Those brothel can pay any amount for such beauty. he won sell her for anything less that one hundred and fifty gold coins.

of course he will have to get his portion, before selling her.but first he have to mark her.

he brought out a knife from his side,and saw the fear in the girls face when she saw him brought out a knife.

relax Im not going to kill you, you
e very useful.

holding her hands up he then cut the rope which was binding her hands together.

go get my marking rod he ordered on of the man.

marking rod? she have heard about it from the market, its used to mark slave and has the power to force them into obedience. at least that what she heard

if thats true then shes all done for,she can let them mark her shes going to fight even if its kills her.

she tries to force her way out of the mans grip but that made him to draw her hair harder.

she let out some scream as she tries to free herself.

this one have a fighting spirit, men hold her down he commands.

evening after she was held by two strong men it didn stop her from fighting.

Rafael walk forward and took the rod from one of his men,and walk towards the girl who was still fighting against his men as they struggled to hold her down.

”this is very stubborn boss ” Phil said as he tries to pin down the girl.

don worry she will calm down soon Rafael replied

he held her head up and raise his hands and slap the girl hard on the face.

its a surprise she didn faint from the slap but it was enough to calm her.

she was struggling to get out of their grip and didn notice when a hand landed hard on her face.

she has never felt this much pain from a slap before,

she can allow them to mark her,the anger she felt right now is worst than the one she felt when she held Katherines hand.

she raised her head up to took at the man as he brought the hot rod close to her wrist.

I told you guys she will calm down,she just needed some persuasion Rafael continued.

once he held the rod close to the girls wrist he felt a harp pain moving from the hand in which he used to hold the rod.

it then spread to his chest causing him to feel so much pain,he immediately dropped the rod and held his felt like someone was crushing his organs from the inside.

getting on his kneel,he looked at the girl and saw that her eye color that were light brown before had changed to bright blue and they were piercing into his soul igniting so much pain that cause blood to oozing out of his nose, mouth and eyes.

when his men saw what was happening to their boss,they immediately let go of the girl and step backwards. the other two men came to stand beside them to see whats going on

only for the girl to turn towards them and suddenly they all started screaming in anguishing pain,then blood started oozing out of their mouth as well.

the girls got up and stretched her hands towards them, making the men to float in the air from the effect of her power.

she has never released this much energy before which weaken her the moment the men fell on the floor.

making her to collapse as well.

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