After wiping out the gang and destroying their business, Quincy, chases after Donald, the boss of the gang. He grabs a steel bar a throws it at Donald, halting his tracks. Donald shivers as he knows that this hot headed guy won let him off. This bastard had been chasing his gang for reasons he did not even know. He knew Quincy was a martial artist, proficient in judoka, Muai Thai, Karate and Boxing. He was like a war veteran, topped with his wealth. Why the hell did this guy wanna kill him so eagerly that he wiped out his gang.

”Why are you after me? What wrong did I do to you? ” Donald hoped to at least get an answer before killing him. It would be unfair to die without even knowing why you died. Quincy on the other hand just scoffed at him. He started breaking Donalds fingers one after the other

”Hehehe…how does it feel to see death staring right in front of you bastard? You took everything away from me. You may not remember the child that you let go after killing the parents in the most brutal way. Im gonna kill you in the worst possible way.

Immediately Donald started laughing like he had gone mad. ” Who knew that that little bastard I pitied turned out to be my nemesis huh. You yourself don have much time left Quincy hehehe. You
e gonna die as well. Lets die together hahaha ”

Quincy looked at this maniac who suddenly wasn fazed by death. He took out a dagger and smiled as he began chopping off his nails and making numerous cuts. Donald felt like this was the worse death to give even an enemy. Quincy poured an acid from Donalds laboratory on him which decomposed the body slowly but gave times 100 of the pain.

”Just kill me please. Kill me and get it over and done with ” Donald was now tearing up. He was now desperate for death. But he knew very well that Quincy would not grant him that wish. ”Savor this feeling bastard. You will die a very painful death. You
e gonna wish you never crossed paths with me. ”

”You will die and join your family Quincy. You will die and not even have a place in hell you bastard haha. Die!! ”

Quincy took out the gallon of diesel he brought with him and poured it around Donald and the inflammable liquids near him. He walking away before he stopped. He turned around to looked at Donald and smiled. ”Hastala Vista ” he clicked his lighter on and threw it to the diesel. ”Baby ” giving it a boom. Donalds shrieks could be heard as he screamed so loud under the influence of the flames.

Quincy after finally getting his revenge, rather than feeling relieved, was rather sad. He felt empty inside as he too knew he would die soon. Fighting against numerous enemies with weapons, bare handedly wasn something easy. He had many cut wounds but still made sure he killed Donald in the worse possible way.

On reaching the main road, he saw a child crying and looking for her mom in the middle of the road. A car was speeding towards her. He didn want a parent to loose their child. He rushed to her despite his injuries, pushing her out of the way. Unfortunately, he couldn push himself along. He was hit by the car mercilessly. He even heard his ribs crack but the car didn slow down. It just continued moving. Now Quincy knew for sure that he was gonna die here.

The girls mom came calling her name when she saw her daughter crying over a man that was on his deathbed

”Amaya right? Don cry. Just make sure not to enter the road. Don disturb your mom further okay? ” Amaya nodded her head after hearing Quincy. The mother got the gist of what was happening and immediately broke into tears. She was crying so much.

Aaah… I don wanna die. Its so painful. So this is how it feels when you see your life flashing before your eyes huh.

Suddenly everywhere was so bright as it began to glow.

”I wanna die and leave this world. I wish someone could help me take away this pain ” and everything was dark.

Some minutes later, Quincy woke up. He was shocked.

Wasn I about to die some minutes ago? Why do my body feel so light.

He jumped up and felt refreshed with a lot of energy. He looked at the room and glanced at a mirror, only to see a young boy in his 17s. Bright blue hair which reached his shoulders with blue eye balls. Not to skinny, but had a little toned body.

Is this me? Was I…. reincarnated??

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