I woke up in an unfamiliar place. My head is aching in pain, while my vision is blurry due to the sudden hit of sunlight.

I thought I was dead. Thats right. I was killed by a psycho killer who confessed to me but got rejected instead by me. Hah! Didn know that psycho came to kill me because I didn love him back.

Love, huh…so ironic. I am staring at the unfamiliar ceiling when someone knocked on the door three times. A soft voice came through the door.

”My Lady, its time to prepare for your breakfast with your sons ”, she said while bowing her body in 90 degrees. I sit up on my bed and nodded my head with answering yes to her statement. She tilted her head in confusion.

”My Lady, are you not well? You look pale ”, she said with a concern on her face. I chuckled at her worried expression. Looks like a rabbit worried about her food being stolen.

”Im fine, could you tell me your name? I seem to have forgotten a little bit because of my stress. ”

I was trying to hide the fact that Im actually not the person in this body right now, in fact, I came from another world called Seoul.

[It seems like Ive traveled back in time. In a lot of places, why Im inside this damn novel? It has a tragic ending! The sons the maid mentioned was the idiots who went insane after this stupid villainess death!]

”My lady, my name is Ellie. So are you going to go downstairs to eat with them? ”. Strangely enough, I didn feel repulsive. Whenever the mother hear her mentioning about those boys, she would ignore them, or scold her maids for not being understanding about her dislike to the boys.

[No wonder you died so cruelly by their hands in the end.]

Even the heroine was tortured by those boys. I need to make sure they don develope those evil feelings so that I can secure my death flag, and also their tragic ending.

”I will go downstairs and eat together with them. Call them to the dining room once they are ready. ”, I said with a firm voice. Ellie seemed to be suprised at first, but she quickly maintain her posture and do as I say.

1 hour later…

[Gosh, I can believe it took me an hour for this dress and makeup preparation. Its just for breakfast though.]

At first I didn believe it but now I do. I have reincarnated as the villainess mother. The red crimson hair like a burning flame, ruby eyes, peach blossom skin, and red dress presenting the dangerous thorns saying if you touch me, youll know the consequences. ”

[Heh…I like the sound of that phrase.]

As I was walking in the hallway, something catches my attention at the corner of the corridor. A beautiful white hair like a silk, deep blue ocean eyes, even the clothes he wore was just an ordinary one, he still look astonishing. I smiled, knowing who it is.

”Olivier. ”, I whispered his name in a low voice, hoping he didn hear me. But to my suprise, he looked at my direction with a confusing face. [Would you look at that adorable face. How can she hate him as if hes a plague in this world.]

Not only him, the other three boys was treated the same. [What have you done, Beatrice.]

Beatrice, the name of the evil mother. No one dare to say her name out loud due to her noble title The Duchess of Damburg Mansion. [Even the husband was killed by her own hands.]

Just how complicated that will be with the kids later. I just need to figure out what needs to be done.

As I was in deep thoughts, I feel a nudge on my arm, which made me flinch a little bit. It was Ellie, she was pointing to Olivier, who has been bowing to me as a greetings. Gosh I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn see him greet me. He must be furious with me right now.

Olivier is a quiet boy. Hes a soft hearted person you could ever find once in a lifetime. Even if the villainess mother treated him bad, he still loves her to the end of her death, crying in his sadness for killing her together with his brothers.

I kneeled down in front of him, just to make myself as the same level as his height now. Ellie was flustered by my sudden reaction, even the other maids was gasping in shock. Olivier, who had been bowing to me, finally lift his head to see me kneeling in front of him.

”M…Mother! P-Please get up! You don have to do this! Its my…my fault…so plea- ”, without waiting him to finish his sentence, I hug him like theres no tomorrow. [Ah…I feel peaceful. So this is what it is to be a mother to an innocent child.]

It seems that i hugged him to tight, his breathing seems a little bit ragged.

I immediately let him go, but before I can completely him go, he embraces me with a cute force. I chuckled at his cute reaction. He looks so mature right now, but hes still a 10 year old boy. Can blame him for that.

”Have you eaten, Olivier? ”, I thought he will pretend not to hear that as always, but this time, he responded to me with a shook. ”Haha, aren you a cute little one. ”

My laughter seemed to catch him off guard, not to mention the maids also were bewildered with my sudden change of behaviour. [I know this is strange but I don want to die too soon. Just let me give them the love they need right now.]

”Would you like to eat with me? Ive also called your brothers to have breakfast together. Hm? ”, I asked in a soft tone. He seems to hesitate a little bit, but agreed with me in the end. When we were walk, I hold his hand in mine. His face was flushed red due to the sudden touch.

”Its what a mother should do. I don want you to stray far away from me or Im afraid I might lose you forever. ”

[Forever…] the last world made my throat feel uncomfortable, like I want to throw up. Luckily, Olivier didn notice that. He continues to blushes, letting me hold his hand in mine, and walk together side by side to the dining room.

[I guess its time to meet the others too.]

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