Quincy walked cooly away from the school after causing chaos. He was too used to it as the grim reaper in his previous life. He went straight to a cafe to try access his account through the system. Thankfully, he was accustomed to using the computer, he was a tech guru in his age. He literally was a bad boss and a gangster with the know how of how to bypass the authorities. This made him wonder why he was given a second life despite all the crimes he had committed. He started using the computer to access the bank. He used his secret pin to change his bank name and got his account number written down. After doing that, he did the same to the other two secret accounts. It was no problem in regaining his secret accounts, but getting back the public account would be hard. But was there a need to get the account back? It only had a measly 500 million dollars.

If someone heard him call 500 million dollars measly, the would have had the urge to kill him on the spot. Even the author had many of such urges after writing this. How could 500 million dollars be taken as a measly amount? Well since his other three account had billions, that was all he needed. He decided to link his phone to the account for his daily needs.

After getting this done, he went to the bank and got a VIP gold card and headed to get a change of clothes and shoes. After getting all this, he took a bus home. There was no need buying a car as he didn want his new parents to know that it was not their child that was there rather it was an underground ganster boss. He took his newly bought packages and went home. Thankfully his parents was not at home. According to his memory, he knew that his sister was not gonna be home by this time. She loves hanging out with her friends and comes home late. Despite the warning from their parents, she always looked helpless. This reminded him of the former Quincy. Fortunately, his sister was not bullied. At least thats what he thought and wished happen. He had gotten a new hair cut and was now looking like a hot model.

He also bought some workout equipment and began using it after taking his bath. He used his free time after workout to stream the internet. He had decided to not show off his money and start life anew. He would only use it when it was really needed.

Later in the day, his parents came back from work together and went to their rooms together. After some time, Quincy called them down to eat. He decided that he would take care of his new parents. They came downstairs with surprise written all over their faces. Was Quincy seriously calling them for dinner? Really?

They sat down and was served the food. After tasting them. They began to drool over the food. This was the most delicious thing they have ever tasted. Immediately, his sister entered the house. Quincy noticed her enter but didn think much about it.

”Diana… Why are you home by this time? And why did you collect a thousand dollar from my wallet? ” Henry was upset with his daughters strange behavior since she entered high school.

”Come on Dad, it was just a thousand dollar. ” Diana said while going upstairs. Quincy noticed her movement. She was limping but trying to hide it. He knew something was wrong.

”Shes hiding something from us ” Laila said while eating. Quincy could feel the sorrow in his new mothers voice.

”Quincy, can you help your sister. She never opens up to us, but am sure that she would open up to you if you asked. ” Henry said

”You don need to request that of me. ”

Quincy went to his sisters room and knocked on the door. He noticed noises inside his sisters room before the door opened. He walked into the room and observed the room. He knew something was wrong with his sister. He was sharp when it came to things like this. He looked at his sis as she was trying so hard to act normal in front of him.

”Diana, is there anything you wanna tell me, that you can tell Dad? ” He looked down trying to be sweet to his sister inorder to get the words right outta his sister. He hoped that she would tell him what was happening.

”N.. nothing… nothing is wrong bro. Why would you think so? Come on bro, your behaving strange. ” She tried to make her brother forget about whatever he was thinking. She knew he was not far from the truth. ”Come on bro, go to your room you muscle head ” She started pushing him away while trying to act calm and show a smile.

While she was dragging him away, Quincy already guessed what was happening. Her behavior was exactly the same with the previous owner when he was bullied.

”Diana, before I go, theres something I think you should know. I can be calm and as well crazy. It will be better you let me know whats happening before I create a scene. You don wanna witness it. Coz its gonna be bloody. ”

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