“No. Wasn particularly interested. ”

”Then it shouldn matter. Also, tomorrow you will be 21, right? I want to drink with you for the first time then. ”

”You truly are a weird criminal boss. ”

”Even criminals have a few principles they need to stick to, you know? ”

Like this, the two of them continued to have a back and forth between the two of them before their talk came to a halt with the intrusion of Mammoth, serving them their drinks.

Yui talked about teaching him but she was mainly giving him the basic rules to keep in mind.

The most important of this rule was if possible avoid any relationship outside of the bar with the clients.

When the women came to this place, it should be to enter a dream, or at least a personification of it. To avoid reality. To finally encounter the dreamlike scenario they ceaselessly imagined about in their sweetest hopes.

For a moment, a short instant, it would be all about them. The Host assigned to them would listen to them and would make them their princess. Giving them the love and appreciation they could not find in the real world.

In the meantime, they would pay for drinks that were overpriced as hell.

Sometimes they would come with small gifts and other times they would throw big parties in the club. But at the end of the day, it wouldn matter at all.

Because it was simply a dream. An illusion created for an extremely short time in reality.

But the moment a relationship was confirmed outside of the premise of the bar. It stopped being a game and became all too real.

Yui didn want to deal with some catfight involving jealous women tearing each other apart in her place.

It would be funny if it were to happen between normal women. But with how much power the women she would invite had, any ** up would bring really bad consequences for everyone involved, particularly…her.

Consequences she didn want to have to deal with.

Outside of this Yui only went over what should be expected.

If she had to be honest, she did not have many expectations for Adam about the opening night. While he had the necessary physical appearance, he lacked the skills that the job demanded of him currently.

She wanted him to mainly observe and learn how things were done and then slowly build things up from there.

Looking up, she could see that they had discussed for nearly two hours already. She had been quite happy to see him again so she ended up wasting more time than she thought to be manageable.

”Well, I guess this is good enough for now. Tomorrow you can come in the afternoon if you want. Ideally, of course, you should be present a maximum of two hours before the start. This will give us enough time to work on the rights and wrongs that you need to work around. What do you think? ”

”I will be there on time. ”

”Perfect. Mammoth, call a taxi for Adam please. ”

Mammoth nodded, while Adam looked down at his get-up, ”I think I need to change. ”

”Nope. Not gonna happen. I gave it to you. You keep them. Try to become used to it. I have already prepared a few more sets just in case, tomorrow you will put on a new one. ”

”You truly act like a creepy elder sister you know? ”

”Heh, I would be happy to have a handsome brother like you. ”

Yui smiled and brought the glass full of amber liquid to her mouth. Her crossed legs showed a slight teaser of her beautiful thighs as well as a hint of the eastern dragon tattoo vividly etched atop her tantalizing skin.

”You know, in some way, aren you technically my first client? ”

The smile on Yuis face changed into a grin, ”Trust me. I plan to take many of your firsts. ”

She laughed out loud at the dumbfounded look Adam gave her, ”Well, enough with the chit-chat. I need to finish my work. ”

Standing up, she approached Adam and hugged him tightly, ”I am happy to have you back. ”

”Me too. ”

”Now then, you should get going now Cinderella. Midnight is approaching. We don want you to transform here now, do we? ”

”This nickname is gonna stick, isn it? ”

”You have no idea. Hehe. ”

He shook his head speechlessly.

”The ride is here. ”

”That was pretty fast. ”

”This is K-town, you know? Taxi drivers would be crazy to not swarm the surroundings around this time. ”

”True. Well, I guess this is a goodbye for today. See you, tomorrow guys. ”

”See you. Go back home well. ”


After Adam left, the smile on Yuis face slowly slipped off until it completely vanished.

Now, the slightly teasing and gentle Yui was no more. She was replaced by Feng Huan Yui, the undisputed overlord of K-town.

”Mammoth, I need you to take a look at the list of invitees. I believe we have a special guest that might be very helpful to Adam. ”

Mammoth nodded.

”Also, tell the boys to be on the lookout. It seems like some bastards from Vegas are trying to make Fairy Dust circulate in my territory. Seems like that Idiot Boris got hoodwinked by them. ”

This time Mammoth frowned heavily, ”Fairy Dust? That shit is… ”

”I know. Either way, the source doesn matter. Those pale **ers are going to deal with this themselves. I only want to keep my own territory calm. The rest can go to hell. ”

She entered and conquered K-town because there was no big organization here compared to Little Tokyo and Chinatown and now that she was finally big enough to put her hand in the more political side of things, there was no way she would let anyone come and mess up everything at the very last moment.

”Everything must go well tomorrow. You hear me? ”

Yui waved her hand and began to walk away. Her mind was awash with dangerous ideas. She could feel that someone was trying to swallow her territory. But she did not intend to go down at all.

She would fight back with everything she had. Like a mad dog, biting until her very last breath.

This was her way of life and she did not intend to change it even if it brought her to her death.

That was what Feng Huan Yui was all about…

Nothing more, nothing less…

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