Love Story From Heroes

Princess Elena, the Purple Fairy, has been born

The Origin of Writing

When I look back at the end of my life

When I was young, I was passionate and free.

As a result, I wrote a few online Chinese novels about my youth, my dreams and love.

I Recently, a strange feeling triggered my urge to write again.

Perhaps, everything has been planned for a long time.

Just like a destiny.

Every person, in one life, in one life, in one lifetime.

There is a reason for reincarnation.

Each of us has a mission in this world.

Some missions are so heavy that some people are afraid to take them on and try to escape them, but perhaps there are many things that are not ours to do.

For it is a gift and an arrangement from above…

You, me, him, you, us, them.

We are all destined to meet here, to know each other.

In the midst of a bone-chilling love-hate relationship, writing together a glorious history and playing together a music that will be passed down through the ages …

How many people have envied and admired those who have become the heroic sons and daughters of human history?

But who knows?

But who knows that deep down in their hearts, these heroic sons and daughters only wanted to be ordinary.

These heroes and heroines wanted to live simply, to enjoy the sun, the sand, true love…

Life is a dream.

Prosperity is like a sky full of stars.

Having loved, laughed, cried.

In a past life, in this life, in the next

Your voice and smile permeate in my dreams, heart and soul forever …

I do not know that I am a guest in my dreams.

In and out of dreams, life is like a play, like a play life.

How many beautiful and ugly great and small souls will be born, grow, die and disappear under my pen?

Is it all a dream? Like a fantasy? A game of truth? A game of falsehood?

Is this an unknown quantity? Or is it the secret of the life of the universe?

Lets wait and see.

Ill try to keep writing …

Write until when?

Thats a good question!

How will it turn out? I don know!

Maybe the wind knows…

Who knows!

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