1. Clash of the Titans

I really love the view from up here

A boy,, few months away from celebrating his 16th birthday thought. He look around himself, seeing beautiful grasses and flowers scattered all over the hill. The cool breez brushing on his skin. The sound of the birds singing echoing on his ears.

He walked to his favorite tree and lie down facing the sky.

I wonder when will dad come back. I really miss enjoying the view with him.

Tee Kay thought with a sad face and close his eyes slowly. Around five minutes later, he found himself on a deep sleep.


He was waken by the vigorous shaking of the earth. Opening his eyes, he saw what looked like a meteor falling on a higher speed covered by fire around it.


It landed and send a shock wave and fire spreading around the place. Suddenly, a bright golden light shot from the crater upwards and in a few seconds man walked out of the crater. He was wearing the golden coloured armer with a cap hanging from his shoulder sweeping the ground and a golden light shining around his body. He stopped and looked around as if searching for something.

Tee Kay, up the hill, watched all this in disbelief.

” it_ it_ its a God? ” he shouted.

Hearing the young boys voice the man turned and looked upwards the hill. He took some steps forward and stopped after felling two unfriendly aura up in the sky.

Two golden glowing light decented and when tached the ground they charged towards the first arrived man. The man took a fighting stance and waited patiently while being approached from both left and right. When they come close, the first enemy from the right jumped and tried to deliver a spinning spring kick but the Man raised both hand over his head and black it. From the corner of his eyes, he saw a punch from the second enemy, its was too fast to be block, he grinded his teeth and waited as the punch was delivered perfectly on his left jaw


He was send flying a couple meters. waking up from where he fall. he smiled as if nothing big happened

” That was really powerful Silas ” he said while looking at the second enemy that hit him. ” My apologies for underestimating you ”

” HaHaHa! I have been always taken as a underdog but all my opponents ends in the same way, DEAD! ” Silas shouted back and lick his lips

” I admit, I was really a fool to trust you two to help me run the kingdom. But I guess Im gonna have to clear my mess ”

” Good luck with that King Haron, or should I say, Haron the Former King of Acarian race. You can never win against Chimpo and I. or you have forget that we are the top Warriors of our race? ” Silas Shouted back and looked to his partner, Chimpo.

”Lets get over with this then. ” Haron said to them and slash with his right hand up and down

( Note: Haron was the one landed first, Chimpo and Silas were the one who followed after)

From his hand, yellow aura left when he slashed up and another one when he slashed down one aiming for Silas and another one aiming Chimpo.

”Cursed shield! ” Chimpo shouted and a black wall raised from the ground covering her and Silas.

The Yellow aura hit the black wall and disappear living some cracks on the Wall. When the wall came down. Haron moved with a greater speed and appeared Infront of Chimpo and delivered a blow on her stomach. Chimpo flied some meters away due to the force of the blow and landed heavily. She stood and try to run towards Haron but her body gave in making her to fall on one knee and cough some blood out.

Silas seeing Chimpo flying away from his side he tried to deliver a round house kick to Haron but it was cought on the middle air. Haron stepped on the toe on Silass other leg and punch him on the stomach sending him flying and suffer the same fate as Chimpo.

Seeing both Chimpo and Silas not moving and coughing out blood after receiving just a single punch each. Haron smiled and taking steps slowly towards Silas

” You call yourselves, Top Warriors and you can stand after after receiving just a single punch. Do you think I became a king for just playing around? ” He stopped, turned

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