dazzling eyes entered the small cubicle from within in the same form as the first though much bigger, both in shapeless form and heighten figure. The air pressure in the room suddenly became tight and compressed all around him as pale drops of sweat began to fall down from his cheeks since he knew right there that these creatures whom he had tried to keep off his tail for quite a long time, had finally caught up with him and he knew that there will be no escape this time around and a bitter price of bloody death will be paid once the three demons make the first move.

Unlucky for him, before he could put up a good defense against his adversaries, two of the three demons had surrounded him in a blink of an eye, much swifter than he could ever imagine and at once he knew all hope of escaping has left him already for he felt ensnared by the two dazzling eyes which met his fretful gaze the moment he failed to run for his dear life since part of him was still yet to respond to his spellbound demeanor especially his legs that felt stuck to the ground tenaciously, very much unable to move in a fast motion than his cold feet that had been trembling within him tremendously the first time he spotted the familiar odd shape in his abode. Two quicker blows in the dark from his foes, directed solely at his face came quite quickly than expected, rendering him senseless and pale with a little bit of guts to withstand the next one which hit him harder on his lower torso sending him staggering backwards before collapsing with a loud thud on the carpet after struggling to regain his balance which he inevitably lost in the end.

Feeling a bit victorious that he had fallen on the ground like they wanted him to, his ferocious unmatched opponents wasted no time in grabbing both of his hands which they gripped and stretched tightly before hauling him up to his knees facing the third foe who seemed to be the leader amongst the three deformed demons. He did not quite tussle with them as they pulled him up to his shaky knees since he had felt the their coarse limbs sharp hit his partially face now partially disfigured one side as well as his belly. He was panting heavily as he prayed hard for help which he knew will never save him from their clutches with hot sweat shrouding his entire skin profoundly till he heard a much deeper voice which filled him with dread and fear that gripped his heart within him.

”I won ask twice. Wheres the last one?

The voice questioned him but he didn respond though he knew that it must have come from the rough lips of the third demonic intruder standing before since he could only see the glossy red eyes of the demon dazzling above his pale face that was covered with sweat.

Another ghastly blow struck his abdomen thrice, this time, more painful than the first three hits which sent him groaning in pain.

”Spill out the truth unless you want to be sent back to the underworld ”,

”Answer him, fool! ”,

”If you don , well rip your arms off ”,

The two other demons grasping his arms whose voice sounded a bit weaker than the first voice, importuned vehemently. He moaned deeply when he tried to mumble out something from his lips since the pain hadn yet subsided inside of him.

”Say it unless you want my minions to tear you apart ”,

”Please….. ”,

He stuttered when he tried to speak. The voice chuckled and repeated its earlier statement.

”Tell wheres the last one? ”,

”I… don know ”,

”Sure you do. Now tell me or else your right hand will come off ”,

The voice threatened. The victim knew deep inside of him that letting them know the whereabouts of the last sacred item which he had given out to some odd fellow dwelling in a continental city located at the other side of the distant ocean several miles away from Summerville in exchange for something he needed to cure his old wounds, would be catastrophic.

”Only the lost….stone of… Larzi.. Is in my possession ”,

He said trying to dissuade them using the item he had concealed inside the metal box.

”Nice move trying to get our minds off what we are actually looking for which we know that you are aware of its whereabouts ”,

”No…I don ”,

”Then Rymus, rip his head off. Hes not going to tell us anything ”,

”My pleasure, my liege ”,

”As for you, Danok, search for that item inside his bedroom ”,

The voice ordered and somehow withdrew from the victim who was pleading for mercy but his pleas fell on deaf ears before his head was pulled off from the neck region by the demon. Few minutes later, the other minion returned back in a jiffy with a metal box he luckily found lying on the carpet outside the wardrobe and opened it as soon as he came close enough to his Master, revealing a glittering stone mixed up with some rare herbs inside but something else fell from it on the ground beside the masters feet.

”You dropped something. Pick it up ”,

”Yes, master ”,

Danok obeyed only to pick up a card from the floor which luckily had the senders name scribbled in italic fonts on it alongside a message.

”Master, I think this thing belongs to someone else. Here look at this note ”,

”Read it ”,

”For your health, and a heartfelt thanks for receiving your gift, from SIMON CROSS ”,

Danok read the note aloud leaving his listeners smiling maliciously especially the master who smirked hopefully in the dark.

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