”Izuku, look what I found ” Inko says while hiding something behind her back ”Its your old all might costume ” Her smile gets wider. Izuku takes the costume from her hands and tries to put it on ”ah it won fit ” he complaints ”Of course it won its 13 years old..you used to wear that all day and throw a tantrum if we didn play hero ” she tears up. ”Hey mom u want to play hero? ” Izuku asks putting the hood on, she nods as a tear rolls off her cheek.

”Help me! ” Inko giggles ”Im here ” Izuku copies all might. ”Help! ” someone shouts ” Mom Im here ” Izuku smiles. Inko turns back ” It was not me ”. Izuku rushes out ”Izu help ” Mrs. Aoki screams. He sees a villain who looks like half horse growing as he eats.

”So his quirk is like that of sugar rush….Sato gets powerful when he consumes sugar but at the same time his cognitive function gets slower, so maybe this villain might also loose his coordinations after eating…he can be a low IQ villain too. ” he murmurs ”IZUKU GO HELP MRS. AOKI! ” his mother commands. He comes to his senses and jumps out the window

”One for all, Full cowling ” The villain punches Izuku out of the way and continues eating Mrs. Aokis trees. ”No one has been harmed by this villain and he only destroys tress and crops so even though it won hurt Mrs. Aoki I still have to get her out of there first, Rescue first ”. He rushes over to her house and takes her to his ”Ill make sure nothing happens to yout house or belongings ” Izuku assures Mrs. Aoki.

”Delaware Smash ” Izuku punches the villain from the back. The villain gets furious and eats two trees at once and shoves midoriya in the ground

”I need to take him somewhere else.. somewhere with no trees and houses ” he murmurs again. ”One for all 20% ” he pushes the villain off him ”Ill use to One for all and blackwhip together so hell chase me ”. He jumps and uses the blackwhip at 5% to capture his arm, He drags the villain with him as he jumps from tree to tree to an empty abandoned landfill.

It grabs the blackwhip and spins midoriya forcing him to the ground. Izuku struggles to stand up,

”I shouldn have used one for all at 20% with the blackwhip… Im exhausted..my arm is bruised..but I won stop a hero never gives up.

He gets up and uses blackwhip again the villain grabs the blackwhip and thrusts Izuku in an old truck, he almost loses consciousness, he still tries to get up but realises he broke both his arms and his foot. ”A..hero…never…gives. ” he faints

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