Quincy was shocked. The room was spacious and drugs were seen on the floor. He knew immediately that this guy wanted to kill himself. Immediately memories started rushing into his head making him fall over, nauseating. Sweat beads could be seen dropping from his head as he went through his memory. What kind of life was this guy living? His name was Quincy Mchernz. His parents were not that well off. They were a middle class family trying to make sure their child lived well. But the boy had the worse school life. He had suffered a lot from school and all the bullying. Right from his middle school and he just entered high school only to meet his bullies in the same school.

He was beater everyday and ridiculed. He was known as The Shuttle in school. He was not as handsome as he looked now and not as toned as he was looking now, this made Quincy wonder if his reincarnation came with perks. Quincy being a martial art master could feel powerful energy in this young lads body. He knew potentials when he sees and this time, he was feeling it. He began to wonder if the life he thought was the worse was actually the worse because Quincy was actually very rich and powerful in his previous life.

Although he lives with grieve and struggled to grow with shear strength and will, he didn have such mental and emotional break down this child had before committing suicide.

”What a life. Was my previous life always this better? I thought I was the most unfortunately guy around but thats not the case. This guy had it worse. Tch… It can be helped. Now am here, I will have to set things straight. You don have to worry boy. I will make sure your body lives a life worth living. Leave your worries to me ”

Quincy smiled broadly. He always loved a good challenge and this felt like a good challenge to him. Immediately he heard a females voice shouting. ”Quincy…come downstairs for your food ”

Quincy immediately showered and looked through his wardrobe. The sight made him sigh with disgust.

This child didn know what fashion was all about. How can he have many retarded clothes despite his handsome face?

Quincy just wore the best among them and ran down to meet his supposed family. Upon seeing his mother, Mrs Laila Mchernz, his father, Mr Henry Mchernz and his sister, Diana, he was moved. He never had a family of his own before. Tears could be seen dripping from his eyes.

”Whats wrong Quincy? ” Her mother asked in concern.

”Nothing…m..mom. I just missed you ” He sad down and took his food and eating with joy.


His parents and his sister we
e shocked. Quincy never joined them to eat. He would always run down, take his food and go up before rushing off to school like someone who was scared of going late. He seemed to always live in his own fantasy and now he took the initiative to eat with his family?? Just what was happening?? They didn know what to say, rather they just felt like they shouldn obstruct this peaceful moment. Who knows when this would happen again.

Quincy finished his food and thanked his parents for the food then rushed back up to wear his uniform. Some seconds later, he ran back down gleefully as he smiled and hummed while going down.

”Mom, Dad, am going to school now. ”

”Oh. Have fun dear ” Laila said while doing the dishes. She was too surprised to even note the peculiar changes in her son. This was too rapid for her to take in. She just went with the flow.

”Before you go Quincy, come over here for a minute. ” Henry called.

Quincy went to his Dad wanting to know why his dad called him. His dad took a phone from his pocket and gave it to Quincy.

”I wanted to give it to you a long time ago but you were to busy to mind us so I decided to wait for the right time to give it to you. This felt like the right time to do it, so I decided to give it to you. ” Henry smiled lovingly after giving it to Quincy.

aaaah this feeling of love from a parent. I have longed for this feeling. So this is how it feels to have a parent huh. Not bad. Am happy I got to feel this.

”I saved ur mom, mine and Dianas number on the phone already ”Henry reminded.

”Wait..what?? Diana already has a phone?? How the hell does she have a phone before me and at this age? ”

”Quit your whining big bro. Am already 15 and you ask why I have a phone by this age? That ain fair. ”

Diana pouted..

”Oh shut up and go to school ” Quincy said before clicking his tongue as he left his house for school.

Its time to clean some messes

An evil smile flashed on Quincys face.

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