? ”She asked, looking back at him from the stairwell. Left without a choice, he goes after her. When they finally settle into the bedroom, he is silenced by Desiree as she goes down on him as he tries to talk. Miles tried his best to talk, but all he could let out was a satisfied moan. Desiree, pissed at Miles lack of interest, stops immediately and questions, ”What is it, what is so damn important that you have to tell me? ” ”Your son, ” he mumbles, ”What about my son? ” ”Hold up, how you know my son? ” she asked angrily. As Miles was explaining the situation to her, she interrupted him, screaming on top of her voice, ”Where is my son Miles? ” In his lowest possible tone, he replies, ”Hes been imprisoned by one of the guards for trespassing and robbery. ”


Shook by Miles response, Desiree zoned out. ”Vassa! Vassa! Vassa! ” Miles exclaimed as he snapped his fingers at her, but Desiree remained still without any movement. With pity for the woman that stood in front of him, he couldn help but hug her, giving Desiree a chance to slip her hand to the side of his suit to take his gun from underneath him. ”Take me to my son, ” she utters painfully. Back at Bazans residence, he walks in on his lead security officer and his girlfriend and stands back until they notice his presence. ”Oh shoot, ” officer Thorzan whispers, as he notices Bazan from across the room. Oh don stop on my account, youd only be troubling. ”What is your name, love? ” he asks officer Thorzans companion. ”Imani, ” she responds. ”Right, youd only be troubling Imani, ” he added mischievously. They hurriedly rushed into their clothes. ”Uhm, have you seen my panties? ” Imani asked quietly. ”Wait, what are you talking about? ” Thorzan responds, shocked by the question coming from Imani. All of a sudden, laughter as loud as the sounds from the bell tower burst across the room. ”Thorzan, give the lady back her panties, ” Bazan said, laughingly. ”Wheres that coming from, sir? ” He was confused by the minute. ”Is that not yours over there? ” He pointed to a pair of mens briefs as he said. Quickly, he pulled his pants down and, to his surprise, there it was, Imanis red netty pants. As he hurriedly rushed out of it and into his, a funny comment was made by Bazan, saying, ”I don know, it kind of looked good on you, only your balls were screaming! Help me! ” After Imani had left, Thorzan asked, ”To what do I owe this visit, sir? ” ”Right, why did I come here again? ” he asks while tapping his finger on the side of the chair where his hands rested. ”It certainly wasn to see you in a thong, ” he said laughingly. ”Ah ha! ”Have you seen my brother? ” he asks with a tone of remembrance. ”No sir, I haven seen him in a while now, ” Thorzan responded. ”Humph, thats odd. Keep an eye on him for me and report back everything, and I mean every single detail, ” Bazan says. ”Oh and keep an eye out for officer Spike too, and report back to me. Theres something about him I don trust, can really put my finger on it, ” he added.

”Wait, hold up, what do you mean he was caught? ” Kwame and Wiz both said the same thing. ”Ughh! Again, with the choir thingy, are you deaf? ”What part of he being caught don you understand? ” Naima said. ”We got to do something about it, ” they said again in unison. ”Youve got to be kidding me right now, ” Naima said as she walked away before the boys could respond. ”Where did she go? Ouu! ”I knew she was a ghost. Wait, are we dead too? ” Kwame asks. ”Shut up, Kwame, you play too much, ” Wiz grumbled.

