Last Man On Earth When There Is No Earth?

Chapter 03: I want to know your name. Part 01

Sector twenty one, Planet Gorgola, Lilias space craft.

After I was done with the shower Lilia began scanning my body looking for any abnormalities.

The tube like space was no simple shower room. It has the ability to apply a full body scan and detect any type of foreign bodies or internal injuries.

So thats what the boiling water was about.. I told myself as I came to that realization.

You don know what germs and microbes might be sticking to something you found on an uninhabited planet. Better sanitize it just to be safe. I guess thats another reason as to why she kept her distance from me. Definitely not because I smelled nasty.

The scan also took my measurements. Apparently the ship has yet another sci-fi device that could make clothes out of raw materials you could collect outside, and super high quality at that. Basically it disintegrated them to their base components then use them to make the fabric for the clothes.

The problem is, they would seem strange as casual wear by human standards. Lilia took it upon herself to make something for me to wear, but the designs available on that device were limited and the result was:

Black full body tights that are underwear according to her. A grey jump suit that is a little spacious. A pair of socks and knee height boots equipped with knee protectors. A pair of white gloves as well.

The underwear part is made from the best material with temperature preserving proprieties. The jump suit isn really comfortable so I left the upper part hanging behind while tying the sleeves around my waist. The boots are great and the gloves are ok.

Now I look like your typical Sci-Fi game default avatar. If I walked like this into a convention Im sure I would be mistaken for a cosplayer.

If only there was a mirror somewhere around…

Unable to even ask for something like that I just laid down on the bed Lilia prepared for me, making sure I stayed as quiet as possible.


My mind blacked out for a moment then was up and running in the next.

Although it felt like a moment the faint light entering the ship from the front glass said it was dawn. Ive slept for quite a bit. Getting up I surveyed my surroundings. I was still in the same space ship as yesterday, on the bed Lilia had prepared for me, meaning all of what happened wasn a dream after all.

Lilia had been fast asleep on one of the front seats. Judging by the direction she is facing she probably spent most of the night monitoring me. To think I was able to sleep in such circumstances. I mustve been exhausted.

The golden haired beauty didn relax at all, still holding onto her spear even while asleep. Thats to be expected. She brought me here, fed me, lent me the shower and offered me clothes, but that didn mean she trusted me.

In the end Im just a stranger. The circumstances we were in made it hard to abandon the only other person we might ever meet, so at least until we get to know each other better its best for the girl to hold on to her weapon and keep her distance.

That was indeed the best course of action. I didn intend on doing anything, obviously, but when faced with the sleeping beauty I couldn help but stare. And have fantasies.

My eyes were drawn to the part of her anatomy that attracted me the most, her thighs, but I was also mesmerized by her glossy lips. Her hair seemed silkier than before. Her eyelashes were long and the way her faint breathing reached my ears was simply magical. And the way her enormous bosom moved ever so slightly…

As a young teenage boy I have a natural weakness toward beautiful girls. The creature in front of me was simply enchanting, like a beautiful girl from a fantasy world. Well, she is a beautiful girl from another world.

I could spend hours watching her sleep and since she did the same I don have to feel apologetic about it, however I decided otherwise. Its one thing when a girl does it and plain creepy when its someone like.

Just then an idea crossed my mind so I took the same blanket I was using and went to cover her with it just like those generic scenes you see in almost every anime out there.

But I am not your generic anime/manga protagonist. Im your generic shut-in who is so bad at dealing with girls that he hardly spoke to one ever since kindergarten.

Now, I just want to know why are the memories Im slowly regaining only related to things Im unable to put to use. Can it be something more important like, for example, my own name!? I can believe its taking me so long to remember what Im called.

No, whats more concerning is how calm Im about this situation. I do not know who I am, I was told Im stranded on an uncharted planet and Im starting to doubt my own death. Yet despite all of that Im still calm, or should I say I simply don care? Shouldn I be busy with an existential crisis or something?

Maybe looking at a beautiful otherworldly person calmed my heart, or it might be that the panic attacks have yet to kick in.

As I made my way toward Lilia slowly careful not to make any sound she suddenly moved changing her posture. I froze in my place. Light reflected on the blade of her spear sending a deadly message.

Nope. Im not taking any other step in her direction. Now that I have a closer look I realize that she isn just sleeping with her weapon in hand. Her guard is still up and had I continued my approach she most likely wouldve awakened and chopped my head off.

What was I thinking in the first place? Placing a blanket on an armed sleeping girl? The way I deal with such absurd thoughts will determine how long I will get to live. Until I have enough affection points its better to never attempt such moves.

Simply standing there doing nothing would look even creepier. I went to the back of the ship trying to figure out what to do, then, looking down at my muscular arms, I decided to do some light exercise as I waited for the sleeping beauty to wake up.


Ninety six…

Ninety seven…

Ninety eight…

Ninety nine….

Three thousand!

”… What are you doing? ” Said a tired, feminine voice.

”Hm? Its a simple exercise, called push ups. ” I replied, the sweat covering me turning cold.

”I know what it is, I want to know why are you doing it inside my… inside the ship? ”

”Well… I couldn open the door so…. ”

Waking up a few minutes after me, Lilia was faced with the presence of another person in her home. I expected her to lash at me, call me a pervert and kick me out, but she just yawned as she watched as I exercised. A few seconds after she seemed fully awaken, thats when a look of utter discomfort appeared on her face. One that seems to say ”what is this piece of shit doing here? ”

Lilia was less upset by my actions and more about the smell of sweat that originated from my body. Or it might be that my entire existence fills her with disgust.

The space craft, although it crushed and is no longer able to fly, had a clean and well organized interior. One look and you could tell how much Lilia likes to maintain her surroundings.

Remember how her clothes still look as good as new even when she is on a uninhabited planet for such a long time? Well, thats because they
e special equipment for Zesionien warriors made with highly advanced technology, unlike the ones she gave me. Apparently one of their properties makes them easier to wash with everything from dirt to blood not sticking to them. Because of that wearing them casually became a habit for her. For me it looked more like a beautiful dress than fighting attire.

I stood up and whipped the sweat from my forehead, then once again examined the clothes Im currently wearing.

”Please, do your exercises outside from now on. ” Said Lilia as she demonstrated to the stupidly simple me the right way to open a door.

Firstly she put her hand on the frame, the area underneath her palm started to glow before forming a light blue panel. She tapped it twice with her index finger and following that came the same cracking sound from yesterday as the door slowly rose up.

”See? Its not even locked! ” Lilia was rather agitated. She doesn like the way I smell, alright. Or maybe she wasn in the best mood this morning.

”I told you I didn know how to use it… ” I said in defeat before stepping outside.

I actually don know how to use many things, thats why the destination I had in mind was one of the gigantic trees and the bushes surrounding it.

”Hey! ” Called the girl from inside the ship.

”What n- ” when I turned her way I was met with a white object to the face Then something much heavier to the stomach.

”Ah! Sorry… ” she immediately apologized. From her tone of voice I could tell she didn do it at purpose, however that didn mean it wouldn hurt.

What she threw at my face was, surprise surprise, a roll of toilet paper. I couldn be more grateful to her, she saved me once again. The second object was a container, probably filled with water.

”Thanks! ”

”Don drink that, okay? ” She said as I started to walk away. ”It has a strong sanitizer mixed into it! ”

Good, now I don have to worry about soap.

She read my mind. She knew I really needed to use the toilet, and that I was holding it in the whole time. Could this get even more embarrassing?

More importantly, why does an alien have toilet paper? I thought it was just a Human thing?

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