Love Story From Heroes

Unsuccessful Escape

It took little effort for the Green Dragon to bring the White Tiger.

As White Tiger didn know why the Bodhisattva of the Goddess of Mercy had asked him to come here, he didn bother to ask Qinglong, all the way silent plus very curious, White Tiger followed closely behind Qinglong and arrived at the hall of the Bodhisattva of Mercys palace as fast as he could want to know the reason why the Bodhisattva had asked him to come.

As soon as Green Dragon and White Tiger entered, a nameless feeling of sadness and sympathy welled up in their hearts when they saw Fairy Ziweis tearful and pitiful face.

Seeing that Green Dragon and White Tiger had arrived, Guanyin Bodhisattva instructed Green Dragon, ”Green Dragon, take Ziwei and White Tiger for a walk around my palace while I go and see the children who are preparing for the Great Compassion Feast. ”

So Qinglong took Baihu and Ziwei out of the palace hall through the beautiful gardens outside the palace and slowly walked along the edge of the pond full of lotus blossoms.

The lotus leaves were crowded together in layers, and the breeze made them smell fresh.

The White Tigers heart ached when he saw the pitiful appearance of the Purple Fairy. So he could not help but break the silence: ”Who are you? Why are you crying so sadly? ” Ziwei took a deep breath and the tears that had been stopped by the distant view of the lotus pond fell again for no apparent reason. The teardrops were as crystal clear as pearls, but the scene seen by the white tigers eyes was like brilliant jewels falling from the corners of Fairy Ziweis eyes. So he stretched out his arms to catch the jewels that fell from the corners of Ziyis eyes. Surprised, Ziwei thought that the White Tiger wanted to give her a comforting hug, so she took him into her arms. The White Tiger said with great enjoyment, ”Pretty one, lying in your arms is so comfortable, please don cry, let me be your pet and accompany you to the ends of the earth, you stay with me and I will make you happy forever! ”

Ziwei looked at the white tiger in amazement, ”You are a tiger, why can you talk? ”

A wave of jealousy welled up in Qinglongs heart at the sight of White Tiger lying in Ziweis arms, he tried to hold back the jealousy in his heart, but his tone of voice went to reveal him, ”He is a White Tiger spirit who has cultivated for many lifetimes, not an ordinary tiger! White Tiger and I have been reincarnated in the Six Paths for thousands of years, the reason why we are still in animal bodies now is because we love to fight and make trouble, Fairy Ziwei, don be fooled by White Tigers gentleness now, you should be careful that White Tiger will eat you up if he is hungry! ”

”Green Dragon, you
e jealous of me right? I can bear to eat such a beautiful, pitiful creature! I want to be her pet and make her happy forever! You also want the tender embrace of Fairy Violet right? Youll take whatever I like for the rest of my life! Bad habits don change! ” The white tiger retorted unhappily.

e the one who snatched it from me, okay? I was the one who got this treasure first, and you even fought me for it! Now the Bodhisattva has synthesised this piece of treasure into a beautiful person and you want to grab it from me too! ” The Green Dragon looked unhappy!

”Will you guys stop arguing? Im just a piece of spiritual jewel synthesized into a fleshly body, theres no need to start a hatred and struggle between you! Green Dragon, come over here and sit next to me so I can give you both hugs at the same time! Because the most helpless person right now is me, and I need your company. ” Fairy Ziwei pulled Qinglong closer and reached out an arm to wrap around him. ”Thats good, right? How about I hug you left and right, and you guys will be my pets and accompany me to earth to save humanity? ” Fairy Ziwei had a flash of light and this strange idea came to her mind!

”What? Go to Earth with you to save mankind? ” Green Dragon and White Tiger asked in the same breath.

”Right! Don you all like my hugs? I also hope that you can be my pets to accompany me, so that no matter what kind of things I encounter on earth, I will not be afraid because your embrace can make me feel safe! ” Fairy Ziwei spoke out what her heart felt.

”Mmm! I would like to go to earth with you to play … ” White Tiger said with a happy smile as he rubbed against Fairy Ziweis arms.

Qinglong glared at the white tiger, not knowing how to reply for a moment, he thought for a moment and said, ”I would also like to follow you to play on earth, but I am a mount at the feet of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, I don know if the Bodhisattva will be willing to let me go with you … ”

”Just ask the Bodhisattva when you see her later, won you? ” The white tiger expressed his thoughts in a straightforward manner. ”But I hope the Bodhisattva won be willing to let you go, otherwise well both have to start fighting again! ”

”You were the one who fought with me first, okay? You always steal from me first! Hmph! ” Green Dragon said angrily.

”Don you guys argue! Lets enjoy this moment of peace together! ” Green Dragon and White Tiger stopped arguing when they heard Ziweis words.

Fairy Ziwei was silent for a while and said to herself, ”Actually, this is just a sudden thought of mine! The human world is full of evil people and ugly forces, many places are dirty and messy and full of smoke and war, even I don want to go there, I shouldn have dragged you down to let you accompany me to suffer on earth! Perhaps you should stay here and enjoy the beauty of this palace inside and out and follow the Goddess of Mercy in her practice … ”

”Fairy Ziwei, as long as the Bodhisattva agrees, I am willing to follow you no matter the ends of the earth! ” Green Dragon and White Tiger said in unison.

Fairy Ziwei felt the sincerity in their words and a warmth surged through her heart, ”Thank you for your thoughts, with you, I will not feel lonely and afraid wherever I go! ” Fairy Ziwei couldn help but hug Green Dragon and White Tiger tightly! Such a pure and innocent friendship was frozen in an instant. Fairy Ziwei said emotionally, ”Green Dragon and White Tiger, thank you for the pure friendship you have given me, I wish so much that at this moment, time would stay frozen, I wish this moment would last forever! I so wish I never had to go to earth, for I would not like to be separated from you! ”

The star peeked out and looked at the beautiful Fairy Ziwei and the Green Dragon and White Tiger sitting intimately together. Time was frozen in an instant!

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