which made her jerked in response.

Just what am I thinking?! What a shame. She scolded herself.

”Are you alright, miss? ” when Ingrid heard the voice, she quivered within. Never in her life had she felt like that.

Ughh that deep voice. It tickles my ears.

Her mind was in chaos. She shut her eyes for five seconds and apologizes to the man. Still not looking at him.

”Ugh, yes, sorry, I was not mindful on the way. If you will excuse me… ” Her mind was still elsewhere, and her eyes rooted on the floor. Feeling ashamed of what has been running in her mind.

Immediately, she walked away, not even giving the man a chance to utter a word.

Shame.. the man thought.

But then he grinned.

ut I believe well still meet one day, again…

After that, he walked away with a small smile crept into his lips. An unusual display on his face.

On the other hand, Ingrids heart was beating erratically not because she walked so fast, but because of the thoughts. An unusual reaction from her. She never thought that she could feel or think something like that.

Are you now perverted? she felt terrible.

But her attention diverted when she heard a knock on her office door; Daisy came in.

”Maam, are you alright? You look pale. ” Daisy came to her immediately and touched her forehead.

”Yes, I am. Thank you, Daisy. Is there anything you need? ”

”Uhhhmmm, yes, here are the documents that you asked me yesterday and these are the papers that need your immediate response or signature. ”

”Ahh yes thank you. ”

”And one more thing, I heard a rumor that the employees have plans to… ” Daisy paused and pursed her lips. ”its nothing important anyway, I am going now, Maam. ”

”Is there something wrong, Daisy? ”

”N-nothing maam. Ill go ahead. ” Then Daisy walked out hurriedly avoiding her bosss stares.

When Ingrid once again alone, her thoughts went back to that incident, and she blushed profusely.

Who is he? then again, she moved her thoughts aside and focused on her work.

Geez! Is this the effect of not having a man in my life thats why I have felt like that? Yuck! she mumbled.

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