Legacy War

Chapter 6 Whatever You Want

”Who ” Anya was surprised and ask him in Desperation, she thought they were met accidently here.

”Arnav, I check the passenger list before, Yours and his name on it too ” Amit tells him, He already check the list of passengers before. Thats why he knows Arnav and Anya both traveling with him.

”I didn see him yet ” She shake her head and replied. Amit looks around but he didn see him near, He knew he see his name on the list for sure so he started to look around.

”Maybe, I can find him ” Anya said it in confidence. Amit turns towards her and ask

”How ” Amit asks her, Amit was curious he wants to see how can she find him without Beast soul force. When he asked her, Anya look at the cage which was beside her. Inside of the darkness of that cage, two beautiful green eyes were moving.

With a smile she opens the cage, A mini fox beast demon pop out and rolling on the ground. That little fox beast has golden fur on her body and long ears over his head inside the ear has red fur. It was rubbing its head on her leg to showing affection.

”Flora, you have to find my brother ” She gave flora a handkerchief of Arnav and let flora smelled it, after smelling the handkerchief, Flora try to finding his smell inside the ship. Out of sudden Flora started to run.

”Flora, Got the smell we need to follow her ” Anya told his brother to follow flora, without more delaying Amit and Anya start to chasing her, Flora was running inside the ship. She jumps over a guys head and keep running.

”I am sorry ” Anya apologizes to that person and keep follow her, Flora suddenly stopped in front of a room and moving her tail with joy. Amit and Anya reached there after a moment and look at flora, Anya understood she found him.

”Good work, You little Beast ” Amit praises flora.

”Arnav, are you there ” Amit knocks the door and speak his name, Amit and Anya both waiting for open the door, and when the door opens Anya turned her back and her face was total red. Arnav was half naked, he only in his blue colored shorts, little ducks printed on that.

”Big Brother, What are you doing here ” Arnav was stunned to see amit there, He didn expect him there. Anya turned her face little bit but again without saying anything she turned in a flash, She was so embarrassed on that time.

Opposite of her Amit was plane faced like he don care what was going on there.

”I saw your name on the list so I thought you want to meet ” Amit directly tells him.

”List ” Arnav scratched his head like he didn understood what he was saying suddenly he realise what he meant, and with a smile.

”You mean passenger list brother, I didn check before ” He told his brother, Amit was thinking in his mind ”how careless he is, Its a natural thing to check the list before when you were travelling ”.

”Why are you almost naked ” Before Amit said anything, Anya asked him in embarrassed face.

”OH, Crap I forget to where clothes, I have to manage ” Arnav was thinking a way to escape but his luck already gone. Before he say something a voice attracts Amit and Anyas attention.

”Darling, are you willing to come or not ” The voice comes from inside the room, Arnavs face become pale and he has a lot of sweat on his face. The situation was beyond his expectations.

Before Arnav think something, Amit and Anya both entered in. A brownish hair girl sitting on bed on her knees, she was blindfolded and one of eye was unfolded. Her green eye first looks at Arnav who was cursing his luck and then she look A guy with purple hair and a girl stood in front of her.

She become embarrassed and covering her breast with her one hand and cover her below with another, she wearing her bra and panties on that time.

”What the hell are you doing Arnav Bro ” Anya down her eyes and turned around Amit didn turn but he down his eyes.

”A-A-Anya we were just chatting ” Arnav told him with a shaking voice, He was panicked on that moment.

”Enough, I know what kind of chatting is this ”

”I will talk to you later ” She scold him with embarrassing face so she left the place and flora followed him.

”I am gone for sure now, Brother will kill me for sure ” Arnav was scared. Amit turned towards him and moving to him, Arnav heartbeats racing on that time. Every steps of amit makes arnav more scared.

”Finish your chatting soon, we were waiting for you ” Amit tapped on his shoulder and leave the room. Arnav was felt relieved he thought he was gone before a moment ago.

”Are we doing I or not master ” That girl asked him with a embarrassing face

”Leave it, I don want it now ” Arnav has no mood to do anything now, Amit and anya already screwed his moment. He wears his cloths back and she did too.

After a 15 Minutes, They both come to the deck. Amit and anya both were there, Anya was tickling flora and playing with her. Amit look at him and asked him in Sarcastic way.

”You are really too quick ” With a double meaning smile he teased him. Anya turned her sulking face when she look at arnav, and flora mimic her. Amit look at her that girl and look at her green eyes.

”Brother I thought you were not coming ” Arnav asked him. Amit still look at her and she just looking down, Arnav took a pause and shake him a bit.

”Brother are you listening ” He asked. Amit come back to his senses and look at him.

”Did, you say something ” He asked Arnav, Arnav laughed a bit.

”Lets eat brother, I am hungry ” Arnav told him, After saying this Anya told him too go for dinner, Amit didn refuse and go with them.

At the time of dinner. All Of them were seated down and eating food and chatting like a family, and That girl serving them.

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