”Izuku, are you done yet? ” Mrs. Midoriya yells as she sets the dinner table ”Almost ”

Izuku replies wrapping a towel around his waist. She smiles ”Hurry, your dinner is getting cold. I made your favourite, Katsudon ”.

Izuku checks his phone to see how his friends are spending their vacations. He texts urarka

Izuku:-hey Urarka, hows your vacation going

Uraraka:- Great!!! I am taking my parents to Tokyo from the money I saved from my work studies….what about you??

Izuku:- That sounds amazing urarka!!

I don know what Im going to do yet…maybe I will work on my new quirk..blackwhip

Uraraka:- Deku, you are a hero to the bone.

Izuku smiles and puts his phone down

”Whats taking so long Izuku ” his mother nagged ”Sorry. I was texting a friend ”

”A friend? ” his mother inquired ”Yeah yeah she is just a friend nothing else she is just my friend ” Izuku awkwardly blushes trying to hide his actual feelings.

His mother smiled ”Im just messing with you…so I was thinking if you wanna go to our farm? ”. ”You mean the one in Shimane ” Izuku replies with a mouthful of Katsudon ”Yes ” his mother eagerly looks at him hoping hell say yes ”Of course mom I can practice there as well ”

She laughs ” Oh Izuku sometimes I miss when u didn have a quirk ”.

”I love having a quirk, I mean quirks ”

His mother panicked ”what do you mean quirks? ” Izuku casually answered

”Im sorry I forgot to tell you I have a new quirk now I call it blackwhip ” he gets up and uses the blackwhip to clean the table ”its an amazing quirk isn it ”

She startled ” Izuku Im concerned, its dangerous and how did you get two quirks? ”. ” Maybe because I didn have any till I was 15 so god is trying to make up for it ” he laughs.

His mother whos still concerned supports him anyway ”Im proud of you Izuku ”

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