Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 17 - Sneaking out of the Hospital

Chapter 16: Nothing to Do With Me

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The next day, Old Master Li brought his family to the hospital in an imposing manner. The small VIP ward instantly became crowded.

The old man sized up Qiao Ans thin and tired face. His heart ached. “Anan, youve suffered.”

The old lady said sympathetically, “How can she not suffer? Shes lucky to be alive after jumping from such a high floor.”

The old mans eagle eyes flickered. “Anan, Im here to support you today. Tell me the truth about what happened that day. I want to know the real reason why you fell off the building.” The old man was caught off guard and asked.

That made them all gasp.

Qiao Ans suicide had always been a very sensitive topic. The Li family had bribed all the major media outlets not to report this matter. Even the Li family members did not dare to comment on this matter in private.

However, everyone had a question in their hearts: When Qiao An jumped off the building, the kidnappers and Li Zecheng were present. Why did Li Zecheng successfully take Wei Xin away but fail to save his wife?

If this matter was investigated carefully, it might prove to be a scandal.

At this moment, Li Zechengs nerves were tense.

His heart was as bright as a mirror. Although he wasnt directly responsible for Qiao Ans jump, it was his coldness and ruthlessness that had broken her heart and caused her to make that tragic decision.

Qiao Ans gaze landed on Li Zechengs face and she said coldly, “Hubby, didnt you tell Grandpa the reason why I jumped off the building?”

Li Zecheng felt as if someone had stepped on his tail and he could not move.

His face was slightly pale, his fingertips trembling. But he forced himself to be calm as he gently smoothed Qiao Ans disheveled hair.

“Anan, Ive already told Grandpa. That day, the kidnappers said many threatening words that made you lose your mind. You fell out of the window.”

Qiao An scoffed. He really knew how to avoid the obvious.

“Is that true?” Qiao An glared at Li Zecheng with bloodshot eyes.

The old mans pupils were constricted. There was a hidden meaning in Qiao Ans words. He looked at Li Zecheng sharply. “Zecheng, if you do anything to let Anan down, I wont let you off.”

Li Zecheng was terrified and said guiltily, “Grandpa, Anan jumping off the building really has nothing to do with me.”

The old man said, “Then tell me, why did nothing happen to Wei Xin? Why did it have to be Anan?”

Li Zecheng had already come up with a flawless reason. “Grandpa, Anan has been imprisoned by the kidnappers for many days and was in a daze. When I saw her that day, she was delirious…”

Qiao An did not expect Li Zecheng to spout such nonsense in front of her. Qiao An said faintly, “Youre wrong. Ive never seen a day clearer than that.”

Because that day, she had completely recognized Li Zechengs true colors.

Afraid that Qiao An would expose more information that was disadvantageous to him, Li Zecheng coaxed her gently. “Anan, I know youve suffered this time. I promise you that Ill make it up to you in the future.”

Qiao Ans eyes turned cold. Did Li Zecheng think that giving her a small favor would erase the harm he had done to her?

Qiao An didnt expose Li Zecheng.

It was not that she did not want to expose Li Zechengs ugly behavior, but she really did not believe that Old Master Li would sincerely support her.

She just wanted to comfort her battered heart so that she would not cry and cause trouble for the Li family.

When the time came, they would never abandon Li Zecheng. After all, Li Zecheng was their blood relative. If something happened to Li Zecheng, the Li familys business would be implicated.

Therefore, if the old man punished Li Zecheng, it would at most be a small punishment. It would not destroy his foundation.

This wasnt the outcome Qiao An wanted.

She wanted Li Zecheng to suffer the same fate as her.

The old man was a shrewd person. Qiao Ans casual words allowed him to guess the general truth of the matter.

He warned Li Zecheng fiercely, “Li Zecheng, Im warning you. Anan is the legal wife of our Li family. Her status is incomparable to those wild women outside. If you hurt Anans heart because of those wild women outside, Ill remove your shares in the Li family and take back all your rights.”

Li Zecheng broke out in cold sweat. He promised repeatedly, “Grandpa, dont worry. I wont let Anan down.”

“And as for that Wei Xin, cut off all ties with her immediately. If I find out that youre still with her, Ill break your legs.”

“Grandpa, she and I are really just ordinary friends,” Li Zecheng said.

Ordinary friends?

Flames burned in Qiao Ans eyes. She had to find evidence of Li Zecheng and Wei Xins affair and slap it on Li Zechengs face. How could he quibble?

She also wanted to see if the Old Master would keep his promise and expel Li Zecheng from the Li familys business arena.

The old mans gaze returned to Qiao Ans face, and he saw that her former innocence and beauty had disappeared. There was a cold determination in her eyes, and he couldnt help but worry.

Hatred is a flame. If youre not careful, it can raise a field of fire.

And the only thing that could extinguish this sea of fire was love.

Old Master Li glared at Li Zecheng and shook his head. He did not expect him to coax Qiao An. Instead, he thought of Li Xiaoran, who was the most liked by outsiders.

“Wheres Xiaoran? Isnt this guy Qiao Ans attending physician? He disappeared all morning. Where did he go?”

Where could Li Xiaoran go? When he heard that the old man was coming, he was afraid of being scolded by him. So he hid in his consultation room and did not dare to come out.

Old Master Li asked his youngest daughter, Li Tingting, to invite Li Xiaoran out. “Go, call your brother over. I want to know if Anans injuries are serious.”

“Okay.” Li Tingting headed outside.

She and Li Xiaoran were the closest in age and had the best relationship. She came to the hospital to visit her brother from time to time, so she found Li Xiaorans consultation room with ease.


When Li Xiaoran saw Li Tingting, she sighed helplessly.

It seemed he would never escape.

“Daddy wants you to go over.”

“No.” Li Xiaoran struggled. “Am I so shameless as to let him scold me in front of so many colleagues?”

Li Tingting said, “Brother, youre thinking too much. Actually, Dad has already started scolding you.”

Li Xiaoran stood up helplessly.

“Lets go.”

Before he reached Qiao Ans ward, he heard Old Master Lis voice from afar.

“That guy cant do anything but eat. Living for him is a waste of air.”

Li Xiaoran covered his face in embarrassment.

Li Xiaoran walked into the ward and said to the old man helplessly, “Dad, can you spare me some dignity in front of my patient?”

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