meeting today, sir. This is also regarding on the hotel weve been planning to invest in. Next time, perhaps. ”

”Oh, I see! Work before pleasure hehe. Theres always a next time. By the way, I am planning a welcome party for my son and to formally introduce him to the family and colleagues in business. And we
e still picking on the exact date. ”

”Yes, I will definitely be there, sir. Just send me the invitation. Have a good day, Mr. Clint. ”

”Ingrid, dear, how I wish youll be my… oh never mind. Be careful on your way. ”

”Yes, sir, I will. ” She started the engine and drove off to her meeting.

All of the employees in Mr. Clints company were in an uproar when they knew that the bosss son would arrive. They were all curious about him and kept on gossiping.

”I heard that he is so handsome, blue eyes, six feet tall, broaded shoulders, and the lips, gosh! Makes you want to kiss and kiss. ” The receptionist told her colleagues.

”Have you met him? ” the other was sounding envious. Knowing how flirtatious the colleague is.

”Well, I just saw him on the news. Too bad, they could only catch his side view. But girls, the man is indeed hot! ”

They just all sighed, knowing that none of them could meet Mr. Briggs son in person.

Minutes later, they heard a commotion, and all the employees lined up as if they were soldiers waiting for their commander and saw their boss emerged from the elevator looking so proud and dignified.

Other employees were all busy preparing the boardroom to make it appealing to his son. They run to and fro, inspecting everything to be perfect. They will be all fired if something went wrong.

A sports car arrived. A dashing debonair in his thirties comes into view. They all gasped upon seeing him. He wears one of the worlds expensive suits; it is made of merino sheep wool and designed by the most renowned tailor in the world. The tailor personally made it for Cliff.

His stride was strong, imposing an authority. Many who are present experienced goose bumps.

He is indeed the son of our boss. Everyone thought silently.

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