Quincy had survived the boring classes and was reaching his limit when the bell rang for their break. He was so happy and was about the leave when a guy came up to him. This guy was Duke. He was one Taejins generals, the top dogs and the fastest of them all. Bolt was his nickname.

”Hey Quincy, ” he banged Quincys locker with his hand, ”Taejin said you should come over. Lets have a chat. ” Duke said with a dangerous smile. Amaya was scared in a way. Even in her previous school, she knew that bullies also did things like this. She didn know Quincy was strong so she wanted to talk in Quincys favor, but..

”Look at that bastard sending this d**k face to me. Are you brain dead? If you want to call me, do it like a human being and not like a retarded shit sucker. Now get out and come back with a better way of calling me. ”

Obviously Amaya couldn help because Quincy had just used his mouth to spoil everything.

Whats with this guy? He behaves mature in front of me and does this? This guy in front of us is dangerous, no doubt about that then why is he angering him? Is this what he meant by not a perfect chair because his mouth is already a danger to my safety. Amaya felt like spitting blood now because of Quincys cocky way of talking.

”Are you trying to make me upset? Coz if you are, it is working better than you expected. ” Duke was already pissed now by Quincy but what happened next was what he or the entire class never expected. Quincy slapped Duke hard that he flew off falling a distant from them. Duke was shocked. That slap was so strong. It had a lot of force. Duke was too angry to read the danger sign. He stood up and rushed to Quincy, supposedly to show him why he is called Bolt, but before he could move, Quincy gave him a quick choke slam.

(t.n: He held his neck and slammed his face)

Thankfully, Quincy needed Bolt to much be conscious, therefore he didn put much force.

”Not scram to that bastard and give a better invitation. If its a battle he wants, I will gladly oblige to him. F**k off now would ya ” Quincy scowled

Duke ran out of the class with a shocked face while everyone started wondering how this guy became so strong that he even toiled with the rumored Bolt. Amaya was quite surprised also. He beat someone and made it look natural as f**k. It seemed like he was used to thrashing people. Amaya blushed a little because he looked a little bit cute while doing it.


Taejin saw Duke limping towards him with a shocked and surprised face. He already guessed what happened already. He smiled broadly knowing that it would be interesting.

”Taejin…Lee wasn lying when he said that bastard was crazy strong now. I couldn even escape a slap from him. He said you should give a better invitation or he would waste us ”

This shocked everyone that heard this. Since when did their shuttle begin to have so much guts to threaten Taejin so much. This wasn something Taejin could be quiet about. It was a declaration of war in his turf. Taejin began laughing hysterically.

”He is declaring war in my turf eh… hehehe. This is begining to turn into an interesting exhibit. I will enjoy destroying him. ” Taejin stood up from his chair and walked towards before turning around, ”Yo guys. Lets go get that bitch. He needs a lesson on being calm. Get your weapons. Its a **ing slaughter hehehe. Go get yourself treated Duke. You look like a mess. ”


Quincy was waiting for school to be over. He was overly bored. What was being taught was something he already knew. He was just waiting for the action that would come after.~

Amaya looked at him. She seemed to guess what was on his mind already

What kind of guy looks calm after doing what he did?

”Uhmmm Im Amaya. ”

Quincy looked at Amaya who introduced herself. ”I already know. Quincy. The names Quincy ”

”So Quincy, why do you look so calm? ”

Quincy wondered where that question came from but then re remember what had transpired between him and Duke.

”Am dealing with a pack of children. Obviously I would be calm. They just need a little beating and this Daddy is gonna give them this teaching in a calm manner ”

Amaya almost spit blood. His bragging is too much.

It was the end of school as the bell rang and the teacher left immediately as if she knew what would happen the next minute. Immediately Taejin came in with his gang of over forty students. He stopped at the door and looked toward Quincys direction smiling evily.

”Hey bastard… ”

Quincy looked at the direction of what he just heard and saw Taejin and his crew. He just leaned his back on his chair and dropped his legs on his table. ”Your slow as f**k damn it. Are you gonna keep smiling at me like a brain dead bastard or are you gonna give me an invitation? ”

Quincy was feeling pumped now. He was familiar with this feeling from his previous life.

Welcome back old feeling hehehe…

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