Chapter 9: Suck it up and Compromise

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“Anan, do you not love me anymore?” Li Zecheng looked straight at Qiao Ans face, searching for hints from her expression.

However, he didnt know that the seven days that Qiao An had been kidnapped by the kidnappers felt like a long century. After experiencing so much, how could she return as a beautiful young girl?

She hid her disgust for him and said with a smile, “Honey, Ive been thinking a lot these past few days. Marriage is supposed to have a lot of bumps. And we should solve all the difficulties, not give up easily. So I dont want to divorce you.”

A hint of joy appeared in Li Zechengs eyes. He had thought that coaxing her would take some effort, but this girl had thought it through herself.

“Anan, dont let your imagination run wild in the future. Ill lead a good life with you,” Li Zecheng said affectionately.

Qiao An nodded. “Yeah.”

But she couldnt wait to kick him out. “Honey, go to work. Dont worry about me.”

Li Zecheng said, “Anan, youre such an understanding girl. Ill leave first.”

When Li Zecheng left, he leaned over and kissed Qiao Ans forehead.

Jo Anns entire body tightened into a bow, her stomach turning at his kiss.

After Li Zecheng left, Qiao An secretly made up her mind. She had to divorce Li Zecheng as soon as possible. Otherwise, dealing with him for another day would be extreme torture for her.

As soon as Li Zecheng left, Li Xiaoran stepped into the ward.

It was unknown who had provoked him, but his handsome face was covered in snow, like a walking refrigerant. The temperature in the room suddenly dropped.

Dropping the salve into Qiao Ans arms, he said coldly, “Can you apply it yourself?”

Qiao An looked at him quizzically. “Dr. Li, who made you angry?”

Li Xiaoran crossed his arms and looked at Qiao An with his deep foxy eyes.

“The patient has no right to ask about the doctors private life,” Li Xiaoran said coldly.

Qiao An changed the way she addressed him. “Uncle, who made you angry?” This way, she would be asking about his private life from the standpoint of a family member. He had no reason to reject her, right?”

Li Xiaorans tensed face relaxed a lot at her slyness. He looked at the emerald jewelry on Qiao Ans wrist and asked sadly, “Li Zecheng gave it to you? You cant wait to wear it? Take it off. Patients cant wear jewelry.”

Qiao An took off the jewelry and weighed it in her hand. Finally, she looked up and asked Li Xiaoran, “Doctor Li, do you know the price of emerald jewelry?”

Li Xiaorans cold handsome face cracked and he smiled brightly. “Why? Do you want to sell it?”

Jo Ann said, “The jewelry doesnt suit me. I figured Id sell it for some money, maybe take the financial burden off Zecheng.”

Li Xiaorans smile froze. He curled his lips and said sarcastically, “Your husband is a famous tycoon after all. Does he need you to spend so much effort to save money for him? Qiao An…”

Li Xiaoran suddenly leaned close to Qiao An and said seriously, “If it were my wife, as long as she wants it, as long as I have it, Ill give her everything.”

Qiao An was slightly stunned. Li Xiaorans words inexplicably touched her fragile nerves. Once upon a time, she had also loved Li Zecheng like this.

Unfortunately, Li Zecheng was different from her.

Afraid of arousing Li Xiaorans suspicion, Qiao An put away the jewelry and said, “I dont have to sell it. Its just that Zecheng gave me too much jewelry, and I cant use it all. I only sell jewelry I dont like.”

Li Xiaoran frowned. “Are you showing off your love in front of single people?”

Qiao An rolled her eyes at him. “Youre having fun every night. Do you need a girlfriend?”

Li Xiaoran touched his nose in embarrassment. “Why am I always the incorrigible philanderer in your eyes?”

Qiao An glanced at him. He was fair-skinned, beautiful, and elegant. It was indeed unfair to call him a womanizer.

But why had she decided he was a player?

He had his nephew to thank. When she first married Li Zecheng, he always emphasized to her that he had an uncle who did not do his job properly. He stayed in the bar every day and played with beautiful women every night.

On the day of her wedding, she indeed smelled the alcohol on Li Xiaorans body. He had sized her up drunkenly with bloodshot eyes and flirted with her.

“Dont get married. Is that OK?”

Terrified, Qiao An clutched the hem of her wedding dress and fled.

Since then, shed decided he was a player.

Now that she thought about it carefully, he had only lost his composure on the day of her wedding. Other times, she rarely saw him and did not witness the scenes of him and the beautiful women having fun every night. She had set him up like this as if she did not respect him enough.

Blushing, Qiao An murmured, “Your nephew told me.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Remember, what you see is stronger than what you hear.”

Qiao An shrank her neck and listened to Li Xiaorans teachings guiltily. “Although Li Zecheng is your husband, it doesnt mean that he wont lie to you. After all, businessmen value benefits over separation.”

The words “businessmen value benefits more than separation” brought out all of Qiao Ans gloomy emotions.

Indeed, why didnt she realize this earlier? She had fallen in love with Li Zecheng, that mountain wolf, and ended up covered in wounds.

Li Xiaoran patted her head gently and comforted her like a caring brother. “Little girl, youre too naive. Youre easily deceived.”

Embarrassed, Qiao An was speechless.

Just as the two of them were joking, a doctor ran in in a panic and shouted from afar, “Doctor Li, theres a critical patient who needs your help!”

Li Xiaorans originally carefree expression instantly became very solemn. Without a word, he walked out with light footsteps.

After a few steps, he suddenly turned back and said to Qiao An, “QIao An, you can try walking.”

Qiao An nodded adorably. As if driven by the tension in his expression, she was just as quick to urge him on. “Dont worry about me. Just get to the rescue.”

Li Xiaoran nodded and ran out of the door.

Qiao Ans eyes released a softness she hadnt even noticed as she listened to the hurried footsteps.

In the hospital corridor, several doctors wheeled their bloody patients toward the operating theater.

The accompanying family members let out heart-wrenching cries.

“My daughter, Im sorry. I shouldnt have pushed you back to your in-laws. I shouldnt have pushed you back into the fire?”

The mothers heart-wrenching sobs struck Qiao An like a hammer.

Qiao An recalled that when she got married, her mother had once said to her kindly, “Anan, your marriage to Li Zecheng should have been a godsend. But there are some things that I still have to remind you about.”

“Our family doesnt match the Li family. Were an intellectual family, so we dont have to feel inferior. Were just afraid that the Li family will recognize money and not ability and look down on you. Youre married far away. If you are not happy in your marriage, you dont have to compromise. When you come back, Mom and Dad will still happily accept you.”

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