Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 21 - Topping the Search Rankings

Chapter 20: Beautiful Encounter, Deep Love

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Qiao An was silent for a moment before she suddenly thought of something. Qiao An asked Li Xiaoran, “Can I have an injury report?”

If there was this injury report, there would be physical evidence of Li Zecheng abusing his wife. And if Li Xiaoran showed this evidence, the public would definitely believe it.

“Is the rest of your body injured?” Li Xiaoran asked.

Nerves overflowed the surface of his body.

Qiao An said regretfully, “Aye, no. Just the face.”

Li Xiaoran did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Damn, this was the first time hed seen a half-paralyzed person complain that shed not been beaten enough.

He pinched Qiao Ans chin and studied her face repeatedly. Finally, after confirming that she had only been slapped, Li Xiaoran said rather resentfully, “Your injury is not good. You should let the other party break a few ribs. That way, I can give you a severe disability diagnosis. I guarantee that the perpetrator will go to jail for a few years.”

Qiao An felt her blood run cold. She crossed his arms and looked at Li Xiaoran in horror. “Then forget it.”

There were many ways to take revenge on Li Zecheng. There was no need to kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred.

A cold look flashed across Li Xiaorans eyes. “Who hit you?”

Not wanting to make a mess of her war with Li Zecheng, Qiao An chose to remain silent.

Li Xiaoran looked at Qiao Ans sad eyes. They were so sad and desolate. All her hopes seemed to have been extinguished. At that moment, his blood turned cold.

“You want the injury report? Ill write it up for you,” he said airily and left.

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Isnt he a good doctor who prides himself on being fair, strict, and never bending the law?

Not long after, Li Xiaoran gave her an injury report.

Qiao An was dumbfounded when she read the report.

Li Xiaoran wrote in powerful handwriting, “The left side of her face is red and swollen, and the left corner of her lips is cracked. She has minor injuries and is suspected to have been treated violently. It has also caused Qiao An to have serious psychological problems.”

” Theres nothing wrong with me psychologically,” Qiao An insisted.

Li Xiaoran said, “If you want to punish the other party, you can only extort them to pay you for mental damage. This fee can be big or small.”

Jo Anns eyes lit up.

“This is good.”

Then, she looked at Li Xiaoran meaningfully. “Doctor Li, is this considered bending the law?”

“Yes.” Li Xiaoran shrugged with a calm expression.

“Wouldnt your conscience be… condemned for violating medical ethics?”

“Youre still pretending?” Li Xiaoran smiled at Qiao An.

Qiao An took advantage of the situation. “As long as you show me some respect in the future, I promise I wont tell anyone what happened today.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Are you threatening me?”

Qiao An chuckled dryly.

“‘Its a threat. How do you plead?”

Li Xiaoran leaned down, his handsome face close to Qiao Ans. Qiao Ans eyes widened. Li Xiaoran was getting closer and closer to her, and their faces were almost touching.

At this point, Qiao An thought that no matter how much of a jerk Li Xiaoran was, it was impossible for him to molest her. But she couldnt be sure.

Surely he had to consider propriety and honor?

Unexpectedly, Li Xiaoran lost control of his body and suddenly leaned forward. Their faces were tightly pressed together as they fell onto the bed.

Li Xiaorans lips kissed Qiao Ans.

Qiao Ans eyes widened in horror. She couldnt believe the accident that had happened.

For a long time, her mind went blank.

Li Xiaoran stuck close to her face and did not dare to move. Still, he was fascinated by the feel of her jelly-like lips.

“Ah…” Qiao An suddenly started shouting like a silly pig.

Li Xiaoran was so shocked that he quickly sat up.

“Why are you shouting so loudly? Are you trying to lure others in to watch us?” Li Xiaoran regained his arrogance.

Qiao An did not want to be seen in close contact with Li Xiaoran. She wiped her mouth in disdain and warned him in a low voice, “Dont tell anyone what happened today.”

Li Xiaorans handsome face darkened when he saw her wiping her mouth. He said angrily, “Hey, Im clearly at a disadvantage in this matter, okay? Why are you looking down on me?”

“Youre at a disadvantage? Whats a big man like you at a disadvantage for?” Qiao An asked suddenly.

“You stole my first kiss.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

She gave him a big, intimidating eye roll. “Go to hell.”

Li Xiaoran left indignantly.

The night was bleak and beautiful.

Qiao An sat on the hospital bed and looked at the injury report. Tears welled up in her eyes. She had never thought that she would lose so badly after marrying Li Zecheng.

She recalled the past when she and Li Zecheng met and fell in love. However beautiful it was in the past, it was as pathetic now.

She and Li Zecheng were gamers. When she was in her third year of high school, she would occasionally play online games to relieve the pressure from her studies.

Then, she met the “Thunderbolt Blade”. She became his teammate, but she dragged him down every time. He was originally the Great God of the Pugilistic World, but after teaming up with her, he, the king, was about to fall to the bronze level. The Thunderbolt Blade was so angry that he begged her for mercy. “Girl, please go to the others. Dont be my teammate anymore.”

Qiao An begged, “Brother Almighty, are you despising me?”

“I suspect you are a spy placed by someone elses side,” said Thunderbolt Blade.

Qiao An was terribly sorry. “Guru, Im not a spy. I just rarely play games.”

Thunderbolt Blade replied, “Sister, listen to me. Your IQ is really not suitable for this game. Go download a farm, plant flowers, and raise a rabbit. That suits you.”

Qiao An felt extremely insulted. She threw down a harsh sentence. “If I say that my IQ is second in Qingbei High School, no one will dare say hes first. Wait for me. After the college entrance examination, Ill fight you for three hundred rounds.”

Then, while studying, Qiao An practiced her game skills.

After the college entrance examination ended, she fought with the Great God.

The result was still that she lost, of course.

However, what the Almighty saw was not the result, but the skills that she had improved by leaps and bounds in the short term. The Almighty knew that Qiao An was a very talented and stubborn girl. He liked such an opinionated girl, so he happily accepted her as a teammate.

From then on, their team became invincible against gods and devils.

Gradually, their conversation progressed from the game to their lives. Like a big brother, the Almighty guided Qiao An from an ignorant teenager to an intelligent and confident college student.

And love was quietly sprouting.

One day, Big Brother asked her, “Girl, Ive wasted the best years of a mans life on you, and now Im the oldest leftover. Youll take responsibility for me?”

Without thinking, Qiao An blurted, “Ill pay for my debt by marrying you?”

“It would be a waste not to. Then its settled. From today onwards, youre my wife. The equipment weve obtained from gaming over the past few years is my betrothal gift to you. Do you like it?”

“I like it.”

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