Lee Lei couldn imagine what he was seeing. In anger he had sent his guys to rough up Quincy but he was beating them all with ease.

Is this really Quincy? When did he get this strong? He isn even breaking a sweat while teaching my guys a lesson.

It felt like Quincy was used to thrashing people with the way he beat all the gang. In an instant, 12 boys were finished without a chance to land a hit in Quincy. This was just too surprising for everyone. Lee Leis face looked like he stepped of dog shit. He didn know if he was to cry or to laugh. The sight was so unreal to him.

”What are you doing over there? Get over here and get your beating would you? ”

Before Lee Lei could move, Quincy had already reached him and greeted him with a slap.

”Are you daydreaming? Am beating your gang and your just daydreaming? ” Quincy just kept slapping Lee Lei non stop. His face was fat as he was now on the ground. He couldn feel his face. Quincy got bored and was walking back to his sit when Lee Lei got up and took a pen and ran towards Quincy to stab him. Unfortunately, Quincy already predicted that. He held Lee Leis face and slammed it to a table into a bloody mess. Lee Lei fainted immediately. Quincy just heaped all the unconscious guys in front of the class and went to his seat.

Some minutes later, the homeroom teacher, Mr. Chi Dong came in after observing the bodies in front of his class. He looked calm as he went in and behaved like he didn see them. He came in with a girl who seemed to be new.

He entered the class and made them quiet.

”We have a new transfer student. She came in from the states and is now schooling with us. ” Mr Chi Dong said to the class. ”Introduce yourself to the class. ” he told her.

”My name in Amaya. Came from the United States.

Immediately Quincy heard the name Amaya, he was shocked. He immediately remembered the small girl he had saved before he died. Was she the same person or not. He began to wonder how that girl was now. Hope she stopped giving her mother a hard time. He was filled with mixed emotions and didn notice the teacher telling the girl to sit near him.

”Uhmmm may I sit here?? ” Amaya asked but got no answer. Quincy was obviously lost in his thoughts.

”Hello? Classmate?… ” She snapped her finger and Quincys attention finally got to her.

”What were you saying? ”

”May I sit here? ” Amaya asked once wondering how someone could be this lost in daydreaming.

”Yeah. Help yourself, but Im gonna warn you. This sit isn the most peaceful sit in this class. ” Quincy warned.

Obviously it was the truth. The main person responsible for the everyday torture of the previous owner of this body would soon be making his entrance.

”Let me worry about that ” She retorted.

Amaya felt like this guy just didn want her around. In a way, she felt upset. She was THE Amaya. She always made hearts flutter wherever she went. All the boys of the class were already drooling over her but this guy had not even noticed how beautiful she was. It was obvious from his way if talking.


Lee Lei and the rest soon started regaining their consciousness after 2 hours of sleeping. Lee Lei looked at Quincy with a red eye filled with killing intent.

”I will make you pay double for this humiliation Quincy ”~

Lee Lei went to the school gym which was already taken by them as their gangs area. Lee Lei went straight to meet the boss of the year 1, Lin Taejin. He was the one Quincy had been waiting for for a long time. He was the one responsible for previous Quincys ailments.

”Lee Lei, what is this am hearing about that damn pr**k beating you and your gang? ” Taejin roared at Lee Lei.

Lee Lei was obviously scared now. He knew it wouldn end well for him.

”Sorry Taejin. I didn know Quincy was this strong. He completely overpowered me in… ”

Taejin kicked Lee Lei on his stomach that he almost puked. Lee Lei was in so much pain that it brought him to his kneel.

”You dare give an excuse to your failure. Like are you for real. Are you **ing kidding me? Do you think your some hot shot or what? Underling that thinks he is shit. Give him a good beating guys ”

Immediately the gang members began beating Lee Lei up. The girls around just felt pity for Lee Lei. He was already a mess with the head injury Quincy gave him, now he had to face this psycho.

”Duke…go get Quincy here for me. He too needs a good lesson from this Daddy ” Taejin smirked before taking out a cigarette pack from his pocket. He took a cigarette an put it in his mouth. A gang member lit the cigarette for him as he began smoking.

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