Land Of chaos

6. ~Twisted Paths~ ii

s stayed around this town for quite too long, so far he hasn crossed paths with the witch since the other day

he looks at the root in his hand, identifying plants and there strength is also one of his many talents.

today the town look quite crowdy and busy,

if he ask the girl to leave with him just like that without any strong reason she won agree

” maybe he should kidnap her ”

no that would be too extreme

he have not slept a wink for the past few days now, he need to rest first then maybe he can think of a better idea

trying to walk himself through the crowd in other for him to get to the inn and get a good rest for a while, when suddenly he caught sight of someone

it was the ginger girl, she was selling some ornaments in the market too.

he then move closer to where the girl was selling,

she was already discussing with a lady, he don need to go closer to hear what they were discussing

as usual they were negotiating

after the other Lady has left he decided to walk towards the girl

this women sometimes are too much, how can she prize such a beautiful Jewel, that cost ten silver coins for just ten copper coins, thats reducing its value by half

if not that she was a skilled trader she wouldn have convinced her to buy them for eight silver coins

raising her head she saw a man approach her, as he came closer she was able to make of his features well

brown hair, bronze skin that look like his always in the sun because they look tan.

high cheek bone, there is no other way to describe him other than handsome

she was lost in taught and didn even know when he greeted

she felt so ashamed of herself knowing that she has been caught staring at him shamelessly.

”if this how you zone out on your customers I wonder how many free gift they must have taken away with them as a result of your absentmindedness ”

he couldn hide the smirk on his face, he knows his look can do a thing or two but he didn know his charms were this powerful.

he then showed her the bracelet he took from her table while she was busy staring at him.

seeing the surprised look on her face as she didn notice that he has taken a bracelet from her table made him smiled.

sorry I didn notice you because was thinking about something else, and for you to think that I did that because you is crazy.

really is that so? he asked with a mocking smile

this is so embarrassing, she has never seen out of control before. did he charm her?

is he a magician, because he looked like one

she has to bring up another conversation now because talk about that is too shameful for her.

”is see you have chosen lightning ”

I must recommend as a man you do have a good taste in jewelry.

puzzled at her words he raised the white bracelet up to observe it,

its not actually the kind of bracelet he will called gorgeous but observing it more closer he could see the tiny partern on it which looks like a lightning strike. no wonder the girl call it lightning

its said to bring luck to any girl that wears it, she continued

if thats true you should be the one wearing it right now, seeing the way that you girls don joke with luck he replied.

well sometimes its not good to keep all good things to yourself, you don know who might need it more than you do

hmmm… he hummed

if a man gift that bracelet to his girl its bound to strength there love. just like lightening your love will shine in the darkest time she said smiling

no arguing how noisy it will also sound he replied

so how much is the bracelet he asked.

two gold coins sir she replied with a smile

hmmm I see, if I knew I would have come across such lucky object I would have saved some money for it

something are worth the sacrifice you know, she answered

clever girl and pushy, seem like she won rest till she sell this bracelet to him

how about we make a trade, he asked

well if I owed a pawn shop I would have gladly accepted your offer, but I need money in return for my good.

how about this then, he puts his hand into his pocket and brought out a compass held it in front of her

its… you
e she asked stammering

its you she asked shocked

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