Desiree and Miles arrive very late at the Alpha Haven prison site. Immediately, Desiree walked out of the car and stomped into the building, calling out for Leo. As she approached Leos cell, officer Spike, who was guarding it, attempted to stop her. She quickly, without reasoning, pulled out Miles gun that she had taken from him and shot officer Spike. Taking the cell keys from the man bleeding and groaning from the floor, she opened the cells and let Leo out. ”Come on, baby, lets go, ” she said as she grabbed Leos hands and headed for the exit. On their way out, she bumped into Miles, who was right behind her. ”What the hell happened here? I heard gunshots, ” Miles asked curiously. ”Here, next time you arrest my son, youll have more than gunshots and a bleeding officer to think about, ” she said angrily as she handed over the gun to Miles. ”Wait what! How did you get this, and how the hell was I supposed to know he was your son, Vassa? Vassa! ”He responded furiously. ”Stay with me, Spikey, shit! ” He says as he tries to stop the bleeding. Alarmed by the sound of the gunshot, officer Jax rushed in. ”What in the hell happened here? ” He asked curiously. ”Oh thank God its you. Now stop asking questions and help me get him to my place so I can patch him up, ” Miles said. After patching up officer Spike in his kitchen with the help of officer Jax, he cautioned them, ”Now I know this goes without saying, but what happened today never happened. ” ”Copy sir, ” Jax responded. ”Alrighty, keep him out of sight, at least until hes fit to walk by himself. I got to wash this blood off me, ” he said as he dismissed them. He went up to the bedroom, heading towards the bathroom when the lights in his room came on. ”You are a hard man to track down, brother, ” said Bazan, who sat comfortably in the corner of the bedroom.


”Jeez, Zan, you scared the shit out of me. What are you even doing here? Don you have one of your many female friends, as you put it, to attend to? ”Miles asked as he stood there, still recovering from the scare Bazan gave him. ”I do, but I am pretty sure I would rather find out whose blood you got all over you, don you think? ” He added, ”Are you going to tell me or do I have to find out by myself? ” Miles responded as he headed towards the bathroom. I really can deal with you right now. I am tired. I need to wash up and catch some sleep. And honestly, its none of your business, so please do me a favour and stay out of it.

The next day, Kwame was headed to Wizs place to hatch a plan to help Leo when he bumped into Andriana. ”Watch where you
e going, ” Kwame said as he checked out the girl that stood before him. ”Im so sorry, ” she said as she kept hopping, not wanting to stop her run. ”You must not be from around here, else youd know better than to be running around here like that, ” Kwame said. Im Kwame. Some people call me Adonis because they say Im built like a Greek god, he added. ”No they don , ” Andriana replied, with a smirk on her face. ”First of all, how are you going to tell me, do you not see this body? ” he asked, flexing his muscles. ”Second, what was that on your face? ” he added. ”What? ” Andriana replied. ”That smirk, ” Kwame exclaimed. They both chuckled. You know, I didn catch your name, Kwame said. ”De Martell, Andriana De Martell, ” she said, tucking her hair behind her eyes. ”Oh you fancy, I see, well don be a stranger, ” he said as he kissed the hands of Andriana.

Back at Alpha Haven, Thorzan and Jax, along with a couple other officers, are working out in the gym. ”Wheres your buddy Spikey? ” Thorzan asks Jax. ”Why the sudden interest? ” Last I recall, you code agents once said, and I quote, we don mix with rookie cops, ” Jax replies, then quickly resumes his workout. Yeah, you
e right, I did say that. Well, Im only asking because, well, I guess I never saw the day Spikey would miss a workout session. I hope nothing is wrong, ”Thorzan says condescendingly. Well, if you must know, officer Spike is out handling some personal business. ”Does it have anything to do with you escorting him to his bunker very late last night? ” Thorzan inquired. ”Let me find out yall are into something shady, ” he added. ”You know, for a code agent, you
e really nosy, ” Jax teased as he continued with his workout. ”Yeah, whatever, ” Thorzan remarked as he joined his fellow code agents to workout.

