Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter Five∆

The sea of persians sallied forwards right towards me. My Spartan brethren were in formation beside me. When our forces collided, I cut left, right, and stabbed fourth unceasingly. With each swipe of my spear a head or a limb was severed and with each lunge of my spear a heart was pierced.

The Persians simply had no armor. The only advantage they held was in numbers. There was no end to them. Like a hydra, with each man that was killed two more replaced him.

My Spartan brethren and I fought for honor and for our families who could not protect themselves. We all knew that we would die, but we did not care.

They had tried to kill us in all the variety of ways that they could given the conditions, but they had still failed. Their failure was a testament to our strength in the face of indomitable numbers.

It was at that moment that I noticed streams of Persians climbing down from a goat path behind us. We had been betrayed by a shepherd, for they were the only ones that knew of that path. I did not blame the shepherd, for we were doomed regardless of the situation. What could a few hundred men do against a few hundred thousand foes?

The formation was broken when the Persian scum streamed in behind us. Slowly, my Spartan brothers died, but they took thousands of Persians to the grave with them. I fought unceasingly as only a few men still surrounded me.


I woke up in my bed to my mother shaking me.

”It is time for you to eat and do some more math. You are making great headway you know! ”

I woke up from my glorious dream only to be faced with a fate worse than death. I groaned as I jumped from my bed. Though math was bad, preschool was much worse.

In my past life I had been a warrior with no equal. I decided that I should perhaps train my brain in this life. That is what I told myself, but it was nothing but a lie to create some manner of drive to study math.

As I ate a cereal from the cabinet that had the most protein in it. I ate my cereal and drank several glasses of milk. Milk was extremely high in protein, so If there was a choice between any liquid or milk I would choose milk in a heartbeat.

My parents often wished that they had never told me the protein in lists of nutrients is what builds a persons muscles. I was overjoyed with this bit of knowledge and so I implemented it excessively.

Every time I do math, my brain melts out the sides of my ears. I can hear nothing, I think of nothing, and most frustratingly I do nothing. Helen calls this state the math coma.

After I ate breakfast, I worked out for thirty minutes. I did fifty pushups, fifty sit ups, and five minutes of front planks. My muscles burned and I loved that feeling.

After working out, I took a shower and then started my math homework. I had to do several sheets of calculations. The sheets contained hundreds of addition and subtraction problems. The homework took me about two hours before I was finished.

My parents were gone and I was free for the day. However, my brain had been melted by math, so I collapsed on my bed exhausted both mentally and physically. Before I knew it, I was asleep again.


The winter of that same year I was nearly four. It was Christmas day and I had just been awakened from my slumber by Helen. As I sleepily walked to the breakfast table I noticed the feast that had been prepared for me.

There was ham, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and plenty of milk from braums all on separate plates on the table. As I sat down for the glorious feast set before me, my parents had looks of anticipation written all over their faces. It seemed as though they wanted to tell me something. I disregarded their abnormal expressions and began to eat voraciously.

I continued to eat even after my parents had finished. They looked nervous for some reason. I finished and they led me to the Christmas tree to open my presents.

They handed me two presents, one was small and one was of medium size. I tore the paper which covered the medium sized present first. Inside was a bowie knife. The blade was six inches long and the hilt was another three. I stood at just over three feet, so a bowie knife like this was a veritable shortsword for me.

Though I was overjoyed with my present, Helen layed down some ground rules for me.

”Now Leon, we know that you have always wanted a weapon, so we got you one. We would never give you a tiny pocket knife because we know that you are responsible and smart. Therefore, ensure that you always use the knife in a smart way. Before you do any whittling, make sure that Max has checked your technique so you don cut yourself. ”

”Helen, Max, thanks so much! ”

I was truly thankful. My heart that had been sealed for so long encountered a light that it never had before, love. I smiled at them and hugged them.

My parents were shocked, I had never hugged them of my own volition before. In response to my abnormal behavior, Max laughed as he spoke.

”We should get you weapons every day so that you will hug us! ”

”Oh, please do! ”

”You know I was joking. ”

”Unfortunately. ”

I looked at my last present and started to open it. Inside were two pieces of paper, one had a picture on it and the other had some writing. The picture seemed to be of a baby and on the other page words were inscribed thus:

Leon, you have a baby brother now!

I looked at Helen and hugged her again.

”Congratulations, mom and dad, I can wait to meet my brother. How soon will he be delivered? ”

”About eight months. ”

I was happy, but not as happy as receiving my knife.

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