Two things was on Quincys mind right now. First was to deal with those **ers that made the previous owner of this body and the second was money. In his previous life, Quincy had four different accounts. Three were secret accounts which anyone who had his pin could access without any worries by the authorities, why the last one was the public account he used frequently. His secret accounts had the net worth of up to 20 billion dollars for each of them and his public account had a net worth of 500 million dollars. He knew that if he wanted to enjoy life to the fullest, he needed his account and his money back and thats what he intended to do, after breaking few bones today.

I can wait to crack some bones. Quincy smiled to himself while walking to school.

Ganguwal high school was the name of his school. It was located at the South part of Seoul. Although it was not that much of a bright school, it was know as a battle ground. The teachers didn care much about the students. As far as they got their pay and taught in class, it was enough for them. Even if the students weren listening to the lectures, it didn concern them.

Quincy entered the school looking bright and handsome than before. He had an toned and muscular body, making everyone that knew The Shuttle wonder when Quincy looked attractive today. A guy threw an eraser at Quincy but Quincy caught the eraser without even looking at the direction.

The guy was a familiar bastard. Min Gwuk, one of the people that bullied Quincy because others bullied him. He began to wonder when Quincy started having good reflexes. Unknown to him, the person standing there was Quincy Jin, the Grim reaper in his previous life who was a 5 times gold medalist in almost all fighting competition during his time.

”Hehehe…what do you wanna show by catching it huh? Bastard thinks hes something after catching my eraser. Come to Daddy and collect some slaps for correction ” Min Gwuk said.

Quincy glared at Min Gwuk sipping out killing intent from his eye balls. Min Gwuk felt like he had seen a ghost right now. He was surprised at the scene. Not just him but everyone was. Wasn this Quincy who would av started begging immediately but now he actually was glaring at Min Gwuk.

e not qualified to teach me a lesson bastard. Seems like my cleaning will begin from you. No come here and collect some beating from this Daddy. ” Quincy said with a devilish smile on his face which sent chills down everyones spine.

”Was this guy just looking for a way to die immediately? Or was he just retarded and tired of life. ” A classmate said in surprise.

”If he needed to commit suicide, he could have gone somewhere else and not in class ”

Min Gwuk was so pissed that he ran towards Quincy not hiding his want to skin Quincy alive but Quincy dodged him, giving him a strong jab which sent him flying back to his desk, loosing consciousness.

”K.O… that was a **ing K.O. one punch.. Quincy brought down Min Gwuk with one punch ”

”Was Quincy always this strong? ”

” What exactly made Quincy decide to stand up for himself. ”

Quincy didn really mind the his classmates talks he just sat down and started reading his book looking for some minutes of peace. But it was short lived.

”Lei Lee and his gangs are coming!! ”

Quincy heard a student shout while running into the class. This made Quincy smile.

At least they didn make me come to them

”Yo Quincy. So youve began to grow wings eh. The Shuttle wants to abandon his title huh hehehe. ”Lei Lee said before glaring at Quincy. ” You wanna die? ”

Quincy started laughing heartily after hearing this from Lee Lei.

”Been long I heard a death declaration. Who thought a twerk will suddenly give me a death declaration. Now listen up bastard. I intend to clean up this class. I started with Min Gwuk and seems like my next target didn make me look for him. Now get over here and get a beating hehe ” Quincy said with a sexy smile.

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