Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 14 - Unrestrained Indulgence

Chapter 13: Forced to Buy a House

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“Hmph. Isnt that what you want?”

Li Xiaoran frowned, confusion flashing in his eyes. “How do you know my feelings for Qiao An?”

Li Zecheng looked away.

Li Xiaoran stared at him sharply.

In the end, Li Zecheng said faintly, “On our wedding night, you tried to kidnap my wife. Have you forgotten about this so quickly, Uncle?”

Li Xiaoran secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats because I was drunk.” Li Xiaoran turned the tables. “However, thats not a reason for you to slander me in front of Qiao An, right? You said that Im a player and my style is immoral. Li Zecheng, what are you thinking?”

Li Zecheng recalled the despicable methods he had used to slander Li Xiaoran in front of Qiao An. A hint of shame flashed across his eyes and he sneered to hide his guilt.

“Uncle, ever since you were young, there have been roses sent by girls at your door every day. Can you still stay chaste with all that attention?” With that, Li Zecheng entered the ward.

Li Xiaoran turned around and looked at Li Zechengs back. A helpless smile appeared on his charming lips.

“I didnt know its a crime to be charming?”

Qiao An saw Li Zecheng walking over with roses in his arms. Todays bouquet was especially fresh, and the bouquet was tied in an especially large bundle. It was obvious that it had cost a lot.

However, compared to the five million dollar bank card that Li Zecheng had tipped Wei Xin, Qiao An felt that this bouquet of flowers was nothing.

“How many?” Qiao An asked.

Li Zecheng was slightly stunned and replied truthfully, “Twenty-one flowers. It means I love you.”

But Qiao An said very indifferently, “I only want eleven roses.”

Li Zechengs expression darkened. “Its just a number?”

Qiao An said seriously, “Eleven flowers means single-mindedness. Thats the love I want.”

Helpless, Li Zecheng took out ten roses and left the remaining eleven in the vase. His tone was a little coy. “Is this okay now?”

Jo Ann returned him a meaningful smile.

Then she picked up her phone, took a picture of the bouquet, and posted it on her social media. The caption read: “Roses from the husband. Eleven of them. Know what that means?”

Li Zechengs lips curled up as he watched her.

The Qiao An he knew so well was back.

However, he did not know that Qiao An had set the post to be only visible to Wei Xin.

Li Zecheng was instantly terrified.

Was she suspecting him and Wei Xin?

Li Zecheng held Qiao Ans hand and said, “Anan, I know I dont give you enough sense of security. Dont worry, I will be with you more in the future. Dont let your imagination run wild.”

Qiao An pretended to nod obediently.

Seeing that she had returned to her docile self, Li Zecheng felt that a simple girl like Qiao An was indeed easy to coax. He felt relieved.

However, Qiao An stunned him by saying, “Hubby, I would like to buy a house.”

Panic flashed in Li Zechengs eyes because two properties had already been purchased under his name. There was one property that Qiao An didnt know about, and Wei Xin was living in it now.

Qiao An suddenly wanted to buy a house. How could he smooth over the lie?

“Why did you suddenly think of buying a house?” Finally, after some thought, he decided to dismiss Qiao Ans idea of buying a house.

Qiao An said, “The agency recommended an apartment in the Riverside Mansion. I like it very much. Im thinking that the Star Palace were living in now is a property owned by the Li family. We still have the right to buy a house. Why dont we buy one?”

“Riverside Mansion?” Li Zechengs face alternated between green and white.

Why Riverside Mansion, of all places?

Qiao An looked down and fiddled with her nails. Even without looking at Li Zecheng, she knew how wonderful his expression was at this moment.

Li Zecheng looked troubled. “Anan, Im sorry. Ive been a little short on money recently.”

Jo Ann scoffed. Money was tight?

It was obvious from the house he gave Wei Xin and the value of the bank card that he was financially well-off. He was just unwilling to give her money.

Qiao Ans resentment and determination to retaliate against Li Zecheng intensified.

“Hubby, if youre tight on money, lets take out a loan to buy a house. Well make a down payment first and pay the rest when we have money.” Qiao An stared at Li Zecheng and sneered secretly when she saw the colorful emotions in his eyes.

Thanks to him, she had already turned into Neutron Joanne. Now she just wanted to destroy him at all costs.

Seeing that Qiao An was determined, Li Zecheng softened his tone and said, “Then Ill think of something.”

Li Zechengs reaction convinced Qiao An that the house Wei Xin was living in must have been paid for by Li Zecheng.

Li Zecheng must have used up all his means to buy a house.

When Li Zecheng left, he was preoccupied.

Qiao An, on the other hand, felt extremely proud.

“Li Zecheng, the game has just begun.”

Not long after, Wei Xin saw Qiao Ans post when she was strolling around.

The eleven roses were dazzling, making Wei Xins blood flow backward.

Brother Zecheng had clearly said that he would only love her in this lifetime, but these eleven roses represented his single-mindedness. How could Brother Zecheng lie to her?

Wei Xin was so angry that she smashed her phone against the wall.

Then, she picked up the broken phone. After piecing it together, she called Li Zecheng. “Brother Zecheng, whats with the eleven roses? Hmph, do you not love me anymore?”

Li Zecheng was in no mood to deal with Wei Xin.

He snapped, “That was Qiao Ans way of deliberately dealing with you. I think shes already sensed that our relationship is unusual. Wei Xin, dont contact me for the time being.”

Wei Xin was indignant. “Oh.”

Qiao An began to go through the listings online. She talked about buying a cheap house, but in reality, she went for the most expensive one.

She wanted to gather all the idle funds in Li Zechengs hands and make Wei Xin cough up the five million dollars.

In the end, she sent the house she had chosen to Li Zecheng. When Li Zecheng saw the price of a 100 million dollar villa, he immediately broke out in cold sweat.

“Honey, youre not joking, are you?”

Qiao An said, “Honey, this apartment fits all my dreams of a house.”

Li Zecheng refused firmly. “No, its too expensive.”

Qiao An didnt tangle with him.

She just put his phone aside and treated Li Zecheng coldly.

Li Zecheng typed dozens of messages and analyzed the reasons for not buying a house in depth. Unfortunately, Qiao An didnt reply. Li Zecheng realized that he hadnt fulfilled Qiao Ans wishes and she was angry with him.

Shed never been a gold digger, he thought. Shed figure it out in a few days.

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