Land Of chaos

6. ~Twisted Paths~ ii

Thats impossible the woman replied as she while slowly moving backwards

wow, and yet here I am, right in front of you in the flesh, so are you going to invite me in or do you still plan on calling the magistrate .

she didn say anything for a while, as if she was thinking something through

please come in, she replied as she move backward for him to get in.

Daniel made his way into the house as the old woman closed the door behind him, the interior was quite calm and simple. he was actually expecting the place look as old the outside.

Since when the did the sithras started having a male child, the old woman asked in suspicious tone.

am lucky I guess

so instead of you standing there to question my existence, you won mind tell me your name or Iwon mind call you a witch then.

my name is Sara, she replied.

Putting his hands on his pocket he then continue, are you an herbalist or is that your cover. he asked as he pointed to her collection of herbs on the old shelf.

you might not believe me but I have stop practice magic for decades now, and its still a surprise why you manage to notice me.

Theres a reason why Im the only male of my kind, don you think? so are you the only witch in town or there are more of you

well I don know of any, its just be.

hmmm, I see, he murmured

So what brings you here, sithras are only summoned in this towns on urgent matters. so what brings you here she asked.

looking for something, he replied.

and what could that be, she asked

wow, I didn know you were curious too, now are you going to offer me a sit or what?

please have a sit, she answered pointing to the chair close to the fire place,

Well thank you maam, he replied

he then sat on the chair feeling the heat from the fire place

” I didn know you could give such hospitality ”

seeing the way you almost kicked me out just now.

She has never met someone as bold as this young man, I taught sithras couldn have a male child giving to what happened five decades ago.

There is a reason why she have managed to stayed unnoticed for almost two decades now, she has stopped practicing magic and have used a spell to hide her nature. that not even a sithra could notice her.

she has to be very careful around this young man, seeing that he noticed her. she is yet to know the main reason why he is here. There was a reason why the sithras decided not to have a male child again, they can be ten times more powerful than their female. which can make them unable to control themselves at some point. Thats why there was a huge disaster some decades again.

Before she could say something, they heard a nock on the door. and before she could respond a girl red hair stormed in crying.

Nanette what happened, why are you crying, Sara asked in a worried tone

its took the girls some minutes to answer as she was now sobbing

Mr Peter is dead aunt, she replied as she ran into her embrace.

now this is getting even more interesting, is this not the ginger girl he recused some hours ago with the other girl. speaking of her, where is she. The moment he learnt about her existence he immediately went searching for her. he has the ability to tell between a human and other creature. and he could tell that both girls her human, but if the compass lead him to her shouldn she be more than that ?

He saw the way the girl ran into her embrace, as she cry her heart. he could feel the complete trust this girl have around this woman.

isn this just too emotional, am also crying here even though I don know who died, Daniel said breaking through the silence.

she into the room to hug her aunt without looking around, so she didn know there was some in the room apart from her aunt.

she then raise her head to look at the man sitting on the chair close to the fire place, she couldn see his face well because of the furniture casting a shadow on his face.

confused, she looked up at her aunt

hes my customer, his hear to check on some herbs, Sara answer

ohh, Nanette replied

what happened Sara ask, I know he was sick but the herbs I was sending was actually helping him to recover. So what happened

He was attacked this afternoon by an unknown individuals, we didn know for sure who did, she answered.

but Im sure that it was the same people that tried to attack Elena and I , there could be no other explanation.

you were attacked Sara asked in a worried expression.

yes, but we were saved before they could get a chance to harm us. but we were not able to see the face of our savior since he left before we could even thank him

what is going on, Sara asked herself. Nothing like this has ever happened in this town for almost a decades now. termondel is one of the safest place anyone can be, thats why most old folks from other town come to settle down here. why is that changing now

is the magistrate aware of the attack Sara asked.

yes, lady Corrine has report the matter to the magistrate and they are investigating it.

ok, but could you notice a single detail from the person that saved you guys Sara asked.

no we didn she replied

its ok dear everything will be ok, go now and freshen up. you need some rest, you are burning up dear. I will check with the magistrate.

ok then she answered while still subbing.

taking a pause to look at the stranger sitting on the couch, she then went upstairs to her room.

wow, I didn know I was a customer, not until now. please tell me which herb was I going to purchase seeing that I must have forgotten, he said laughing

I taught you said its just you, now look, a relative just stormed in on you lying shouldn you be ashamed.

”Don give me that looks, she not a witch ” Sara replied

I never asked, so why are you in such a hurry to answer, he said with with a smirk

beside I would have notice her the first time we met .

notice her the first time? ” have you met my niece before ”

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