After Cliff spends time with his father, he feels like someone took the burden away from him. The emptiness he felt for how many years is filled. But suddenly, an image came into his mind, and he furrowed his brows upon remembering it.

Before he left, his father said, ”Son, I want you to meet someone, she was the one I personally trained to take over the company, however… I could not and she understood it. ”

She? his brows knitted upon hearing the word.

”Ugh, no, no, not what you
e thinking. I treated this young lady just like my daughter. ” his father laughed when he saw that his son knitted his brows. He just nodded and bid farewell to his father. He went home to change, then went straight to his new office.

Following his grandfathers death, Cliff recently bought the most significant share in one of the biggest malls in the world weeks after arriving from New York. Though he was born and raised in Australia, half of his life was spent in New York. The place that honed his skills as a businessman.

He managed his grandfathers company from scratch until it became an empire while his mother was on full support. His mother did not get married again; instead adopted a baby girl and raised her as her own.

When Rona, his adopted sister, reached eighteen, she decided to work in the company from the bottom position because she wants to start from scratch and then later became one of the department managers. She met her husband and got married, and she bore Tristan.

His mother and sister would continuously nag him to settle down, but he would always evade the topic, making them furious.

Theyve been setting up blind dates for him only to find out that he forgot about it or either he was busy with another venture, which makes all his dates went home furious. His mother and sister would sigh in defeat, and they feel hopeless for him.

He could not find time for such things when he learned that his father would pass the company to him. He loves new ventures, and it gives him more energy to try something new.

Cliff emerged from his BMW 5 car. And all of the employees from the highest to the lowest position were all waiting for him to arrive. They all bowed down upon seeing him as a sign of respect.

”Mr. Cliff Briggs, its a pleasure. Welcome to VeanCorp! ” A tall, middle-aged man around the sixties welcomed him and extended his hands.

”The pleasures mine, Mr. Veanco. ” He smiled courteously. And the secretary behind him blushed the moment she saw his smile.

”Lets go directly to the boardroom. This way please. ” All the reporters were all blocked and could only see the mans side view while he shook hands with the owner and then went inside the building. The reporters roared in disappointment for getting the opportunity to interview with the companys new owner and shareholder.

Clark was reading his encyclopedia when he heard her nanny, and one of the housekeepers screamed with delight. Clark then raised his head and looked at the TV screen. His eyes widened when he saw the side view of the man.

”Uncle Cliff.. ” he uttered silently, and he heard the conversation between his nanny and the housekeeper.

”Oh, so handsome even only half of his face was shown. ” Nanny Tess giggled while talking to Jeri, the housekeeper.

”But who is he? ” Jeri asked.

”He is so mysterious and so wealthy. I heard he came from New York and its his first time here. ”

”Oh really? Have you been stalking him? ” Jeri teased.

”Hahaha, I just read it in the newspaper, and when I searched him online, there is no picture of him. He is also the new owner of the VeanCo Square. I will ask Maam Ingrid to allow us to stroll there with Clark. Maybe we could get a glimpse of him. Hihihi ” Nanny Tesss eyes were dreamy, and Jeri laughed at the nannys daydreaming.

e such a hopeless romantic. Would you think that man would take notice of you? ”

”Why are you so bitter, Jeri? ” nanny Tess is fat while housekeeper Jeri is slim, but both of them were healthy. Yet, they love to make fun of each others flaws.

Little did they know that a little figure had already devised a plan to go to Veanco Square and smile mischievously.

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