Brother! What is this, a security detail? What am I, a toddler? Miles asks as he barges into the dining area of his brothers condo. He added, ”You know, Im not even going to ask how he got a key to my place because Im pretty sure you had something to do with it. Ill have my locks changed and never again am I to be followed by him, he says, while pointing to officer Thorzan. Will you stop ranting like a corn mill without a regulator and join me for breakfast already? Its too early and, honestly, I couldn care less about what got you so wound up. Bazan remarked. You know, Thorzan guarding you is just a… how do you call it, a safety call? Rumour has it that Blooms goons have been lurking around, gathering information. We might have our differences, but at the end of the day, you
e still my brother, and Id hate for you to be unprepared if theres any truth to the rumours circulating. Whats that saying they always say about family again? He says this while snapping his fingers in an attempt to recall something. Aha, blood is thicker than water, he added, with an ear to ear grin on his face. Frankly, I think they
e the reason for the security alert during the great hall meeting. He kept going and going. ”Wait, you were aware of that? ” Miles inquired. Of course I did. Nothing happens here that I don know about, Bazan replied, as he slurped more of his coffee.

As Kwame arrives at Wizs crib, he meets him sitting outside, reading. ”Ay bro, you would never believe what just happened, ” Kwame said in excitement. ”What the hell took you so long? ” Wiz asked. Thats what Im trying to tell you. I think I just met the most beautiful girl on this side of town, Kwame replied. Thats just by the way, though, is your mom around. Im starving. Did she make those mashed potatoes like she always does? Man, shut up and listen closely. You talk too much. Wiz exclaimed. Is that you, Leo? Kwame asked as he heard Leo in a heated argument with his mom. Kwame and Wiz have been friends since childhood. They even consider themselves twins from different parents, which is funny because they are nothing alike. It wasn until Leo and Desiree moved in next door to Wizs house that they became friends. Theyve been inseparable since then, despite their one too many scuffles.

Hold up, how are you going to ask me how I got arrested when you haven answered me yet? ”Leo exclaimed. How is it that you were able to walk up to the Alpha Haven prison and bust me out, shoot a cop and not get us both killed in the process? He added. I have my ways, Desiree replied. ”Now answer my question, ” she added. ”You
e sleeping with him, aren you? ” Leo asked. Boy, shut up. How do you think you were able to attend that private school you dropped out of? Ungrateful ass. Desiree said. How could you, mom? ”Leo remarked. I thought you said they were responsible for Dads death. How could you disrespect him like that? He added Boy, you better watch your tone with me before I send you to meet your father real soon. I have tolerated a lot of shit from you, but disrespect ain going to be one of them. I loved your father more than life itself, just like I love you. He was the first man to truly love me for who I am. Not even my own father loved me like that and I know those people up there are responsible for his death and thats exactly why Im doing all this. Now, believe it or not, I will find justice for your fathers death, even if I have to sleep with the very people that took him from us. Desiree sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks believe you mom, ”Leo remarked as he wiped tears off his cheeks. Come here, ”she said as they both hugged it out. ”


The following morning, at first light, the boys from Under City were playing basketball like they usually do on the weekends. They find themselves making fun of one another about how embarrassing each of them played at various points in the game, after what seemed to be an exciting game that Leo and his team, together with Kwame and Wiz, lost graciously. Leo notices Naima having an argument with an Alpha Haven cop as they approach the border between Alpha Haven and the Under City. Leo started to go help Naima, but Kwame and Wiz stopped him, saying that even though he probably doesn recognize her, he should trust them that she can handle herself. They also reminded him that since he had just been released from prison, it wouldn be a good idea to get into an argument with someone from Alpha Haven. ”That reminds me, how did you get out again? Because I know the security over there is tight, ”said Wiz. ”Yeah, how did you get out? ” Kwame added. Don worry about all of that, and Im still going over there, Leo remarked. Ay! ”Are you okay? ” Leo asked, with outstretched arms to help Naima off the floor. Just as she was getting up, Leo let go of her hand, leaving her to tinkle on the ground. ”Ouch! What was that for? ” said Naima. Just as Leo was about to talk, she slid her feet over and knocked Leo down. ”Ouch! What was that for? ” he asked, with a glimpse of shock on his face. ”That was for letting me fall down. You
e lucky I didn break your teeth for what you did, ” she said. How are you mad at me when you
e the reason I got arrested? ”Leo asked. Don blame that on me. Its not my fault you were sloppy, ”she tea

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