When he brought out the compass she immediately recognized it

”wait were you the man that save us the other day ”

knowing that she recognized him, he then asked.

”so do you want to trade ”he asked

well I want to thank you first for saving our lives.

I know I can pay you for your service but you can have the bracelet, consider it my token of appreciation, she smiled

well thank you, he replied.

Corrine walk into house when she saw her daughter storming down the stairs crying.

what happened, why are you crying holding your wrist like that.

it that b*tch!

she insulted me and even called you a whore.

holding her wrist which has already turned red for her mother to see

look she even hurt me

when Corrine saw her daughter wrist her anger exacerbate even more

she has to cut those wings that girl has been growing lately, how dare she lay her filthy hands on her daughter.

she was acting like she was not herself, Kathrine replied.

its ok dear, we are going to put her in her place.

she has been very difficult to handle this past few days, now she has crossed her line and hurt her daughter.

she will have no regrets on what she was going to do next, she has to deal with her.

her action just now still remain a shock to her, she has never resort to violence before no matter how much shes offended my her Kathrine.

whats wrong with her, why have she been behaving strange lately.

”she then heard a nock on the door ”

it must be Nanette, since she told her yesterday that she won be able to accompany her to the market today because she was not feeling alright. she must have come to see her

she then heard the nock again

she didn lock the door, so why can she come in.

its ok Nanette you can come in she answered

the door opened, it was her stepmother that came into the room

thats strange she had never nocked before, the way she enters her room in the past she was convinced that she will break it one day with her never ending anger towards her.

why is she nocking now.

were you expecting your friend she asked in a gentle voice, she was holding a tray of coffee and bread in a tray.

hope Im not disturbing you, can I sit? she asked

surprised at her polite word Elena didn even know what to say, after what she did to get daughter just now she was expecting her to enter the room with full rage

it.. ok you can sit

that was the only word she could muster

walking towards the table to put the tray, Corrine then sat on the bed close to Elena.

I know that you are startled at my action, but its ok .

more that startled, shes flabbergasted.

I know what youve been through and I don what to add to your pain, my actions towards you the past few years have been nothing but cruelty. Im here to apologise and I hope we can turn a new leave.

she then held Elena hands in to hers

Elena recoil from her touch because all sudden care towards her is strange

Im sorry dear, I can never justify my past action but I hope you can forgive me

I really want to make It up to you

Kathrine will also have to apologize to you later, knowing my daughter she must have insulted.

well its also my fault I pushed her with my words and Im sorry for hurting her Elena replied

no dear, for the past few years she has been the one hurting you and I render my sincere apology

its ok ma, I don know what came over me I shouldn have hurt her, I should apologize too.

its ok you don need to refer me as ”ma ” you can call me mother from now on

seeing the girls response towards her, Corrine smiled

”foolish thing always trusting too easily ”

by the way you have not been eating well for days now, I doubt if you have even eaten anything today.

well I don feel like eating anything she replied

nonsense dear, come on and eat

staying hungry won do you any good instead it will hurt you. I know how you feel about your father, I feel the same too. do you think he will be happy if he see that you starving yourself.

she stood up and took the tray on the table,

here at least have a cup of coffee to relax your nerves

she hesitated a bit since all this feelings is new, he then decided to take the coffee from her

looking at the woman right now, she saw genius sincerity in her and she was moved.

I added some sugar in it just the way you like it, Corrine answered

thank you she replied.

holding the cup towards her mouth, she took some sip from it.

after some time she started feeling dizzy and tired, what going on she asked herself, why is she feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

you look tired dear, I think you should rest, said Corrine

I think so I don know why I felt week all of a sudden

maybe it because you are tired, you need to lie down

she watched as the girls drift off

foolish girl, from now on she will regrets laying her hands on her daughter

she opened the door and left her room

she looks fine, the man replied

but I hope shes hard working

Im not here to buy a princess material but a salve that can work her heart out for her master.

shes more that hardworking, infact shes extremely hardworking, nobody master won regrets buying her Corrine replied.

the young man walk towards the carriage were the young girl lie, she very attractive

who knows maybe they might make good use of her on their journey, he smiled.

I wonder why you would want to sell such a beautiful girl the man asked.

she of no use whatsoever to me, so Im helping her by giving her to someone who might see some use in her, by all means do whatever you want with her shes all yours for the taken she answered

if you say so the man replied

heres your money, eight hundred gold coin as planned

the man handed the money to her

we should be on our way now the man replied

I would suggest you tie her up in case she wakes up she suggested

noted he replied

lets set off now men, the man ordered the other men that were with him

entered the other carriage they then head off, they were disguise as merchants heavy loads of good so that no one will be suspicious of them.

knowing that slaving is a crime in this town


Corrine shouted as she reached the house

Kathrine come out now

mother is everything ok, why are you shouting my name Kathrine asked.

look no need for questions right now, go in there now and pack all your valuables, we are leaving this town this instance .

what happened are we in trouble Kathrine asked

like I said no time for questions go and pack.

where are we going,and why are we leaving our house, Kathrine persist

this house is no longer ours, soon the real owner will come to claim it

you sold it?

what about Elena, where is she.

go and pack now if you don want us to get in a big trouble now

Kathrine decided not to question her mother again, questions will come later then she went into the house to pack her belongings.

and hurry Corrine shouted

with the money she got for sell that wench, will be able to get good accommodation.

shes out of there life for good, she smiled

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