Quincy was so angry when he found out that his sister was being bullied in school. He started cursing himself for not finding out sooner. He promised the previous owner of this body that he would protect the new family he had given him but he couldn protect his sister from being bullied. He decided not to tell his parents about what he found out. He went to his table and took some water to drink. He needed to be cool headed.

”What to do. Tomorrow is gonna be a weekend and its gonna be hard to fish out the culprit when tomorrow is a culprit. The only thing I can do is to be patient. Sooner or later, I will get that bastard responsible for making my sister cry. ” He laid on his bed and soon slept off. The next morning, he woke up as early as 4am and went for jogging. He came back by 6 and immediately cooked some breakfast for his family before going to his room to shower.

After his shower, he came down only to see that his family were still in the room. He took a deep breath,

”MOM!! DAD!! DIANA!! come down for your breakfast. ”

After some minutes, his parents came downstairs.

”What a loud voice you have. I and your mom would have gone another round of you had kept quiet ” His Dad complained bitterly.

”Come on honey, don be like that. Theres still time you know ”

”Please you guys should quit to talking about this in front of me. Yuck ” Quincy couldn watch his lovely dovey parents about to kiss in front of him.

”Someone finally understands how it feels when those two decide to start their morning troubles ” Diana said while coming down. She had already showered and gotten ready to eat.

They ate their breakfast while making small talks. Quincy was focused on Diana throughout their breakfast time. He then noticed Dianas phone beep.

Diana looked at her phone. A message had come. It was a girl in her class that always bullied her. Diana could take care of the girl at school but the reason Diana let them bully her was because, she was threatened that they would make her brothers like a living hell in school if she did not stay put and be bullied. The message told her to come to a Karaoke with the sum of two thousand won in a minute. Her face darkened.

Quincy looked at this sight and he was beginning to be upset. He decided to overlook it and continue eating. His family suddenly began to feel strange pressure around them. Like an aura of death. Quincy was trying hard to absorb his aura and take in his killing intent.

”Dad, I need 2000 won. I wanna go to Karaoke with my friends. ” Diana told Henry with a jolly tone trying to act cool.

”2000 won? What are you using that huge sum of money for? Are you the one paying for the Karaoke? ” Henry was shocked

”Sweetheart 2000 won is too much just for a Karaoke. You said your friends were coming, can they pay for themselves? ” Laila told her daughter lovingly, trying not to make her upset.

”Whats there huh? Its just 2000 won and not 2000 dollars I need. Why are you guys making a fuss about such measly amount? ”

”Measly amount? Have you ever worked for that measly amount your talking of? Am not giving you a dime. Lets see how you go for Karaoke. ” Henry angrily roared at her.

”Don worry Dad. Let her go. ” Quincy brought out some money from his pocket and counted 2000 won and gave it to his sister. ”Heres the money. You can go for your Karaoke Diana. Now eat up before you go. ”

”Awwwwn…thanks bro. Look Dad. This is my brother. Hmph ” She stood up and left the house immediately forgetting to finish her food.

Henry and Laila looked dissatisfied with what I did. They didn want Diana to leave the house but Quincy had make her leave.

”Why did you do that Quincy? ” My Dad calmly asked. Laila was sad already.

”I have a plan. I feel like Diana is being threatened to do what shes doing. How will I know the bastard if I don allow her to go? ” Quincy stood up from the table bringing out his black hand gloves and a black nose mask. He wore them and was leaving the house.

”Quincy, be careful okay, but if u won get injured, then let the bastard taste hell. Promise me that Quincy. ” Henry was fuming with Anger. Someone had the guts to bully his daughter. His wife was rubbing his shoulders buy it was obviously that she was trying hard to suppress her anger.

”Hehehe…now I have your permission, am gonna go outta control. Been long I caused mayhem.

Quincy left the house and took a motorbike he had bought and zoomed of to the Karaoke his sister went to.

He entered the building and went from room to room, looking for which of them his sister was in until he saw a sight that made him so mad. His sisters hair was being held by another girl and pushed on the ground. She was in tears. All the pent up anger Quincy had, he couldn hold it back. He pushed the door open.

”Quincy!? ”

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