Chapter 11: His Mistress

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Li Zecheng pressed the doorbell. It was Wei Xin who opened the door for him. When she saw Li Zecheng, she jumped into his arms happily and said coquettishly, “Brother Zecheng, youre finally here. You havent come to see me for a few days. I missed you so much.”

Li Zechengs face darkened as he pushed her away. Then, he grabbed her left hand and his sinister gaze landed on her index finger ring. He questioned fiercely, “Wei Xin, didnt I tell you not to wear this ring in public? Now that Qiao An has discovered it and shes making things difficult for me, how do you want me to end this?”

A hint of panic appeared in Wei Xins eyes. She explained pitifully, “Brother Zecheng, Im sorry. I didnt mean it. As you know, Ive always followed your instructions and never wore this ring outside. Its just that I really missed you yesterday, so I took it out and put it on. Who knew I would forget to take it off? Im sorry, Brother Zecheng. Ive caused you trouble.”

After Wei Xin finished speaking, she took off the huge diamond ring on her index finger and stuffed it into Li Zechengs hand. She said gently and considerately, “Brother Zecheng, if Qiao An wants the real thing from you, then return this ring to her.”

Li Zecheng was extremely frustrated. “How can it be as simple as changing a ring? Now that Qiao An knows that Im disloyal to her, she wont be as gullible as before. Im still counting on her to put in some good words for me to the old man so that I can stand out in the Li family.”

A hint of unwillingness appeared in Wei Xins eyes.

She had thought that after Qiao An jumped off the building, she would be crippled if she didnt die. Li Zecheng would give up on her and divorce her.

Who knew that Li Zecheng still couldnt bear to divorce her? She couldnt ascend the throne, so she deliberately wore her wedding ring to show off to Qiao An, hoping that Qiao An would back off.

Unexpectedly, it angered Li Zecheng.

“Brother Zecheng, I wont dare to be so careless in the future.” She cried tearfully, making Li Zecheng feel sorry for her.

Li Zecheng said irritably, “Alright. Dont cry. Whats the use of crying? Ill come here less often during this period. I have to coax her well.”

Wei Xin nodded aggrievedly. “Yes.”

With that, Li Zecheng turned to leave.

Wei Xin could not bear to leave him. She went forward to hug him and said coquettishly, “Brother Zecheng, can you stay tonight?”

Li Zecheng said, “Qiao An is already suspicious. We must all exercise restraint these days.”

Wei Xin nodded in disappointment.

Li Zecheng was a little moved when he saw her crying. He took out a diamond card and handed it to Wei Xin. “Theres five million in the card. Go buy a new ring that you like.”

Wei Xin smiled through her tears. “Thank you, Brother Zecheng.”

After Li Zecheng got into the elevator, the disguised Loco came out of the stairwell. She looked excitedly at the video recorded on her phone and forwarded it to Qiao An.

Qiao An sat frozen on the bed after watching the video from Loco.

Li Zecheng casually gave Wei Xin a card with a value of five million dollars.

The scumbag had never been so generous to her.

She had always been independent. Coupled with the fact that her income as a new media writer was not very low, she never cared about Li Zechengs income.

Li Zecheng would usually give her some gifts, but they were all small and simple gifts. She was not greedy and valued the sincerity of people who gave gifts.

Qiao An was so angry at Li Zechengs double standards that she only wanted to curse his ancestors.

She instructed Loco, “While youre at it, find out who owns the suite at the Riverside Mansion.”

Qiao An suspected that the big house Wei Xin was living in was also bought by Li Zecheng. She remembered that Li Zecheng had told her six months ago that Wei Xins family had gone bankrupt and that the Wei family had pawned everything valuable. Wei Xin was penniless and very pitiful.

How could she have the money to buy a luxurious house at the Riverside Mansion?

This apartment was in a good location. It was in the center of the CBD in the capital. The market price of the apartment was as high as 60 million dollars.

Qiao An would never give up something that belonged to her to a third party.

“Okay,” Loco said readily.

Qiao An was grateful for the help of her good friend. She knew that Loco was born with a sense of justice and would do anything for her.

But Qiao An wanted to be fair to her. She hesitated for a moment and said to Loco very sincerely, “Come to the hospital when youre free. Ill pay you.”

Locke was furious. “Qiao An, what do you mean? I thought we were going to be BFFs for the rest of our lives. Youre being a stranger by paying me.”

Qiao An said, “Coco, you have a brother at home who needs you to provide for him. You need money. And I can share your burden as long as I ruthlessly scrape from Li Zecheng.”

Locke beamed when she heard it was Li Zechengs money. “Then youll have to scrape some more. He owes you that.”

Qiao An said, “Dont worry. I used to be stupid and only knew how to give without asking for anything in return. Now, Ive thought things through. Since hes unwilling to get a divorce and cant give me love, he has to compensate me with money.”

Locke said, “Youre right to think that way.”

The next morning, Qiao An opened her eyes and couldnt wait to get out of bed to practise. She couldnt wait to recover as soon as possible so that she could personally deal with Li Zecheng and Wei Xin.

Perhaps because she was in a hurry, her steps were hurried and fragmented.

She even walked out into the corridor. This was the first time she had left the small ward in more than a month. After walking some distance, she looked back and realized that the distance back to the ward was surprisingly far, and her strength seemed to have run out.

Li Xiaoran walked out of the operating theater and saw Qiao An leaning against the wall of the corridor, looking helplessly at the door of the ward.

Like a little rabbit that couldnt find its way home.

Li Xiaoran could not help but laugh.

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran pitifully. “I dont seem to have any strength left. Dr. Li, can you help me back?”

At this moment, the doctor beside him quickly went up and patiently explained to Qiao An, “Miss Qiao, can I help you? Dr. Li had an eight-hour operation last night. I think he needs to rest now.”

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran and saw that his dark circles had deepened. She pulled her hand out of Li Xiaorans. Just as she was about to hand it to the female doctor, Li Xiaoran suddenly squatted down, grabbed her hand, and circled it around his neck. He carried her on his back.

Li Xiaoran said to the dazed female doctor, “Prepare a wheelchair for the patient.”

“Oh.” The doctor was in a daze for a while before leaving.

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