an uncanny feeling of joy and exuberance to anyone looking at her.

Kaminari Mei. Died on the 31st October. Cause of death… Complications during Childbirth.

She was his biological mother and she died after giving birth to him.

”Hello, mother. I am here to say sorry. It seems like I might have to break a promise to you and mom. But I will do my best to not do so. ”

As for his father? Adam knew nothing and had no interest in knowing anything about the bastard.


[Los Angeles, 30 November; 6:30 pm]

Los Angeles had three zones where the vast majority of Asians and people of different ethnicities were based on.

Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and Korea Town or K-town for short.

Out of the three, K-town was the one that had the least problems but also the most developed night industry.

What made this town special in a way was the City of Los Angeles designated Koreatown a special graphics district. The designation allows for digital signage and electronic billboards, not permitted by city code, to be installed on building facades.

The designation allowed Times Square and Shibuya District-inspired buildings lined with LCD jumbotrons.

He was now standing in front of such a store that used this law to its advantage. On the forefront of the store, a neon sign with the words Wild Hunt, written in cursive writing, could be seen embedded. It was honestly a pretty large building. He couldn help but wonder just how much it must have cost.

This was also the place he would start working in if everything went well.

He came a little sooner than agreed but he knew she would appreciate it and he really needed her favor now.


”Hello! ”

The lobby was what you would expect from a normal hotel, with just one man standing as a receptionist while holding a newspaper.

It was a well-built man, the kind you did not want to piss off.

”Ooh? ” Looking up from his newspaper, the man began to fold it as he smiled but then his smile cramped a little.

”Adam is that you?. ” He was then clearly confused. ”It has been a few years since you last came here. Why are you back in this hell hole? ”

The man seemed clearly angry and worried for him.

”I have an appointment with the boss. ”

A conflicted expression flashed in the eyes of the man before he sighed, ”You were able to walk away free with no repercussions last time. Do you think you will be as lucky? ”

”I have no other choices. ”

Saying so, he walked near the man before stretching his fist.

The man hesitated a little before sighing and bumping his own fist with Adams own.

”Don regret it later. ”

”I won . ”

The man was someone Adam really respected and also the one who helped him and showed him how to not get **ed up when fighting in the ring.

He was a kind man working in a dangerous world.

Since the atmosphere was a little depressing, and he had enough of feeling depressed, Adam changed the topic.

”Who still reads newspapers on actual paper nowadays? ”

”Hahaha~! I am not that old. Its just that I feel more at ease holding it like that. Whats more, it gives me a certain atmosphere, don you think so? ”

”Seriously? The Mammoth wishes to change his impression? ”

”Even bouncers need some class nowadays, you know? Also, this is rich coming from you. I almost didn recognize you in your new get up. I didn even know you needed glasses. ”

The man codenamed Mammoth slowly got off his seat, and once again Adam felt as if he was facing a giant.

Adam was in no way short. He had a respectable 178 cm or 510 but this man always made him feel like a dwarf.

Name, Pierce. Nickname, The Mammoth.

That was all he knew about the man. That and the dude was a very imposing 210 cm or 688 mass of muscles.

Once again, not really the kind of person you wanted to piss off in the streets.

”Man, you are as impressive as always. I wouldn fear walking in the dark with you. ”

”Heh! ” Caressing his bald head, Mammoth grinned ”No matter how big I am, I am not impervious to knives and even less to bullets you know? So avoid picking fights. ”

Then once he approached him he took out a metal detector,

”Sorry, you know the rules. ”

Adam nodded and raised his hand, ”Don worry. ”

No matter how friendly they were, you didn survive long in this line of work without being careful. It would be silly of him to get angry because of this.

Taking out everything that even had the faint traces of metal on him he let Mammoth pass the detector to verify that he had no weapon.

Once this was done, the giant man smiled at him. He hadn doubted Adam. He knew very well that even though Adam had left, he wouldn stick a knife in their back.

Still, it was his job and he would never make such a stupid mistake as to let someone pass without inspection.

The two began to walk toward a hidden door in the lobby and Mammoth took out the key.

”Well, just be careful my brother. I do not want to see your name one day in the newspaper in the section related to dead people. ”

”No worries. ”

The door finally opened to show stairs going down rather than up.

”Well. I guess I will see you later. ”

”Good luck and don anger the boss. She is currently in a bad mood because of her brothers visit. ”

Wincing a little at this news, they bumped their fists for a second time, then Adam waved his hand as he walked in and Mammoth closed the door behind him.

”Well, lets hope she doesn throw her bad mood at me. ”

God knew he didn need to deal with shit like that right now.

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