It was nighttime, inside a small house in a crowded, run-down neighborhood.

Aaron placed his bag unceremoniously on the floor after pressing the light switch. Tears hung in the corners of his eyes as the young man looked around. This room, which he had left behind for over ten years, was now in a completely unkempt state!

Cobwebs and thick dust plates were everywhere. Dead animal carcasses in the corners of the room. And even the bed was covered in black mold.

Aaron let out a long breath. He could only swallow his misery.

Exactly ten years ago, Aaron was a legend in an online game called Martial Earth Online, people nicknamed him The Unmatched Sword Master due to his unbelievable swordplay skills. During his time playing the online game, Aaron never suffered a single defeat!

Very quickly, his name skyrocketed. Almost the entire world knew of him. His swordplay skills became unrivaled. After three years of playing Martial Earth Online, Aaron topped all the fighters, there was no one who could beat him!

However, this was not good for him. The company that owns Martial Earth Online, the Martial Online Company, suffered a huge loss as most of its players stopped playing their online game, all because Aaron was unbeatable!

Every players dream was to reach the highest peak, but with Aarons existence, their hopes were dashed to nothing.

Martial Online Company had tried to block Aarons account secretly, but some of Aarons friends had helped him a lot with complicated codes so that the blocking attempt could be thwarted.

But it was impossible for the worlds largest company like Martial Online Company to just give up. Unable to use the stealth route, they began to use the open route. Aaron was being sued for something hed never even done!

Since Martial Online Company was a huge company with a lot of money and influence over the world, Aaron was helpless. He was found guilty despite being completely innocent.

Aaron was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, as well as returning all the money he had earned from playing Martial Earth Online.

Fifteen years in prison was probably not a big deal because Aaron was used to locking himself in his room for months without ever going out. But handing back all the money, that was a problem in itself…

Although Aaron did not use most of the money he earned from playing Martial Earth Online, he did use a small portion of it for global humanitarian causes. Even though it was only a small portion, it was still a huge amount.

Aaron had to pay 700,000,000 Credits. That was a lot of money, and even ten years later when Aaron got out of prison due to remission, he still had to repay that debt as soon as possible.

”What should I do now? ” Aaron was desperate as if all the light of his life had disappeared and could never return.

The most famous player in the entire world, adored by millions, was now stuck in his shabby little room in miserable conditions. No one would have guessed it!

Aaron took a deep breath. He glanced at the apple-cutting knife lying on the floor of his room. The knife had rusted, but it was still sharp enough to be able to slice through human skin…

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Aarons reverie was broken when his ears caught the sound of knocking. He slowly walked towards the door of his room and looked out through the small round glass that was there.

It could be seen that a charming young woman was standing in front of his bedroom door in formal attire. Aarons face immediately paled. He thought that she was a messenger of the Martial Online Company who had come to collect his debt!

”Is anyone inside? ” The girl asked in a slightly loud voice.

Aaron adjusted his breathing. Only when his mind calmed down did he reply, ”My

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