Paige Everett had an extremely busy morning ahead of her. She was at her desk, running her hands through her long, curly, espresso colored hair while her large, almond shaped hazel eyes were reading over an email. Her full, rose shaped lips frowned at some of the last minute requests she needed to handle. She felt like things were not going to be ready in time, even though she came into work 1 hour early to help with preparations.

She was the director of a homeless shelter that was somewhat unique in that she had developed some programs that helped reincorporate her clients back into society successfully. This took years to develop and all that hard work had caught some media attention, which led to today. A generous benefactor would be donating some much needed funding to her shelter that could allow them to help more people. However, this benefactor wanted the whole show, media included, of giving the giant check over to the shelter.

This is why Paige had been agonizing over details that had been delegated to other shelter employees for the past week while she dealt with media exposure again. She had been working with the benefactors PR team and catering to their wants and trying to maintain her sanity in the process.

She got out of her office chair to go tell the rest of the staff that there would be a delivery of flower arrangements that would need to be placed on the individual tables in the shelters dining hall. As she opened the door to her office, she spotted a slender, red haired woman speaking to a delivery driver.

”Haley! ” she called, trying to get her attention. The woman turned around and faced her. Her face had a puzzled look and her blue eyes lit up when she saw her boss.

”Paige, this delivery guy is telling me that he has plates and silverware that we need to sign for, but I don want to sign for something that is broken, ” she said, shooting a concerned look at the delivery man.

”Can you grab a couple of people and inspect the boxes? Then sign, please. Theres also going to be flower centerpieces arriving, ” Paige stated flatly.

”Flower centerpieces?! We are a shelter, not a banquet hall, ” Haley griped.

Paige agreed, but she didn say anything in agreement. She gave Haley an acknowledging smile and then moved to go to the dining area. Her office was in the front of the building by the reception desk and security office, but the dining area was towards the middle of the shelter, which could only be accessed by a small door in the front lobby. That small door led to joint areas for male and female clients, but the actually sleeping areas were kept separated by sex and were locked at night. Before she was able to leave, however, Haley called her back.

”Paige, that PR guy is out front and he was asking for you. ”

”Oh, then I suppose I should go meet him in person, ” she said out loud. And ask him what we
e going to do with all these flower centerpieces that hes ordered after the press takes 5 minutes of video with them.

Haley chuckled to herself, as if reading Paiges mind. Maybe her tone was off? But in addition to working with he

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