ncy had already finished beating the gang members, leaving Taejin in shock. Taejin knew that what Quincy did now was something he couldn ever dream of doing. He couldn measure up to Quincys brutality. Fighting with Quincy was gonna be a lost cause. But, he had to fight. He couldn run away after being the one to initiate the fight. He took out a dagger from his pocket and ran towards Quincy who was now beating the last person but to his surprise, Quincy gave him a kick with the back of his leg sending him flying backwards.

”Wait for your turn. It will come soon. ” Quincy had the aura of a veteran. He behaves like beating people was a normal thing for him. The look he had now was that of a brutal battle Lord and not the Quincy everyone bullied.

Quincy had finished beating the gang members thoroughly and gathered their unconscious body. He went towards Taejin who was still lying down in pains.

”S…stay away from me. Don come closer.. ”

”Hehehe…you want me to stay away? ”

Quincy was amused on how Taejin quickly tried to escape from the beating that would reach him.

”I told you that I was gonna clean this our 1st years right?. I am always known for keeping my promise and beating this much is a normal outcome. Did you think you would beat me? With a mere 54 students? These numbers are not enough for a normal delinquent. ”

After hearing this, Taejin almost fainted out of anger. Which normal delinquent could beat 54 gang members with weapons without a single hit? He who was known as the God of the 1st years couldn do that and this guy was saying that a normal delinquent could do this? Did it mean that he wasn a real delinquent?

”I surrender Quincy. I now know what I did wrong. Please forgive me. I will never disturb anyone. That I promise. ”

Quincy now smiled broadly and crouched down looking at Taejin.

”Am gonna take your word and leave you. Remember your promise. You are not to disturb anyone. No more bullying. Or else, like a grim reaper, I will come for you. Quincy now walked back into the school while everyone was clearing the way for him. He went to his class, took his bag and exited the school.

Amaya ran after him and stopped at the gate watching his back leaving the place. She was still surprised. This guy is strong. He beat people and said it was a natural outcome.

”Why does he look sexy to me? ”

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