the wild one she had while moaning under him just the night before. It was always entertaining how people could change the overall impression they gave with just some adjustments in their clothes and the accessories they wore.

Straightening her suit after making sure everything was alright, she asked him with an arrogant look etched on her noble face, as if she was sure what the answer would be even before she asked…

”How do I look? ”

Giving a thumbs-up, Adam said jokingly, ”You definitely don look like you were **ed by your student if that was worrying you. ”

”I will take it as you saying that I am beautiful and perfect. ”

She ignored his teasing words and inspected herself once again before giving a nod of satisfaction.

”Indeed. Perfect. As always. ”

Walking toward the door of the bedroom, she peeked one last time over her shoulder.

”Don forget to lock the door before leaving. Also, if you are late for my class in the afternoon, I will really deduct your points, okay? You know I hate being absent in my class more than anything else. ”

”See you in class, Professor Shuri. ”

Looking at her swaying round buttocks, that dared a man to cop a feel of it by its scintillating motions, as she went away, Adam pondered a little before walking toward the shower.


A single word escaped from his lips, and in the next moment, what looked to be an old antique book with the symbol of an apple drawn on the neat antique cover appeared out of nowhere.

Opening the first page of the nigh-ancient tome, Adam smiled as he saw his <> written on the first page. It was one of the basic functions of the book. It showed him the condition of his body and the general parameters of his overall competence simplified into basic rank.

Of course, that was not the most important of things. Even though it may seem significant to anyone else. It had become an everyday thing to Adam now.

With the command of his mind, the pages kept turning and turning until a particular page was reached, the one he sought. At the beginning of the book was a word drawn in cursive writing and presented in a bold format for it to be eye catching. A golden border also shone around the edges of the word pronouncing it further to the user.

<> was the word, and under it was descriptions related to it that helped him in acquiring further power.

Active Quests:

[Have Shuri break off her shackle and decide to give up on her cheating husband]

[Quest completed]

[…Calculating reward…]

[Knowledge level required in the study of psychology has been deemed to be satisfactory.]

[Knowledge level required in the field of psychoanalysis has met the minimum standards.]

[All conditions have been met. Commencing the evolution of certain skill/skills.]

[The skill Silver Tongue has evolved into Snake Tongue. Please read the intended page and acquire the required knowledge.]

Below the letters that absurdly floated into existence, indicating to him the evolution of one of his prominent skills, was now the description of the new skill and further instructions for him to acquire the evolution through a full understanding of the basics.

[Snake Tongue:

Description: Your words have a great persuasive effect. Twisting lies and truths is as easy as breathing for you. Your words may now bend some measures of cognition and expedite itself to be more believable and logical. The following effects are now applied…

Effect 1: Your lies can hardly be detected without a skill tailored for the detection of lies.

Effect 2: Your words have a greater chance of convincing people into doing your bidding.

Effects 3: Previous effects and criteria of actions are all enhanced when the target is a woman.]

Eagerly reading the description, Adam commanded the book to open the page related to the evolution of his skill.

There, under the acquirement method of his previous skill, golden rays etching the details of his skill evolution and the acquirement method of his new skill was swiftly being etched by who knows what.

Once the letters became more visible, the boy greedily devoured the new knowledge that was presented to him. There were some terms, and some instructions that were hard for him to process but with his comprehension skills he was soon able to gleam on their true meaning.

Plus, the book also helped him in understanding the key factors of his new skill. Soon, he was able to completely understand his new skills which led him to further understand psychology and its related paths to a deeper level.

He was given the opportunity to implement his knowledge in new ways with the help of this skill of his. And the explicit perk of the skill enhanced those senses to a perfect level. Soon, he was able to completely acquire the skill for his own. And the writings next to the skill indicated his success in the matter.

[Snake Tongue successfully acquired. Comprehension rate – 15%… Evolution progress – 0%]

Satisfied and delighted in being able to advance one of his skills, Adam closed the book with another command of his, causing it to vanish in the next second.

Under the constant streaming of the hot shower, Adam absentmindedly contemplated his life. Even now, everything still felt like a distant dream. Reality and Fantasy seemed to have blended to keep him in this fantastical delusion.

He knew it to be real. Yet, he couldn completely discard that it may have been the production of his deluded mind either.

This power.

His current work.

And even his relationship with Shuri.

How did it all come to this?

He again recalled back to that fateful day not long before…

A day like any other…

(AN: So here we have the start of a new story. For those who don know me, I am Hikaru Genji. I am writing another story called Son of the Hero King. Which is in a Medieval Fantasy setting.

This story here, Midnight Prince is a new foray into a more modern/slightly sci-fi world.

There will be different themes used from Showbiz, business, gangs, mythology, science and of course smut haha. Either way I hope you will like this story and will follow me on my new adventure)

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