Land Of chaos

5. ~Twisted Paths~

The carriage made a stop at the witmonds resident,

”weve arrived maam ” said the coach man.

step lightly dear, Corrine said to her daughter step down the carriage.

They were met with a huge surprise

the gate was completely ruined, the strong steel that holds the small iron gate to the pillars were destroyed.

what happened here, Kathrine asked

we left the house for just few days and everything is completely ruined, Kathrine cried.

oh here arrive the special daughter, you are just in time Corrine mocked, what have you been up to and whats going on here .

You claimed to be so responsible, and yet you couldn look after the house in just three days, now tell me what happened here Corrine asked.

seeing the condition of the house, Elena was left in shock.the gate was not the only thing destroyed but the windows were broken as well. like there was some kind of battle.

”No no no l…

this place was in shape about an hour ago, what happened.


where is father, oh no

Elena quickly ran into the house, while Nanette ran after her.

making her way through the front door, which was already broken, Elena ran upstairs to her fathers room to find him on the floor all covered in blood.

She quickly ran towards him,

what happened father, who did this to you.

she held her father in her hands crying.

Elena is that you? Peter asked as he tried to open his eyes.

oh father what happened,tell me who attacked you.

listen dear I don have time anymore but I need you to leave this place Peter said as he groan in pain. They will come after you and they won stop till they get you.

Who are they Elena asked as she couldn bear to see her father in this much pain


I love you dear, and Im sorry that I won be there for you when you will need me the most.

no, not now you can leave me now Elena held her fathers hand as he closed his eyes and gave up the ghost .

Nanette knelt down to hug her friend, the is one of the most painful moment she couldn bear but cry. why Elena had to go through all this pain, first it was her mother now her father? why is the universe sometime so unfair to good people like her. although she have never had the chance to see her own parents she can still understand her her pain. its going to be ok dear.

They held each other as Elena cried into her chest. why always me, why has this world away been so unfair to me, she cried in pain.

Tremondel is not a big town but its still a safe place. the evening was calm and cool as Daniel walk down the road.

he has already removed the scarf that was tied around his face , in other for him to blend in the crowd, he needs to get a inn immediately before night falls. he then decided to ask someone.

He saw a man carrying some farm tools walk towards him.

excuse me sir, please do you know where I can find an inn so I can stay there for the night Daniel asked, the man who looks like hes in his fifties because of the evidence of gray hair on his head and his wrinkled skin.

Move straight down and take the first path to your right, the fourth building you will find is the inn, the old man replied.

Thank you very much sir

e welcome the man replied and then continue on his path.

he then head towards the direction the old man directed him, when he sense something odd and out of place.

he then stood for awhile, and sniff the air.

” I guess this place is not safe after all ”

following the trail of the energy which lead him to a small house by his left

the house looks old as if its has has been standing there for century. if not for the light which confirm that someone is still living in the house, anybody would have taught the house is abandoned.

he then climbed the step and nock at the door, when he didn get a response he knocked again this time hearder with a strength that almost break the door.

Who is trying to break my door an old woman shouted angrily as she opened the door.

her hair which as already turned gray that is visible even though the night time is fast approaching.

Young Man do you think my house is a bar that you can just hit anyhow, who are you? are you lost? the old woman asked angrily.

Daniel decided not the mind the old woman harsh words, but instead put his hand on his pocket and lean against the wall.

” I guess this town is not free of witches after all ” Daniel muttered

The old woman expression suddenly change from angry to a shocked expression.

seeing what effect his words had on the old woman brought a grin on his face.

The old woman immediately schooled her expression, and then replied.

What are you talking about young man, and why did you come to my house to uttered such word. don you know that word ”witch ” is forbidden in this town, don you dare utter such words again.

Daniel then broke into laughter, that made the woman even more angrier.

wow what an act, your words almost made me doubt if Im in the right place, but then I can never be wrong.

remind me of what said again, that ” the word witch is forbidden in this town ”

and yet here you are, in a witches no go area as a witch,

Im I right witch, Daniel asked

me a witch? are you insane, you can just come here an accuse an old herbalist of being a witch, do you know I can sue you for this, the old woman said furiously.

By all means please do, but before you get a lawyer I might change your mind with this.

he then raise up his sleeve to show her his wrist.

what the old woman saw only brought fear and shivers through are skin

it can be you

yes I am he replied.

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