”Oh crap Im late ” Izuku puts his hand across his face ”oh no not again… hes going to kill me ” he says to himself as he starts running. He reaches the Takoba Municipal Beach park and his eyes start searching for All might. Hes still used to to the board shoulders and the bright smile and almost doesn recognises him when he comes near him. ”Detroit Smash ” All might punches Izuku in the face ”A hero should always be on time ” he yells ”Im sorry Mr. Aizawa was briefing us about the vacation ” he says covering his nose ”He said that since we all have our license now we should all be aware at all times ” he wipes the blood off his face ”Sounds like Eraser…what are your plans, young midoriya? ” he asks ”Im going to Shimane, its this really small town, we used to live there then when I turned 4 we moved here so I can study and become a hero… Ill only be going for 4 days though the school has requested to keep our trips small ” he stands upright and responds ”If its a small town youll have place to practice make sure you get good control over blackwhip before you get back so I can teach you my masters quirk ”

All might says while staring off into space he seems lost Izuku notices his eyes get teary ”All might, are you okay? ” he asks worriedly ”Yes, I was just thinking about my master, when I got one for all I was like you a quirkless middle schooler and she was Iike me she told me she can feel one for all getting weaker but she still fought, even though I was able to use 100% one for all right away she always told me to Go beyond. ” he takes a pause and thn puts his hands on Izukus shoulder ”Go beyond young midoriya ” Izuku sobs and says

”I will ”. ”Plus Ultra ” both of them scream together.

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