Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 20 - Beautiful Encounter Deep Love

Chapter 19: Reporters on the Move

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Having just recovered from a serious injury, Qiao Ans body couldnt withstand the force and she was flung to the sofa.

Loco was furious. She ran over and straightened Qiao Ans wheelchair, before shielding her. She accused Li Zecheng, “Li, I really misjudged you. I didnt expect you to be such a playboy. Arent you afraid of being struck by lightning for bullying Qiao An like this?”

Li Zecheng said angrily, “Dont interfere in our matters as an outsider.”

There were five deep finger marks on Qiao Ans fiery face. Blood seeped from the corner of her mouth. She glared at Li Zecheng miserably and said sadly, “Li Zecheng, I despise you.”

Li Zecheng saw the deep disgust in Qiao Ans eyes. What used to be affection was now only hatred.

Li Zecheng was inexplicably frustrated. He clearly didnt love Qiao An anymore, but for some reason, he couldnt bring himself to be decisive with her. Perhaps it was because his interests were intertwined with Qiao Ans.

With Li Zecheng backing her up, Wei Xin was extremely smug. She said arrogantly to Qiao An, “Qiao An, why arent you leaving?”

Qiao An washed away her earlier softness. Resolute ferocity splashed behind her eyes. She winked at Loco and said, “Let them in.”

At this moment, the bodyguards inside and the reporters outside rushed into the living room.

When Li Zecheng saw this scene, he knew that Qiao An had come prepared today. He was finally a little afraid. If his relationship with Wei Xin was blown up by the media, his reputation would be ruined and his future would be blocked.

He spoke more slowly, almost pleadingly. “Anan, this is a family matter. Why did you call them here?”

Qiao An covered her face and scolded with tears in her eyes, “Li Zecheng, you bought a house and raised a mistress behind my back. As a public figure, arent you going to give the public an explanation?”

Li Zecheng wanted to flare up, but the reporters cameras were all pointed at him. He knew that his future was at stake.

“Anan, I told you that you misunderstood my relationship with Wei Xin. Were just ordinary friends.”

“Ordinary friends? Ordinary friends? You bought a house for her to live in? Li Zecheng, youve been married for almost two years. Youve been complaining about being poor every day. Ive always been considerate of you, so I only spent my own money on necessities. I even paid for the living expenses at home. Now I know that Im living a loveless marriage. My husband has established a new family outside, and all your money has been used to support her. Li Zecheng, is there a need for such a marriage to persist?”

Li Zechengs face was ashen. Helpless, he could only submit to Qiao An. “Qiao An, do we need to talk about these things here? Ill explain it to you when we get home.”

He reached out to drag Qiao An away. At that moment, several of the bodyguards stepped forward to shield her.

Li Zecheng was furious. “Qiao An, dont you just want to buy a house? I promise you, Ill buy you a house. Lets forget about this.”

Qiao Ans bloodthirsty eyes glared at Wei Xin, then her lips curled into a cold smile. “I think this house is not bad. You transfer this house to my name. What do you think?”

Wei Xin bit her lip.

Li Zecheng had bought this for her. He had originally planned to transfer it to her in the next few days, but Qiao An had beaten her to it.

Li Zecheng nodded dejectedly. “Whatever you say.”

However, Qiao An was relentless. “Miss Wei Xin, did you hear that? This house is mine. Youve lived here for a year and six months. The monthly rent is 30,000 dollars. Thats 540,000 dollars. Pay me now.”

Wei Xin was furious.

With the location and decor of the riverside mansion, 30,000 dollars a month was reasonable. However, it was indeed a little difficult for Wei Xin to fork out 540,000 dollars.

She was using Li Zechengs bank card. If she paid here, with Qiao Ans shrewdness, she would definitely discover something. At that time, there would be another storm.

Wei Xin looked at Li Zecheng for help. Li Zechengs face was ashen, but he did not dare to say anything.

After a while, Qiao An chuckled. “You cant pay? Then please move out, Miss Wei.”

Then, she gave her people a look. The bodyguards immediately threw out the messy clothes and daily necessities mercilessly.

Wei Xin looked at Li Zecheng a few times and wanted to say something, but Li Zecheng did not dare to protect the mistress in front of the media. He gritted his teeth in hatred, but he still had to pretend to be friendly to Qiao An.

“Honey, are you done? If youre done, come home with me,” Li Zecheng said.

Qiao An looked at him coldly and pointed to the corner of her lips that had been injured by Li Zecheng. “I think its necessary for me to go back to the hospital for a checkup after being abused by my husband.”

Li Zechengs handsome face dropped. “Qiao An, I was wrong. I was wrong, alright? Come home with me. Ill help you apply the medicine.”

Qiao An said, “I havent checked out of the hospital for surgery yet. Its better if I go back and get a professional doctor to check my injuries.”

With that, Qiao An went out without looking back.

Loco and the others also left.

Li Zecheng looked at Qiao Ans departing figure with a complicated expression.

Wei Xin sowed discord. “Brother Zecheng, are you willing to be controlled by her like this? If the reporters report todays news, our future will be ruined.”

Li Zecheng said confidently, “I gave up saving her in the ruins that day. She must have been angry with me. Shes just angry now and a little impulsive. Dont worry, she still loves me. She wont really report it and ruin my future.”

A questioning look appeared in Wei Xins eyes.

When Qiao An returned to the hospital ward, Li Xiaoran was sitting on the hospital bed, staring at her with a dark expression.

Qiao An was wearing a white sleeveless dress with her hair in a bun, looking very fresh and refined. Her simplicity always made Li Xiaorans heart beat faster.

However, Li Xiaorans keen eyes noticed the slightly swollen half of her face.

“Where did you go?” His tone was uncharacteristically sharp.

Feeling guilty, Qiao An gave a dry laugh. “It was stifling in the hospital room. I went outside for a while.”

Li Xiaoran exposed her lie. “What happened to your face?”

Qiao An touched her face, her long lashes drooping, her expression forlorn.

“Who did you fight with?” Li Xiaoran stood up. He was 1.88 meters tall, giving the petite Qiao An an invisible pressure.

Jo Ann whispered, “Dr. Li, youre just my doctor, not my guardian. Why do you care where I went?”

Li Xiaoran reached out and lifted her chin. Qiao An was forced to look up at his handsome face

Li Xiaoran said angrily, “Qiao An, the 206 bones, 639 muscles, and every inch of your skin were restored to their original state after dozens of days and nights of diligent care. Dont you think I should be angry that you destroyed my artwork on one impulse?”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

They were clearly just doctor and patient, but Li Xiaoran made it sound like she was his private property.

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