Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 18 - The Husband Protects the Mistress

Chapter 17: Sneaking out of the Hospital

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Perhaps it was because Li Xiaoran had no desires and did not fight for fame with the descendants of the Li family, so his uncles, brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews, and nieces all liked him.

One of them immediately helped Li Xiaoran comfort Old Master Li. “Dad, Fourth Brother is not young anymore. Dont treat him like a child. Its very embarrassing for him to be scolded like this.”

“Hmph.” His lordship grunted and said angrily, “What does he want dignity for? If he really wanted that, he wouldnt be hanging around with men every day, causing me to be poked in the back by my old friends every day. They all say that I raised a homosexual.”

When Li Xiaoran was young, he was naughty and had done all kinds of strange things. Therefore, he was beaten and scolded by the old man.

Li Xiaoran also epitomized a method to deal with the old man, which was to fight head-on.

“Dad, if I was mixed up with women, youd be calling me a philanderer.”

The old man was so angry that he blew his beard and glared. “Cant you just settle down and find a girl with whom to start a family?”

Li Xiaoran said helplessly, “Dad, this is a hospital. Your voice is so loud that it will affect the patients rest.”

The old man was furious. “Li Xiaoran, are you itching for a beating? Come here and let me ask you, how is Anans health? When can she be discharged?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Its difficult for me to answer you.”

The old man felt that Li Xiaoran was deliberately arguing with him. He raised his walking stick and wanted to hit him.

Li Xiaoran immediately explained, “Qiao An jumped down from the fifth floor and her entire body was broken like a porcelain doll. Even though my medical skills are superb and I stitched her body up, its very difficult to sew up her heart. Therefore, I need you to care for her in the future. Dont agitate her and treat her like a national treasure. In the future, if anyone makes her angry, she might jump off a building again.”

“Is this depression?” Li Tingting asked fearfully.

Qiao An glared at Li Xiaoran unhappily. Why did this guy create a false impression of her having depression?

How could she be so vulnerable?

Li Xiaoran winked at her, his eyes full of charm.

Qiao An was stunned. Didnt this guy know how seductive his eyes were?

Seeing that Qiao An didnt understand for a long time, Li Xiaoran was speechless. “Qiao An has a disguised type of depression. She looks very strong on the surface, but shes actually very fragile on the inside.”

Qiao An bristled. “Am I as fragile as you say? Im not depressed—”

Li Xiaoran said, “See, this is one of the symptoms. Its a classic symptom of disguised depression.”

The old man was melancholic. “Then wed better stop bothering Qiao An from now on.” He was afraid that if he accidentally provoked her, shed jump off a building again.

Grandpa Li stood up and said goodbye to Qiao An. “Anan, promise Grandpa that youll take good care of your body. You have to get better. Grandpa is still waiting for you to play chess with me.”

QIao An nodded.

The old man led everyone away.

Qiao An was so angry that she grabbed a pillow and threw it at Li Xiaoran.

“Why were you talking nonsense?”

Li Xiaoran smiled smugly and said, “I wont say that. In the future, when you return to the Li family, youll have to face the interrogation of your aunties every day. Wont you feel frustrated?”

Qiao An thought about it and felt that although Li Xiaorans move made her feel a little embarrassed, it could indeed solve many unnecessary problems.

She would let Li Xiaoran off.

Qiao An lay on the bed, her intelligent eyes revealing a scheming glint as she stared fixedly at Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran looked at her warily. “Qiao An, what bad ideas are you up to now?”

Qiao An said, “Uncle, I want to get out of the hospital.”

Li Xiaoran raised her leg and sneered. “How will you get out?”

“In a wheelchair,” Qiao An said.

“What do you want to go out for?” This was the first time Li Xiaoran had encountered a paralyzed patient with such a strong desire to be discharged.

Qiao An wanted to catch the adulterers in the act.

She wanted to get evidence of Li Zecheng and Wei Xins affair.

However, she could not tell Li Xiaoran the truth because she was worried that Li Xiaoran would betray her and secretly alert Li Zecheng.

“Ive been cooped up in the hospital room for too long. I need some air.” Qiao Ans excuse was lame.

Li Xiaoran opened the window wide for her and said, “Is this okay?”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

No matter what Qiao An said, Li Xiaoran would not agree to her going out.

Qiao An had no choice but to act in secret.

She texted Loco. “Coco, hire some bodyguards and some reporters for me. Im going to the River Mansion—to catch them in the act.”

Locke immediately replied with a row of exclamation marks and said excitedly, “Anan, youre finally domineering. If Wei Xin saw you coming, she would be in for a shock. Shes occupying your property with a clear conscience. You should have chased her out long ago.”

“Oh my god, oh my god, the young mistress of the family is coming to tear apart a mistress. This is definitely the most profitable ethical drama of the year. It must be very exciting. I have to hire a reporter from the big station.”

After hanging up, Qiao An showered in the bathroom of the VIP room, changed into beautiful clothes, and carefully made herself up. With skin as white as snow, she had thick black hair that she wore pulled high into a bun. Her slender neck was as beautiful as a swans, and she had a refined temperament.

Then, without anyone noticing, Qiao An slipped out of the hospital.

Loco drove to the entrance of the hospital, and Qiao An got into the passenger seat beside her. Locos three bodyguards were in the backseat. They were all dressed in identical black suits. They were burly with impassive expressions and they looked intimidating.

“Anan, the reporters are already squatting at the Riverside Mansion. As soon as you give the order, theyll rush in and take photos.” Loco reported the progress as she drove.

Qiao An said, “Not so fast. Let me meet Wei Xin first. Wheres the recorder I asked for?”

Locke gave her the recorder. “This recorder has a clear sound quality.”

Qiao An took the recorder and put it in her handbag.

The car arrived at the Riverside Mansion. After Loco and Qiao An got out of the car, they exchanged glances with the disguised reporters downstairs. Qiao An and Loco went straight to Wei Xins residence—the door of 802 on the eighth floor.

After knocking on the door for a long time, Wei Xins lazy voice sounded.

“Who is it?”

Qiao An didnt answer her. Loco disguised her voice, “Your deliverys here.”

Wei Xin opened the door and was shocked to see Qiao An.

“What are you doing here?” Wei asked uneasily.

Qiao An pushed Wei Xin away and slid into the room in her wheelchair. Then, she looked around leisurely.

Wei Xin shouted, “Qiao An, this is my home. Please leave.”

Qiao An eyed her coldly. “Do you know why Im here?”

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