Chapter 21: Topping the Search Rankings

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Qiao An liked this big brother shed never met. Shed snuck into his city without telling him.

Then she saw the real-life Thunderbolt Blade. He was so handsome and elegant. Qiao An hid her game name and bravely chased after Li Zecheng.

She was going to turn five years of passionate love into reality.

She was beautiful and affectionate, and also kind and brave. Not long after, Li Zecheng fell for her.

… .

Qiao An sighed softly. So online dating was really risky.

A few days later, an article titled “A well-known corporate successor cheated with a well-known female celebrity, abused his wife, and her wife jumped off a building in depression and survived!” was accompanied by a selfie of half of Qiao Ans face. Her cheeks were red and swollen, and the corners of his mouth were cracked. It spread on the trending searches.

Although the article did not name anyone, combined with the recent kidnapping case of the Li Corporation and Qiao Ans profile photo, almost everyones condemnation pointed to Li Zecheng and Wei Xin.

With pictures and the truth, the netizens would not pursue the cause and effect of this article. The public opinion of Wei Xin instantly changed. Originally, Wei Xin was the national goddess with the face of a first love, but now, countless vicious words flooded her Weibo.

“Let me make a bold guess. Could it be that this famous female celebrity is the female celebrity who was kidnapped with the wife of a certain big shot a few days ago? So the scumbag who abused his wife is that Li guy?” This piece of public opinion was deliberately directed by Qiao Ans fake reviewers.

With this comment, the crowd began to curse.

“Wei XIn cant act in anything. It turns out that shes focused on competing with the big shot for a man.”

“Are all mistresses so arrogant these days? They even forced the main wife to jump off a building? Its simply refreshing my worldview.”

Qiao An lay leisurely on the bed, hugging her tablet. She almost laughed out loud when she saw the crowd turning on Li Zecheng and Wei Xin.

At the Li family villa.

Old Master Li threw the tablet at Li Zecheng and reprimanded him angrily, “Li Zecheng, didnt I tell you to keep a distance from that Wei Xin? Yet, you keep sticking to Wei Xin. Nothing good ever happens when youre with her.”

When Li Zecheng saw the contents of the trending topic, his handsome face darkened.

He explained to Old Master Li helplessly, “Grandpa, Qiao An threw a tantrum to take revenge on Wei Xin. You dont have to take it to heart.”

The Old Master was furious. “Little temper? Li Zecheng, if you cant eliminate the hatred in Qiao Ans heart, she will fight you for the rest of her life. Do you think this is a little temper?”

Li Zechengs face was gray with defeat.

His decisiveness in the business world disappeared. He really didnt expect a woman to be so ruthless.

Old Master Li scolded, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and deal with this matter.”

Li Zecheng took out his phone and called his assistant. He scolded his assistant. “Did you eat shit? The topic has been trending for a few hours. Why didnt you deal with it?”

The assistants trembling voice sounded. “CEO Li, Ive been contacting the platform, hoping that they will quickly remove it. But for some reason, the people in charge of the platform have completely disappeared today. I really have no choice.”

Li Zecheng frowned. Years of business had cultivated his keen sense of judgement. It made him realize that Qiao An had the intention to do him in. The price he had to pay to remove the trending topic must be very high.

At the same time, Wei Xin was scolded by the onlookers until she could not raise her head. Wei Xin was afraid that this trending topic would ruin her career, so she could not hold it in.

After crying for a long time, she went out to drink again. The manager sent her series of pitiful acts to Li Zecheng.

He drove to the hospital in the middle of the night.

When the nurse saw him rushing towards Qiao Ans ward with a murderous aura, she quickly stepped forward to stop him.

Aye, sir, you cant. The patients resting.

Li Zecheng said with a dark expression, “Im her husband. Cant I come to visit my wife?”

Qiao An heard Li Zechengs cold voice and gripped the blanket tightly, her toes gripping the bed board tightly. Her clear doe eyes glowed coldly in the night.

That was quick.

After adjusting her nerves, Qiao An secretly turned on the phones recording function and turned on the camera as well.

Then, she sat up in bed and looked coldly at Li Zecheng, who had barged in angrily.

“How rare to see you this late,” Qiao An said sarcastically.

Wearing a white cotton nightdress, her skin was as fair as snow. Under the hazy moonlight, she was like a fairy descending to the mortal world.

His handsome face drooped as he questioned unhappily, “Were you behind todays trending topic?”

“Which article are you referring to?” Qiao An asked even though she knew the answer. It was just to lure him into revealing more explosive news.

“Qiao An, dont play dumb with me. What good will it do you if you make Wei Xin and me trend? Let me tell you, Wei Xins future will be ruined because of this, and Ive been reprimanded by Grandpa. I want you to remove the trending topic immediately.”

Qiao An examined Li Zecheng and said with an unruly smile, “Li Zecheng, tell me, what exactly is your relationship with Wei Xin? Are you an ex-lover who still has feelings for her, or is it a sneaky underground love? Why are you so good to her? Her future is ruined, and thats what she deserves. What does it have to do with you?”

Li Zecheng stopped Qiao An from spouting nonsense. “Wei Xin and I are just friends.”

Qiao An had a look of disbelief on her face as he chuckled. “Friends? Oh, this friend is really special to you. She made you give up your wifes life to protect her. She made you come to me in the middle of the night to eliminate any obstacles in her career. Li Zecheng, youre really lucky to have an infatuated girl like me who loves you wholeheartedly. You even have a confidante like Wei Xin.”

Li Zechengs face darkened. “Qiao An, my relationship with Wei Xin is not something you can guess.”

“Because its shady?” Qiao An scoffed.

Li Zecheng gritted his teeth in anger. “Qiao An, Im not here to discuss my private life with you. Im here to warn you to remove the trending topic immediately. Otherwise, well all be finished.”

Qiao An looked at Li Zecheng with a terrifying gaze and sneered. “Li Zecheng, Im already finished. And youre right, youll also be finished. Theres no reason for me to experience the pain of being crushed to pieces alone and let you two culprits get away with it.”

Li Zecheng stared blankly at the sinister and terrifying Qiao An. Only now did he realize how much Qiao An hated him.

He glared at Qiao An. “Unreasonable.”

Then he left angrily.

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