Izuku can move his left leg or either of his arms hes almost unconscious. The villain rushes to him it extends its arms to reach Izuku, then out of nowhere a black shadow flies in and carries Izuku in its arms. ”Izuku wake up! ” the unknown shadow shakes him, ”How did I get here ” he rubs his eyes

”Mom! ” he screams ”What are you doing here, how did I, that shadow…that… carried was you..you can fly?! ” he startled ”Izuku I can explain, please calm down first… Lets go home..I promise Ill answer everything honestly.. please Izu you are hurt ”

hes still in shock, he still can piece it together he thinks it one of those one for all dreams. Inko carries Izuku in his arms, her feet levitate, she leans forward to fly further. ”I need to stay near the ground I can keep my balance anymore if I fall Ill hurt Izuku ” she stays just a little above the ground and tries to fly as fast as she can to get Izuku home. She doesn flies in through the window because of Mrs. Aoki she wasn aware of Inkos quirk either, she puts Izukus arm around her shoulder and takes him in ”Mrs. Aoki u can home now Izu the villain isn here now ” she says in a hurry ”But Izu- ” Mrs. Aokis eyes go wide as she sees the young boy bleed ”Its okay it really is hes a hero he gets injured all the time he overdid a little hell be fine, I can take care of him ” Inko interrupts her, Mrs. Aoki realises she wants to be alone with her son right now ”If u need anything Im right here ”

she empathizes and leaves. Inko finds the first-aid she was aware that hell be practicing his new quirk and he can get hurt. ”Ill get you better in no time Izuku, fortunately your arms aren tht hurt its just the new quirk, new quirks are like wisdom teeth they hurt when they show up ”. Izuku opens ”Mom ” he whispers ”Im right here just a second I just need to cover all your wounds then well give u a painkiller and youll be all good again ”. She gently cleans his wounds and cover them up and gives him a painkiller. Izuku is still in pain ”Now tell me what was that back there ” he says ”I will tell you but I need you to be completely concious when I do so please take a nap and when you
e better Ill tell you ” Izuku shakes his head ”I promise she says ”.

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