Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 13 - Forced to Buy a House

Chapter 12: Dating Criteria

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Li Xiaoran carried Qiao An back to the ward. On his broad back, Qiao An could actually feel his exhaustion. In order to save him energy, Qiao An leaned forward and lay tightly on him.

Li Xiaoran gently placed her on the bed. Perhaps it was because he had worked hard all night, but his body was very weak and tired at the moment. Qiao An clearly felt him tremble when he bent down and almost knelt on the ground.

Qiao An looked at the tired Li Xiaoran and inexplicably felt respect for his work. She asked Li Xiaoran with concern, “Doctor Li, how was the surgery last night?”

Li Xiaoran sat on the chair at the side and said calmly, “The patient was abused at home and two of her ribs were broken. Her stomach and thigh were stabbed twice by a man. Fortunately, the wound wasnt in a fatal place, so her life was saved.”

Annoyed, Qiao An said, “All men are scum.”

Li Xiaoran smirked. “There are actually many good men like me who are talented, handsome, and have a sense of family responsibility. Its just that you guys dont like me.”

Qiao An rolled her eyes. “Thats because youre poor. If you have money, youll turn bad.”

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

He suddenly said extremely seriously, “Qiao An, I can also become very rich. If Im willing to give up my principles.”

Qiao An stared at him in a daze. Yes, with Li Xiaorans medical skills, there were probably countless patients families who had given him red packets.

But to her surprise, he actually didnt accept red packets.

Qiao An sighed, wringing her hands. “Thats a shame. I wanted to give you a gift to thank you for saving my life. Since youre so virtuous, Ill save the gift.”

Li Xiaoran was speechless. For some reason, he felt that he had lost a hundred million dollars.

“I want to accept your gift.”

Qiao Ans lips thinned. “Why the special treatment?”

She was just saying. She didnt really want to give him a gift.

Li Xiaoran said shamelessly, “Youre the wife of a rich family. If you give me a red packet, I can help many poor people. This is called robbing the rich to help the poor.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

She was only the wife of a tycoon in name. Other than dressing up, she could count the savings in her bank account with one hand.

However, there was no reason to go back on what she had already said.

Qiao An opened the drawer and took out the emerald jewelry that Li Zecheng and his mother had given her. Then, she handed it to Li Xiaoran and said arrogantly, “This is for you.”

Li Xiaoran did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Youre giving me jewelry?”

Qiao An said, “This stuff is a little tacky, but its worth something. You sell it, well split it… seventy-thirty.”

Li Xiaorans expression was indescribable!

How free was he to resell this thing?

Seventy-thirty, even?

Li Xiaoran stared into Qiao Ans eyes and teased, “Do you think its appropriate to give the jewelry your husband gave you to other men?”

Qiao Ans face turned red. She didnt think much of it at first, but Li Xiaorans mind was full of shit.

Li Xiaoran smiled unrestrainedly and put the jewelry into his pocket with a clear conscience.

Qiao An watched his practiced movements and thought to himself, “With this face, he must have received a lot of red packets.”

The Li family produced two-faced hypocrites.

Li Xiaoran changed the topic. “By the way, I forgot to ask for your opinion. Our hospital has a specialized psychological consultation for patients who commit suicide. Do you need it?”

Qiao An shuddered. The word “suicide” nailed her like a humiliation. She stared at Li Xiaoran in horror.

Her head shook like a rattle. “I dont need it.”

Li Xiaoran approached her and asked worriedly, “Then why did you jump off the building? Qiao An, tell me what happened that day.”

Qiao Ans mouth opened, and for a long moment she managed to squeeze out something meaningless. “I dont want to think about that day.”

Li Xiaoran sighed. “Looks like you still need a psychiatrist.”

Qiao An pulled painfully at her hair as she protested vehemently. “Im mentally sound. The jump that day was just an accident.”

Li Xiaoran said, “I want to know why Wei Xin, who was also kidnapped by the kidnappers, was able to walk out unscathed. Why did something happen to you?”

Anger splashed into Qiao Ans eyes. Her grip on the bedding tightened.

Li Xiaoran suddenly grabbed her hand. The warmth of his palm spread to her cold hand, and Qiao An gradually regained her composure.

“Doctor Li, the kidnappers threatened me a lot that day. I was just too scared, so I lost my mind and jumped off the building.”

Li Xiaoran stared into Qiao Ans bright eyes. They were as black as obsidian and as white as the stars. And such a beautiful outline. It was simply a beautiful sea of stars.

It was intoxicating. But there was nothing but light.

“Qiao An, my masters degree is in psychology. I can be your psychiatrist.” Li Xiaoran tried to unlock her shackles.

However, Qiao An suddenly smiled brightly. “Dr. Li, I want to live well and work well. I want to do a good deed every day and help old grannies cross the road. I can also save a beautiful man like you who has lost his footing and help you repent. Look, Im so bright and motivated. Is there a problem with my mind?”

Li Xiaoran touched his face in embarrassment and muttered, “Am I a beautiful man?”

Damn. Men like him, who were chaste and only responded to her, were almost extinct.

Did she need to save such a wonderful man?

Li Xiaoran stood up and said, “Alright, since youre crippled and determined, I have nothing to worry about. Ill go home and rest first. Call the nurse if you need anything.”


When Li Xiaoran came out of Qiao Ans ward, he saw his nephew, Li Zecheng, walking over in high spirits with a bouquet of bright roses.

Li Xiaoran thought that perhaps this was why Qiao An did not need psychological counseling.

When he and Li Zecheng brushed past each other, both of them suddenly stopped.

Li Zecheng curled his lips and said sarcastically, “Uncle, I didnt expect you to be so concerned about my Anan.”

Li Xiaoran said, “This is the most basic professionalism of a doctor.”

Li Zecheng glanced at Qiao Ans ward and said, “Thank you, Uncle.”

“You are welcome,” Li Xiaoran replied nonchalantly.

Li Zecheng was especially speechless at his frankness. He mocked, “Uncle, one has to understand the boundaries. Since Qiao An is already out of danger, the problem of care should be handed over to the caregiver.”

Li Xiaoran frowned and took a step back, standing side by side with Li Zecheng.

Li Zecheng was the CEO of the business world. His aura was intimidating.

However, Li Xiaoran used his impressive height, golden ratio figure, and natural warm aura to silently roast Li Zecheng.

“Zecheng, if you have so little faith in Qiao An. You should give her up.”

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