Land Of chaos

4. ~ Unpredicted Changes~ ii

Whats going on asked Nanette, why has everywhere suddenly turned dark and why are those guys coming towards us. I don think I can answer any of those questions right now, but I know we need to run now, Elena replied.

They started running towards the town, but the people were fast approaching. they ran towards a tree which led them to a dead end.

Both the girls were scared and worried, before they could get any closer to them, Another figure came to there rescue, the girls couldn get a glimpse of him because he was all covered in black.

He looked like a skilled warrior, with the way he held his sword skillfully, it looked almost effortless. He killed almost all of them while some of them manage to retreat towards the woods.

Daniel ran his hand through the branches, while trying to make his way through the woods. He has been traveling for days in the woods without any sign of civilization. He then held the compass which he has been using as guide for days now.

did the witch tricked him, she told him the compass was supposed to lead him to the girl . and yet his been traveling endlessly, with anger he hit hands towards the tree .

cursed that witch he muttered under his breath, I should have never trust her words, infact I should have killed her the moment I caught her in such act.

he ran his hand between his brown coils in frustration,let me just move further a little maybe I might find a village. he ran his hands inside his small backpack an took out a small bag of coins.

this should be enough to pay for a inn, I hope that witch is happy now since she trick me off my money for this stupid compass . he then throw the compass on ground, taking a sit close to a tree he then decided to take a nap. For the past few days he has not even slept a wink.

several minutes passed, he then heard a ticking sound on the ground. he opened his eyes and watch his surrounding to find no one, he then turn to the direction where he have thrown the compass. The ticking sound was coming from the compass,he got up from where he was sitting and walk towards he compass.

he bent down and held the compass in his hand to see that it was not just ticking but was pointing North. ”could this be one of her tricks to make him believe ” he then remembered she told him that the compass will tick faster as he approach the object of his search.

he got up and look his backpack,and then covered his face with the black clothes he was having with him to avoid being identify.

moving towards the direction of the compass as fast as he can, he then came across an open field. this time the sound of the compass has increased and everywhere was getting dark all of a sudden.

whats going on, moving forward he saw two girls running and behind them were some men in black.

could they be the reason behind the weather change, he then held the compass forward and saw that it was pointing towards the girls.

”now what ” do I have to save them now

its been a while since I last stretch my hands with my sword,he joked

He then ran towards the girls as they were cornered towards a tree.

He ran immediately to to defend the girls

While he was fighting them, he discovered that the fighting technique of this men is similar, like he has faught someone before with this same technique but he couldn remember where.

he has been trained for this since he was four. he undergoes one of the most difficult training ever. and besides being the only male of his kind he couldn have been better.

After fighting off this strange people, somehow other manages to escape.

Turning to look at the girls as they held each other so closely, he wonder if one of them could be the one his looking for .

The girls look normal to him, non of them fits the description of what he was expecting.

From their look, they look like ordinary village girls,as the girls looked at him he could finally see there features.

They could be nothing more than, five feet two inches tall. if not for there different hair color, with one having dark coiling hair and the other having straight long ginger hair . they would have been mistaken as twins.

He then held the compass closer to the girls, which increased the ticking even more .

one of them must possess the jewelry then, which mean the witch have some truth in her afterwards.

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