MHA Remake

Chapter 3: Hard training

As Izuku and Bryce are walking they hear a explosion to see where it came from they see a road they notice a bunch a cops blocking it off they both here a familiar voice ”GET OFF ME YOU FU- ” the voice said until it was muffled ”kachan!? ” Izuku said out loud. ”Come on, lets leave him, he told you to off yourself. ” Bryce said while trying to walk away ”A hero saves everyone with a smile now come lets save kachan. ” Izuku said with fear in his eyes but with a smile. ”Fine Ill help but only so you don end up dying. ” Bryce said as his red arua activated while he and Izuku ran at the villian. ”Here take these, ” Bryce said while making a sword and shield out of D.T and giving it to Izuku. ”Thanks Bryce. ” Izuku said ”No problem, now go and save that dickbag. Ill try to keep the cops off your ass so you can save him. ” Bryce said with an encouraging smile. Izuku ran at the sludge villain and started to take slashes at him then the sludge villain slapped the sword and shield out of Izukus hands. Izuku started trying to pull katsuki out. ”Damn it you quirkless nerd youll get yourself killed why are you even doing this?! ” Katsuki said as Izuku gave him a horrified smile ”Because heroes save everyone with a smile. ” Izuku said as the sludge villain dragged him into his mass ”Another hostage to add to my arsenal. ” the villain said as Bryce started running towards the villain until everyone heard a familiar voice ”Never fear, I AM HERE. ” all might said landing in front of the sludge villain ”CALIFORNIA **ASH ” All Might said as he punched the sludge villain as it blew apart leaving Izuku and Kachan unscaved someway. The sludge villain was still alive but way smaller All Might then scooped it up as it tried to make a run to the sewers and put it into a soda bottle. ”You couldn do anything but still tried to save your friend. Thats what a hero is about trying to save others even if you can . ” All Might said before jumping off. ” Izuku started crying tears of joy. ”Come on broccoli head stop crying you might flood the place ” Bryce said with a smile ”anyway I have to go take care alright ” Bryce said before his red arua started glowing and he ran fast towards his home. We cut to a few minutes later as Izuku is walking down a empty road ”I was no help at all maybe kachan was right I should take a swan dive off the building ” Izuku said as he found some stairs to the top of a building as he opened the door to the roof he saw All Might watching over the city ”All might excuse me I have a question ” Izuku said looking down ”your the kid that attempted to save someone earlier what did you want to ask- ” All Might said before he poofed as a cloud of smoke appeared. ”All Might are you alright?! ” Izuku said as the smoke cleared there was a skinny scrawny all might ”AAH A ZOMBIE! ” Izuku said ”Im not a zombie look let me explain. ”All might said with a sigh ”you see a few years back I had a fight with a villain and he hit me pretty hard in my side ever since then ive only been able to be All Might for a few hours a day ” All Mights said ”so what is your question young man? ” All Might asked ”d-do you think that someone without a quirk can become a hero? Do you think that someone who was outcasted and shamed for not having a quirk can rise above the mockery and become a hero ” Izuku said with his head down again ”Alright young man if im being honest no the closest they can come to being a hero is a cop or firefighter but theres still a chance for you. ” All Might said ”what do you mean All Might? ” Izuku said, trying not to cry. ”Would you like to be the next wielder of a quirk called One For All. ” All Might said ”what do you mean next wielder? ” Izuku asked ”you see my quirk One For All can be passed on from person to person but your body right now would have to go through a months training to handle the quirk. ” All might explain ”I see… ” Izuku said still a bit confused. ”You can tell a soul of anything I told you just now ok? ” All Might said. ”Well I guess I have to promise that too. ” Bryce said, revealing himself. ”What are you doing here Bryce?! ” Izuku said surprised ”the way you looked was telling me that you were thinking about what bakugo said im not stupid so i wanted to make sure you were safe and I guess you are now huh. ” Bryce replied ”you cannot tell anyone about this young Bryce ”All Might said with a serious tone. ”Yeah yeah I know I wont im not stupid ” Bryce said while walking up to Midorya ”good luck on your training brocoli head. ” Bryce said with a smile. Bryce then jumped off the roof and slid down the side and ran off.

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