MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Training (Part 2): Exams

”What Im saying is that we go to the beach and clean it up, most of the trash there is heavy so its a good workout, and we
e helping the community, with that we
e killing two birds with one stone! ” Rita said, Tanjiro almost immediately accepted the idea, the only thing wrong with that sentence was the phrase, he shuddered at the thought of birds getting killed ”Ok, lets go the day after tomorrow. ” Tanjiro said.

*2 Days later*

it was early in the morning when the two arrived, the sun barely rose from the horizon, ”Alright, where should we begin. ” Rita said as he looked up and down the beach, Tanjiro reached into their bag and brought out a pair of nose plugs, as he shoved the plugs into his nostrils he noticed something to his left, two people in the distance, one of which seems very familiar ”Rita, look. ” He pointed to the two people, Rita looked in the direction Tanjiro pointed at, ”No way, is that Izuku. ” Rita headed towards the two in the distance with Tanjiro shortly following behind him.

Next to Izuku was a man who looked more like a skeleton, he had sunken blue eyes and messy blonde hair, he wore a navy-blue short-sleeve along with black pants that were a little baggy, ”Hey! ” Rita called out to the two ”Rita, Tanjiro!? ” Izuku yelped, Rita stopped on a dime in front of the two, and Tanjiro shortly caught up ”I didn know you were here, whos your friend? ” Rita asked, ”O-oh this is uh… ” Izuku tried to come up with a lie but the man answered for him ”Im Yagi Toshinori, pleasure to meet a friend of Midoriyas. ” Toshinori and Rita shook hands ”pleasure to meet you, Im Kamado Rita, and this is my older brother Tanjiro. ” Tanjiro bowed ”Its nice to meet you ”.

”So Yagi, how did you and Izuku meet? ” Rita asked, apparently they met when Izuku bumped into him a few months ago and when Toshinori saw his notebook they began talking, when UA was brought up between the two Toshinori revealed he tried to get into UA but the entrance exam was a little too much for him in the physical portion, now here they are with Izuku cleaning the beach to get stronger, ”So thats why hes here cleaning. ” Rita said with his chin in his hand ”Actually we
e here for the same thing. ” Tanjiro said ”really? But won this get done faster with the three of us? ” Izuku asked ”Actually we
e doing this after some other exercises. ” Rita answered before turning to Tanjiro ”Lets show them. ” Tanjiro looked around and found a fridge while Rita eyed the truck Izuku tried to push earlier.

Tanjiro started to breath in a specific way, he only recently mastered being able to use this breathing technique in burst while Rita barely got the hang of it, three words rose from Tanjiros soul Total Concentration Breathing, He kneeled down and grabbed the bottom of the fridge and begun to slowly lift it from the sand and above his head while Rita begun to push the truck, slowly his fingernails begin to turn into sharp black claws as his hair turns grey and fur sprouts from his forearms up to his shoulder, the more the change happened the easier it was for him to push the truck, Tanjiro placed the fridge back down while Rita stopped pushing the truck, his arms changing back to normal, they turned to see Izuku slack jawed.

”How did you do that!? ” Izuku said in near disbelief, ”What do you mean, wasn that their quirks? ” Toshinori questioned, ”In my case thats mostly true, but Tanjiros using some weird breathing method that he came up with. ” Rita explained ”Breathing methods? ” Izuku questioned.

Tanjiro then explained this breathing method he recently named Total Concentration Breathing, its a technique that strengthens his body through his blood by delivering as much oxygen to his blood as he can in a single breath, supercharging his muscles, ”I have to say, when it comes to technology Tanjiro is a little slow but when it comes to coming up with techniques hes a natural genius! ” Rita commented as he put Tanjiro into a headlock ”Come on, stop it Rita, like I said it popped up in my head. ” Tanjiro said.

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