Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 1 - Jumping off a Building

Chapter 1: Jumping off a Building

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Qiao An was held in the ruins by the kidnappers and starved for three days. She was still convinced that her most beloved man, Li Zecheng, would definitely come to save her.

On the sixth day, the kidnapper cursed, “Li Zecheng is really patient. His woman has been locked up by us for so many days, but hes still unwilling to pay the ransom.”

Qiao An sneered. “Because he despises you for being freeloaders. He wont let you have your way.”

The kidnapper swung his shoe at Qiao Ans face, causing her to spit blood.

The kidnapper vented all his frustration on Qiao An. “Damn, your man doesnt love you at all. Thats why he doesnt care if you live or die.”

The kidnappers sent the photo of Qiao An covered in blood to Li Zecheng, but it was as if a stone had sunk into the sea. Not a single bubble appeared.

It was as if Li Zecheng had not received this message.

Seeing that they could not gain anything from Qiao An, the kidnappers changed their target the next day and captured Wei Xin, who was Li Zechengs cherished ex-lover.

On the second day after Wei Xin disappeared, Li Zecheng appeared in the ruins.

His handsome face was covered in thin ice as he negotiated angrily with the kidnappers.

“Tell me, what will it take to free them?”

The kidnapper said, “Ten million. Choose one and take her away. As for the remaining one, since Young Master Li doesnt care for her, leave her behind for me to enjoy.”

Li Zechengs gaze lingered on Qiao An before finally settling on Wei Xin.

Qiao An had a bad feeling, but she tried to convince herself. Li Zecheng must love her. Otherwise, he wouldnt have married her back then.

However, Li Zechengs next words sent her into an ice cave.

“Let Wei Xin go.”

Qiao An went deathly pale.

Li Zecheng had chosen to save his first love, Wei Xin, and left her for the kidnappers to enjoy?

The kidnapper looked at Qiao An and mocked her wantonly. “I should have guessed that you werent Young Master Lis favorite at all. To think I spent so much effort kidnapping you. Alright, serve me well tonight. I can let bygones be bygones.”

The blood around Qiao An cooled and froze.

She looked at Li Zecheng numbly, her gaze filled with condemnation and interrogation. But in the end, she did not say a word.

If even the kidnappers could see the logic, why should she lie to herself?

Li Zecheng did not love her.

After the kidnappers released Wei Xin, she cried and threw herself into Li Zechengs arms to seek comfort.

“Brother Zecheng, Im so scared.”

Li Zecheng comforted her very gently. “Dont be afraid. Im here.”

Those words made Wei Xin feel at ease, but they nailed Qiao An to the cross like countless soul-locking nails.

Qiao An suddenly lost her strength.

As gentle as Li Zecheng was to Wei Xin, he was as cruel to Qiao An.

Qiao An looked at Li Zecheng with eyes that had gone from hope to disillusionment. Those eyes that were as innocent as a deers seemed to have experienced everything in an instant.

Li Zecheng felt anxious.

It wasnt like he didnt want to save her. He just wanted to save Wei Xin first.

He was already here. There was no reason not to save her.

Despite his thoughts, Qiao Ans eyes made him strangely uneasy.

After a long tim

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