Its pretty dark in hare.

Isn it about time to wake up?

Waking up? I don remember going to bed.

Going to bed? I don remember getting back home.

Thats right, the invasion. There was an alien invasion. A lot of lizard faced guys. Were they looking for the stones?

Man, I wish I met the purple guy. Now Im dead.

Im supposed to be dead… right?

Right, the space invasion. I was shot in the stomach.

Really, what a bad day.

Wait, what am I so angry about?

Space ships… alien invasion….

Yeah, thats right. I swing more toward the fantasy side, not the sci-fi. Swords and magic were my thing. Laser guns and space crafts never hit the spot for me.

A gate to another world wouldve been nice. Scratch that, I would never like it if I got murdered by some random goblin immediately after getting beaten by thugs.

Wait… how did I die again?

Right right, the alien invasion.

The green creature shot a hole through me. There is no surviving that.

I don feel dead though… thats weird…

Its like I just had a really good night of sleep, something the sleep deprived me never got in a long while.

Isn it about time? Any minute now…

No? No system notification? No cute goddess?

Is this what they meant when they said there is nothing after death?

You mean I lived through all that misery just to end up in nothingness?

Cmon! You could at least send me to hell and let me laugh at the irony.

What did I do to deserve this?


thats strange… who am I again…?

Space invasion…

Green lizard faced aliens…

Sci-fi guns…

Girls getting eaten…

A bad day…






Shit… I can remember. I can remember anything…

Am I really supposed to feel this good about it?

I think Im going insane… I can move…. I don feel the rest of my body…. I feel tired.

Have to… sleep


Day in. Day out.

I wake up, try to remember, then fall asleep again. Thats how I counted them but I had no way of knowing how much time actually passed so I stopped.

It was dark, and I had no way of keeping track of time. How many days… weeks… months had it been? Or is it years? More importantly, am I dead? Or am I alive?

Did the lizards really kill me?

Perhaps I was eaten, they seemed to like human meat.

An alien invasion huh… how do I know it wasn just a dream? The fog covering my memories continues to expand, getting thicker each time I try to remember. Maybe everything was a dream?

No, it wasn a dream. The scorching wound I got was real, I can still remember the pain very clearly. Though it seems to be gone.

Wait, if Im unable to feel the wound doesn that mean Im really dead? Not that Im able to move or feel anything. No, I am still able to feel the pain. Something like when you see someone getting hit really hard and cringe as if you were the one hit.

Man, it would be hilarious if my luck is so bad that I survived my long awaited death. Am I really dead though? I can move, I can see, I can hear. Its like all my senses are gone. Am I breathing?

Thats right… if I think about breathing, I suddenly stop. It changes to manual control. I can feel myself inhaling, then exhaling. Its slow, but Im breathing. Finally, a proof that Im alive!

Should I be happy about it though?

Some old guy once said: I think, therefore I exist. That guy should go eat shit. Thinking alone isn proof of existence, if everything else is gone you can even tell if you are alive much less if you exist.

If Im breathing then Im still alive. If Im alive then I somehow survived that alien attack. Am I in a coma right now? Or could it be that I reincarnated and am currently in the womb of some woman? I will take the later please.

I want to move…

I want to leave this place…

I want to go home…

No, I want to die…

There is no point in going back…

Im tired of that pointless life…

If Im going to die then please let me…

I didn want to survive…

I don care who. Someone, please end it…

I feel tired again. Like my mind is forced to shut down. I dive into the dreamless slumber once again.

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